Do you think about the future development of indoor childrens parks?
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2019-08-10 17:31:24
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With the opening of the second child policy and the unusually hot baby economy, children have gradually become the core of household consumption, and the proportion of household expenditure has continued to grow.

China's children's park market will achieve a qualitative leap, which will attract more investors to enter the industry, the function of indoor children's paradise is more and more comprehensive, from the simple play function to the later education.

From pure entertainment to letting children experience the experience, science education, and now more focus on developing children's self-confidence and improve their physical fitness, indoor children's playground is no longer a simple children's entertainment center, it carries more social responsibility .

For any project, the evaluation and budget of the pre-investment is crucial. It is the key to the success or failure of a project. The investment in the children's amusement park should be considered in the early stage. This includes how the future of the children's paradise will change and grasp the market development. trend.

So for the future, how should the indoor children's playground develop? After a long period of observation and analysis, the children's slot machine manufacturers believe that their development direction is five.


Do you think about the future development of indoor childrens parks?

A comprehensive amusement experience such as paradise + retail / catering / culture realizes the development of the whole industry chain: indoor children's paradise currently introduces children's bookstores, commodities, toys and other children's retail formats, children's catering, cultural formats, etc. Also included, to achieve a full set of industrial chain development.

The future indoor children's park will develop from small to medium-sized scales, with several thousand squares and even tens of thousands of flat areas.

According to the individual needs of customers, this comprehensive indoor park can be tailored. How to “joint”? How to “cross-border” has also become a new model for indoor children's parks, and in the continuous exploration and practice, this rigid demand will be used to create greater value in the future.


Do you think about the future development of indoor childrens parks?

The “customized” large-scale theme park will form a brand-output cooperation model with the developers: the large-scale anime theme concept store with a store area of 5,000-10,000 square meters, with a comprehensive format of entertainment, retail + catering + experience, and The developer forms a brand-output cooperation model.

According to the venue space and commercial positioning requirements of the shopping center, tailoring such large indoor children's parks is also the flagship store mode of the current children's theme park.


Cool new sports, expansion, exploration and other novel theme experience projects will emerge in an endless stream, continuing the most popular elements of the moment, "interaction" + "experience."

More and more parents hope that children will be more confident, more willing to try new things and accept challenges, let children participate in some sports and exploration projects, develop children's ability and courage to explore spirit.

At the same time, we also need to introduce parents, participate in children's entertainment, enhance parental participation and enthusiasm, and truly achieve parent-child interaction, so that children's parks are ultimately responsible for the more willing parents to pay. You can increase the proportion of adult play and extend the time they spend in the park.

Do you think about the future development of indoor childrens parks?

The introduction of the Children's Development/Exploration Experience Center in the shopping center is to attract passengers to meet the needs of the customers. On the other hand, it provides a diversified entertainment venue for children. It is fun and educational, and integrates into children's early education and education.

Through the experience, to cultivate the children's excellent quality, the children's paradise should be responsible for this responsibility.

4.Wide audience

The age definition of the indoor park will gradually become blurred, with only children participating, children and adults participating together, and then there will be pure adult play.

The indoor children's park is ultimately responsible for paying the parents, so the core place is to surround the growth of children and the experience of parents.

At the same time, more and more indoor children's parks introduce parents to participate in children's entertainment, enhance parental participation, and achieve parent-child interaction.

And increase the proportion of adult play, extending the customer base to young people without children.

Do you think about the future development of indoor childrens parks?


The powerful fan effect of “IP” makes the “Anime IP+ Indoor Children's Paradise” a new model: based on the fan traffic effect brought by the animation IP, many indoor children's parks have seen the possibility of combining animation and paradise, and they have started to content. On the ground, the “Anime IP” boom appeared.

Although many people think they know what IP is. But in fact, the vast majority do not understand, or only a little understanding of fur. In this way, you can't get down your hand and you can't fall into the ground.

In fact, a story, an image, a commercial entrance, a landmark industry, and a distinctive cultural form can all evolve into unique IP. For example, the white-haired lady who practiced for thousands of years, the body of the snake demon can be turned into a human form at any time, and walks freely in the human world. This is called IP; for example, selling vegetables, Yao Zhenhua is a cross-cutting knife, and wants to slap the king general immediately. Both, this is also IP...

In other words, "IP" has become a unique identifier, a unique image cognition, and a unique expression.

Nowadays, the paradise that the park wants to attract consumers by a single amusement device and a single service has no way to go.

Instead, build and use Super IP to find the "IP" that carries the stories and feelings that everyone remembers.

For example, taking IP person scenes as a prototype and holding various types of theme exhibitions, it can bring popularity to the park, increase customer interaction and stickiness, and the business model will be opened repeatedly, thus gaining huge market and profit.

By grasping these developments, you can make your paradise not be eliminated in the course of the times.

The "Anime IP" embeds a well-known cartoon image into the indoor children's paradise, making the animation works more visual, malleable, derivative, and diverse, and using image realistic methods to restore the anime scene.

Do you think about the future development of indoor childrens parks?

At the same time, Anime IP can make children's theme parks more scene-like, agile and imaginative, let children view the animation IP from different angles, and stimulate children's various perceptions. In the future development of children's industry, "Anime IP + Business" will Form a new product model.

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