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Useful Childrens Park Attract Customer Ways!
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With the rapid development of China's economic strength, the children's format has become the most popular format. Almost every shopping mall can see a variety of children's formats, and the market for children's industry is also increasing year by year. At the same time, the market changes in the children's industry have also increased year by year, especially the children's paradise. In the past few years, there has been a change in the past year. The indoor children's park has started to go uphill in the past two years. When the volume reaches a certain stage, the phenomenon of survival of the fittest will definitely occur. The brand with a solid foundation or the strategic vision and operational ideas of the enterprise leader is very important. This is the decision of the enterprise or brand. Whether it is a long-term, whether it can survive in such fierce competition and survive in the big waves.

Useful Childrens Park Attract Customer Ways!

Future trends

The commercial sports industry is effective, and the children's business is 38% higher than the adult business. It is the only one with the same level of effectiveness as the adult, and has a high rental capacity.

Concerns about indoor children's parks are getting higher and higher, with an annual increase of 40%. More and more children's amusement parks are already developing into a comprehensive experience play mode, introducing a large number of rich product content such as retail, catering, education, and experience, and have created a number of children's parks, infant swimming pools, children's restaurants, children. Learn the brand of other elements.

The open early education mode and the immersive somatosensory interactive theme park are increasingly favored by the market.

Newly themed experience projects such as laser shuttle, speed clearance, 3D interactive experience, and exploration will continue to emerge.

The age definition of the customer group will gradually become blurred, involving children and adults.

Useful Childrens Park Attract Customer Ways!

How to attract tourists in decoration decoration?

First, it is necessary to group the ages of the visitors, to determine who is the target age group of the venue, and to determine which age groups the children will serve. To build a fully functional playground, you must take into account the different needs of children of different ages and the stage of development they are in. If the playground also needs to accommodate children with disabilities, their special needs must also be fully considered. We must not only care about the physical growth of children, but also pay attention to their mental health and cultivate their positive and optimistic personality. In general, children between the ages of 0 and 6 are called preschool children. They intuitively perceive the world through sensory stimuli such as color, shape, sound, etc. In their eyes, there is no popular color, as long as the contrast is large, bright and bright. The colors can arouse their strong interest and help them to know the world they live in.

Therefore, the children's paradise is best to choose the direction of brightness, lightness and pleasure in the spatial layout and color decoration. It is better to use more contrast colors. It is best to use these to distinguish the space of different functions. The transition color can usually be selected from the middle color. It is suitable for the color of children and the color that children like. It is related to their age. They should choose different colors according to their age.

Useful Childrens Park Attract Customer Ways!

The colorful world of children's play is not only able to attract children's innocent and lively curiosity, but also the hope and vitality in the colorful colors. For children who are too introverted, a strong color contrast can stimulate the development of the brain's nerves through the involvement of the eye. The color of the environment has a profound influence on the growth of children. For example, green is good for children's vision. Cold colors such as blue and purple can shape the child's quiet character. Pink and light yellow are suitable for cultivating girls' gentle and well-behaved personality...

For overly irritating colors such as red and orange, it is best not to use it in a large area for children. It will make children feel excited and excited, but it can be used for small areas. When decorating the wall, avoid using those grotesque images and dark tones, because these decorations will make terrible associations for young children.

Useful Childrens Park Attract Customer Ways!

How to tie parents in detail?

1. Adults are free and earn more.

The indoor children's park is not only a small business, but also a parent's business. If this is not seen, the park business will not grow much. For example, the cost of the child is charged according to the hour, and the place for the rest of the adult is provided, so that both the adult and the child can enjoy the excellent service in the park.

2, paste disinfection notices, drive people.

The child's resistance is low, and the parents are most concerned about the hygiene problems of the playing place. Therefore, the site needs to be affixed with disinfected tips at the door. Be sure to keep the disinfection of the sanitation site at all times. Don't let the parents feel that this is just a show on the surface. In addition, it is best to simply disinfect each child and parent who enters the game and wash your hands with a hand-washing solution that is free of water, so that parents can be more assured.

Useful Childrens Park Attract Customer Ways!

3. Establish a “parent exchange area”.

Nowadays, the average family likes to go out to play with a family of three. Most of the children in the playground like to play with their father. It is boring to let the mother wait outside the entertainment area. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a “parent exchange area”. Parents waiting for you to rest and exchange here. In addition, you can also set up a message board, which will be extracted from the good parenting experience seen on the online media. It can be used not only for parents to watch, but also allows parents to exchange experiences with each other, and it is also a paradise for the park. A lot of loyal customers have come.

Useful Childrens Park Attract Customer Ways!

Today, children's amusement parks are not only a paradise for children, but also a major venue for many parent-child activities. In the future, it will become the normal choice for family entertainment. How to continuously dig deeper on the basis of a single project to form a characteristic entertainment project is a problem that every operator needs to think deeply.

Useful Childrens Park Attract Customer Ways!

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