In this way, the video game city can attract people.
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The promotion, promotion and marketing activities of the video game city are the key points in the business activities. Many video game city operators feel that the business is not good and the competition is great, but the necessary marketing and publicity means are too little, the video game city The propaganda is not only the publicity at the beginning of the opening, but also the more systematic and planned publicity after the business. From the perspective of economics and practicality, DM (Direct Mail) flyers are the best effect, and also a marketing magic weapon used by many merchants. The marketing skills of Video Game City are also diverse. Today, we will share with you the skills of video game city promotion, promotion and marketing activities.

In this way, the video game city can attract people.

Promotion of video game city

Out-of-store promotion

Purpose: To attract the attention of passers-by, and let passers-by know that there is a video game city here;

Appliances: advertising umbrellas, flyers, posters, some kind of video game equipment (doll machine, boxing machine, basketball machine, etc.);

Personnel: Employees wearing video game city uniforms.


1. Set up an advertising umbrella at the door, accompanied by music from animation game equipment; 

2. Employees introduce the store to the possibility of crossing (18-35 years old) and encourage them to look at it;

3. Free trial play, reach a certain score to send gifts;

Effect: As long as it can attract the attention of passers-by, let them know that this is a good video game city is even successful.

In-store promotion

In-store promotion

Purpose: Let customers know the latest promotion and event information of the store;

Appliances: X display stand, bulletin board, checkout counter, LCD advertising screen;

Personnel: Front desk staff.


1. The publicity materials shall be kept clean and placed neatly, and the old publicity materials shall be withdrawn in time;

2. The front desk staff will actively introduce the latest promotion and event information of the store to the customer;

3. Hang a notice mark on the front of each machine.

Surrounding community promotion

Surrounding community promotion

1. Colleges and universities jointly organize various activities with universities. Including: on-campus basketball game (video version of street basketball), other physical and sports activities on the school (championship); posting posters, distributing coupons and leaflets, in the early days of the fall, should take the initiative to increase the intensity of posting posters and distributing flyers in the school.

2. Around the shops, the management team took the initiative to visit.

Purpose: To increase the chances that shops will introduce video game towns to their customers, while attracting shop staff to come to spend;

Method: The management team took the initiative to visit the shop, leaving some flyers and concessions.

3. Conduct joint promotion activities.

Objective: To make full use of the customer resources of both parties to achieve a win-win situation;


A. For customers who consume in other industry shops, the video game city can send out free game coins.

B. Place a part of the leaflet or post a video game poster;

C. Send paper cups (such as small restaurants) with advertisements of this video game city or advertisements on supermarket tickets for surrounding shops.

4. Fixed approved residential areas. Actively participate in public welfare activities in surrounding communities, distribute coupons and flyers, and hang banners.

5, the village in the city. Fly out posters and posters at the main entrance of the village, and if possible, place a fixed billboard or poster board at the entrance to the village.

6. Establish a good customer reputation. The customer's word of mouth is the best publicity of the video game city. According to survey statistics from other industries, customers who introduce friends are up to 30%! Therefore, giving a good impression to a customer will bring more customers to the video game city.

Method: Pay attention to our customers, communicate with customers, understand his needs, meet his needs, and provide him with better products and services.

In this way, the video game city can attract people.

DM flyer distribution tips

Issuing means

1. Posting and distributing (selecting appropriate newspaper clips according to the influence of the newspaper and the number of issues);

2. Co-issued with merchants (supermarkets, restaurants, etc.);

3. Send coupons with marketing campaign promotional materials;

4. Roadside interception issuance;

5. Jointly distributed with cinemas (parks);

6. “Carpet type” in the business circle – washing the building;

7. Establish a membership-based postal DM.

Distribution time

In the arrangement of time, people should observe the life form and work schedule, and find the best distribution time. For example, for community-type areas such as residential buildings, businesses, schools, etc., the distribution time can be fixed at an appropriate time; for commercial areas, street time, entertainment venues, stations, etc., the flow of people is affected by time and time. In the region, the video game city should flexibly arrange the time and time according to the changes of the flow of people and the characteristics of the consumer groups in different time periods, so that more different people can get the flyers and make the publicity of the flyers more effective.

Distribution quantity

Calculate the number of dispatches per hour based on different delivery methods. For example, through continuous market-to-street trials, we found that the best delivery time for each leaflet is 15-25 seconds. If the restaurant is planning to distribute about 200 people per hour, the participants are basically Ability to perform relatively basic performance by distributing basic steps. Therefore, every time the video game city arranges personnel, try not to be too much in quantity and time. The management team can also design and distribute the content of each leaflet to be distributed by the staff, calculate the time required, and add the flexible time to determine the timing of the distribution.

Management of dispatchers

1. Strengthen the training of DM distribution personnel. Describe in detail the focus and impact of the distribution steps, and demonstrate, simulate the response to customer reactions that may occur, and the skills need to be practiced continuously to be proficient;

2. Advocate in the form of in-store meetings, bulletin board information release, etc. before the event, so that all staff in the store can understand the relevant information of the event;

3. Every day, the management team shall send out the dispatcher's execution and record to the dispatcher outside the store, and give positive feedback and counseling to the problems reflected in time;

4. Each stage manager should summarize the distribution activities and adjust the distribution plan as appropriate.

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