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3 Tips For The Inflatable Water Park Project
Guangzhou SQV Amusement Equipment Co.,LTD
2019-08-31 16:53:02
shikewei    2019-08-31 16:54:39

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1. Select the site

A good venue is one of the important factors in making money in a water park. Evaluate the flow of people around the site, traffic. You should choose some well-known places, such as attractions, resorts, large communities or commercial plazas.


2. Choose right manufacturer

After generally determining the project and site, you need to contact the corresponding water park manufacturer according to the budget of the investment amount. The manufacturer provides the quotation. After the determination, the next is the production and installation cycle. We recommend that all operators, if conditions permit, conduct on-site investigations of water park manufacturers, and visit the manufacturer's factory on site to see if the equipment provided by the manufacturer's other parks is in compliance with the park's safety, environmental and operational conditions. The R&D capabilities and after-sales service levels of equipment manufacturers can be fully evaluated. In short, when choosing a water park manufacturer, price is not the only consideration.


3. Promote your product

When the water park is about to be completed, the promotion of the water park will begin. Through various platforms on the Internet, social networking sites can be used for report dissemination, and can also be used by people with high popularity on the Internet; they can also advertise on some Internet travel platforms; or cooperate with local travel agencies.

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