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Six ways for childrens parks to attract parents to do membership cards!
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2019-08-12 16:49:35
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Inspiring parents to run membership cards and establishing a membership card system is an essential marketing method for children's playground stores. On the one hand, it can attract more customers, establish a stable customer base, and increase sales. On the other hand, the membership system allows park members to enjoy more preferential treatment than ordinary customers and seize fixed customers. Group, two birds in one fell swoop!

Six ways for childrens parks to attract parents to do membership cards!

Free experience form

For children who want to play or don't dare to play, they won't play, and parents are hesitant to do the card, the park can have a free experience form. The staff will take the children to the park to experience various rides and let the children experience the project. Bringing the fun, for the parents to patiently explain the benefits of the project to the children, so that the parents "seeing is believing" children's paradise does bring outstanding exercise and puzzle to the child, and then willingly do the card.

Six ways for childrens parks to attract parents to do membership cards!

Integral form

Children's parks must make consumption plans according to their local consumption levels. Commonly used are secondary cards, monthly cards, season cards, and annual cards. One of the most useful ways to sell a membership card is to send a card to send points, points to gifts, such as 10 cards can be 100 points, the monthly card can get 300 points, the annual card can get 1,000 points ... different Points can be exchanged for different gifts, such as 100 points can be exchanged for a water cup, 1,000 points for a free 10 times to play with children or play by members themselves, this novel way of doing cards is relatively more attractive.

Six ways for childrens parks to attract parents to do membership cards!

Package form

The matching gift form, such as processing 10 cards, that is, the current free consumption or membership card recharge 300 to 100 and other preferential forms. This kind of "buy and send" preferential policy is often very easy to catch the customer's "great and cheap" mind, and then invites its card consumption. In addition to the above card form, when selling the membership card, the children's park staff should be enthusiastic and generous, can not force the customer to do the card, keep a smile, use the feeling of fraternity to clarify the card discount, and hold the park With full determination, let customers feel the strength and advantages of the park, calmly let the parents settle the card and recognize the children's playground from the heart.

Demand service

The indoor children's playground belongs to the service profession, so how to do the service well, so that the service is in place is naturally something we must consider. For example, hire an in-house handler with affinity and responsibility to take care of the children who come to the children's playground, and keep them from being injured; and prepare a rest area for the accompanying parents, and install WIFI and outlets in the rest area. In fact, as long as you pay more attention to the needs of customers, focusing on the needs of customers, it is natural for customers to have a good image of your child's naughty castle, so as to retain repeat customers.

Six ways for childrens parks to attract parents to do membership cards!

Do more parent-child activities

Hosting the theme event is one of the most popular and most useful ways to gather popularity. A good theme event will make your children's paradise popular, and customers will also identify with your children's paradise. His friends and family promote your children's paradise. So, what kind of theme activities should I do? For example, parent-child activities are a useful way to stick to customers, as well as gifts, free experience activities, and children's talent play.

Six ways for childrens parks to attract parents to do membership cards!

The wine is not afraid of the alley

Regardless of the location of the children's indoor naughty park, some rhythmic concerts at the entrance of the store attract the attention of the pedestrians. The emotion expressed by the playground music is to let people release stress and mood, and then attract customers. Playground affects players with music, which will make the game more intense, giving people a sense of fun and excitement, and thus promote the participation rate of the game.

Children's park merchants can formulate corresponding promotion policies according to the consumption level of different members, so as to maximize the benefits of members. We are not only recruiting people to handle members, but also doing secondary marketing. Activities, let the membership system play the most attractive.

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