Maintenance Of Frame Pool
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2019-09-02 16:19:14
shikewei    2019-09-02 16:21:50

Maintenance Of Frame Pool

The maintenance of the frame pool is reflected in 3 aspects: steel frame, pvc material, and water quality.


1. The maintenance of the steel frame is simple. Regularly scrubbed with a damp cloth to keep it clean and avoid rusting the steel frame.


2. Maintenance of pvc fabric, every time after using the frame pool, it is necessary to clean the surface. It is recommended to wipe with a semi-dry towel, then ventilate and dry, and then packaged and stored in the warehouse.


3. The treatment of water quality is relatively more troublesome. It can not be replaced in terms of water treatment, so it is necessary to use potions properly and to fully use the water circulation system. After the syrup is used, the impurities can be absorbed after the impurities have settled.


In a word, good daily maintenance will make the inflatable frame pool use longer.

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