Create a reputation brand! The main points of operation of the childrens park for long-term operation
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2019-08-15 17:08:00
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Nowadays, more and more children's paradise is blooming everywhere, especially to catch up with the national new entertainment concept upgrade. It is very popular among investors to carry out the franchise children's park. There are also a few operators who want to realize their wealth through the children's park. However, as the variety of children's play facilities continues to increase, the pressure to operate a children's playground or playground will increase. The reason is the lack of good operational management, resulting in a natural loss rate for customers, making the operation of the park more and more difficult. Many of these factors influence the cause, especially the important traffic.

Learn how to run a few children's parks

1. Online marketing, fission +

Learn to combine the era of Internet +, learn to use the rapid spread of the Internet to enhance user experience sharing, use some small gifts or red packets to fission, adhere to long-term management, willing to invest, and carefully maintain, the people of the park will definitely make the park very good The development of.

2. Equipment replacement

In the consumer market, especially in the fast-moving and amusement industry, there is no denying that the market is always new and tired. Traditional parks must learn to constantly introduce new products. Otherwise, they will be eliminated by the market at any time. The effective way is to introduce new equipment. If it is a large-scale device, it is unrealistic to replace it at any time. It is necessary to constantly embed new play items and replace the original parts.

Create a reputation brand! The main points of operation of the childrens park for long-term operation

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3. Create an atmosphere

Children are always curious about new things, full of interest, and use "children to see the world". The atmosphere of children's play is very important for children's playgrounds. Children are very fond of making fun in the lively places. If there is no one in the children's paradise, the children will not be interested in this park.

How to create an atmosphere? The most important thing to create an atmosphere is the popular, popular place, without your propaganda, there will be words that attract people to come naturally.

4. Regularly manage equipment and facilities

Keep the equipment clean and tidy at all times and keep the equipment running. Whether the equipment is new or old, keep the equipment clean and not dirty. Wipe regularly with a cloth, but be sure to have the correct cleaning method.

Learn the management and operation skills of the park

To start a children's playground and succeed, entrepreneurs need to understand how to operate and learn how to operate and manage the children's playground.

Pattern enlargement - long-term development

When you join the children's playground, you should look beyond your eyes. In the early stage of operation, do not rush to seek success. First arrange the children's paradise, do a good job in the children's paradise, and then carry out steadily, trusting the quality of service will definitely accumulate popularity.

Store image - neat and clean

In the operation process of the children's park, the ceiling, wall, floor, checkout counter, etc. should be cleaned and cleaned every day. The clean entertainment environment will make parents feel at ease. Also, you should check the park for any damaged items in time. If there is any damage, replace it in time to ensure the safety of the child.

Use of funds - reasonable allocation

Children's park franchisees must use funds reasonably when operating a children's park. Don't put too much money into it in the early stage, which will affect the operation behind it, which will bring great pressure to the subsequent operation process.

Service follow-up - timing training

The operators of the children's parks must regularly train the employees in the store so that each employee has professional knowledge and skills in order to provide customers with quality services.

How does a children's park attract customers for secondary consumption?

In the face of fierce market competition, many investors have made a lot of tricks to attract customers into the store, and various online and offline promotions are held. Although there may be a lot of traffic during the event, when the event is over, the store will resume the original passenger traffic, which is a paradox that many children's parks will encounter. So how do children's parks retain more customers and attract them to consume? Please see below.

Create a reputation brand! The main points of operation of the childrens park for long-term operation

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1. Quality of service

Sometimes advertising is not as good as good service. Advertising is good. It means how many people know the information of your store, and the service is doing well and otherwise the key to the scale of the company's development. Therefore, improving the quality of service is the key to retaining customers to attract consumption again. The so-called service quality, that is, the quality of service for staff, the quality of service for children's park staff includes professional skills, polite language, humanized services, etc.; customer-centered, it is necessary to consider the feelings of tourists, respect the tourists, and fully mobilize tourists. The enthusiasm of the game is to achieve the effect of the tourists forgetting to play. .

2. Environmental sanitation

In addition to the service, environmental sanitation is also the point that the customer decides to stay, and whether the children's park decoration fits the theme. The health of the whole children's paradise, the level of simplicity, whether the service of the children's paradise is in place, etc., these details will be recorded in the mind, so that there is an overall score, if this score is not up to the standard, it will be in the children's playground store in the customer's mind. Pass directly in the options. Basically, the second visit is not considered, which is also a major reason for not being able to stay back.

Create a reputation brand! The main points of operation of the childrens park for long-term operation

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3. Play experience

When parents take their children to play in the children's playground, it is nothing more than a fun to play with the children. If something unpleasant happens during play, then the parents will rarely bring the child to the second time. Therefore, in the face of parents' complaints, the store should respond quickly and solve problems so that your children's park can establish a good image in the hearts of parents. In order to retain customers with good.

4. Discount card

The membership card is a marketing tool for the park to establish contact with customers to increase the stickiness, and it has obvious effect on the customer's sticky increase. Therefore, park operators can often hold recommended discount membership card activities, and develop special items that are only open for members. Recommend customers to establish membership relationships in the form of preferential discounts, fun games, events, etc., thereby facilitating secondary consumption and improving the rate of return.

Create a reputation brand! The main points of operation of the childrens park for long-term operation

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The above introduces the sharing of several paradise drainage methods and attracts customers' secondary consumption. I hope to help everyone. Children's Paradise wants to attract more customers into the store. In addition to the above points, it is necessary to analyze the market development trends, observe and meet the needs of customers, and only then can it become a favorite star paradise for customers. Bringing higher popularity to the park.

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