The success of the venue is inseparable from the correct marketing and promotion methods.
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2019-09-10 16:52:33
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Children's Paradise brings children into a happy and wonderful world, so now the development of children's paradise can be described as in full swing. The development of children's paradise has achieved great success and created a new way of brand profit. The reputation of children's paradise is very important. And the acquisition of word of mouth is often inseparable from propaganda. Let Xiaobian take everyone to see the marketing and promotion methods of the children's park now!

First, the recommendation circle of friends circle

Start the "Call Friends and Call Friends" program, invite your friends to come to the venue to play, there will be surprise gifts, you can also set more promotional modes, such as: recommend a friend to come, give 1 time to play; recommend more than 3, Play for 5 times for free; recommend more than 10 people, get a monthly card, and play for free for one month.

Second, advertising marketing

In addition to the most original way of publicity - the leaflet. Local radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, bus stop advertisements, bus body advertisements, mobile publicity vehicles, advertising bicycle teams... A variety of advertising and marketing programs are available. Different propaganda methods will cause different degrees of sensation in local communities, parks, kindergartens, amusement parks and other places. Of course, everyone must promote according to their own budget!

Third, experience marketing

Free to try everyone's love, once the child falls in love with this, is it afraid that the parents will not save money? At the beginning of the opening, the free play on the day of opening, the popularity will be able to cause a sensation, the children will not want to go when they play, the popularity of the park Of course it is more popular.

Five, membership card marketing

Old customers drive new customers, and new surprises. Traditional membership cards give innovative membership card functions. They are cheaper and more attractive. Everyone loves innovation activities. Not only do they care for parents who are too expensive, they can catch new parents. They are careful.

Six, joint marketing

All the industries related to children in schools and kindergartens can be strategic partners of the park, and there is mutual benefit and win-win future. For example, in cooperation with kindergartens, some activities are carried out on a regular basis; cooperation with children's goods businesses in the region is carried out, and advertisements are exchanged.

Seven, network marketing

Of course, the Internet era cannot ignore online marketing. Nowadays, there are some local forums in various cities. You can go to those forums, post bars, etc. to post your children's paradise, and let customers send some activity experiences.

The success of the venue is inseparable from the correct marketing and promotion methods.

Eight, theme activity marketing

The rich forms and contents of activities are essential for the operation of children's parks. They can maintain cooperative relationships with well-known children's performance institutions and educational institutions throughout the country. Regularly organize children's drama performances, children's talent shows and parent classes in children's parks. Activities, such activities have great appeal to children and parents, and can also enhance the brand's gold content in the children's paradise, so that parents have a strong sense of brand identity.

The success of the venue is inseparable from the correct marketing and promotion methods.

Nine, cooperative marketing

If there are some chain toy stores or maternal and child stores near the Children's Park, you can cooperate with them to help them make an old customer's gratitude feedback activities, and they will get unexpected results. Not only will it bring benefits, but it will also bring fame to the park. 

The success of the venue is inseparable from the correct marketing and promotion methods.

Ten, gift marketing

For the sale of toys or trinkets, you can vacate a product area behind or near the park cashier to sell some toys or trinkets that your child likes. This will not only facilitate the children's shopping needs, but also sell toys or trinkets to bring benefits to the park.

XI, brand joint marketing

If the children's paradise itself reaches a certain scale, characteristics, quality, and image, it will already have intangible assets. It can consider brand-based joint marketing with related industries to achieve a win-win and win-win effect. These alliance products should be It has a positive image, and its image and the image of the amusement park can complement each other. When the two are combined, they can play a role of mutual promotion and promotion, so that the union will make sense.

The above is the marketing and promotion method for children's parks! Xiaobian here to remind you, and then improve the marketing plan, or need to make appropriate adjustments in accordance with the actual situation of the park itself; carefully analyze the market development trends, carefully observe the needs of customers, in order to let the park keep up with the times, Become a star paradise in the eyes of customers.

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