Talking about the central nervous system of the playground: the charging system (3) Development status
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2019-07-30 16:32:09
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The development of the system is to continuously improve its functions with the development of the venue. With the continuous development and development of the playground venue, the development of the system presents the following aspects:

1. Improvement of data functions;

2. Coverage of the site type by the system;

3. The relationship between the system and mobile phone members;

4. The relationship between the system and the e-commerce.

The development of the charging system to this day is no longer a simple problem of card opening and invoicing management, but to provide more data services and implement management functions. This is what the author wants to emphasize. The real charm of the charging system lies in its management capabilities, operational capabilities and data support for site operations. Regarding the role of data, it has already been elaborated in the first and second phases. I will not go into details here. We mainly talk about the system's support for business. The sales package is set up, including the opening package, special package, pre-sale package, etc., and there will be corresponding accompanying meals. Because the store is different, the gifts are different, so the system operation and settings are required to keep up. And there are corresponding statistical functions.

Give an example to illustrate this problem. For example, the store has just opened, card-opening and recharge packages are often given, and the general system has input and statistics functions for gifts. In some venues, in order to strengthen the lottery function of the venue, there will be lottery tickets. At this time, some systems do not have this calculation function. The lottery tickets donated to the members cannot be automatically converted into the customer's membership card, but the manual deposit is required. The gap in the system is revealed, and it is also important to keep the system in sync with the development of the venue.

Talking about the central nervous system of the playground: the charging system (3) Development status

The coverage of the site type by the system mainly refers to the fact that the composition of animation cities and parades in the country is very different. There is no fixed model, there are various amusement projects, and the operation methods are completely different. In addition to the realization of the currency ticket management, the management of the next month card, and the management of the amount of money, the charging system must have a single management, experience management, and special management; as well as different payment methods, online payment, bar payment, and on-site payment. For example, a paradise or playground, there are animations, software projects, and manual projects. We use manuals as an example. Billing is more complicated. There are different projects in the manual area. There are different charges in the same project. It is impossible for customers to run around to pay, it is necessary to carry out on-site processing and some related consumption. A customer drew a snowflake painting, charging 10 yuan, and wanting to draw a 15 yuan. How do you deduct it?

Talking about the central nervous system of the playground: the charging system (3) Development status

The relationship between the system and mobile phone members is the hot spot of the current system development, and it is also the key part of the production system of the charging system. Its purpose is two-fold: First, the importance of the mobile phone, now the mobile phone has become a part of the human body, mobile phone members The replacement of the physical card is only a matter of time, that is, it will be more convenient; the second is the combination with the public number to facilitate the promotion and interaction with the members. Therefore, if the company that develops the charging system has its own third-party resources, it will have an advantage, and the seamless connection between the payment and the system can be realized. For mobile phone members, there are currently several bottlenecks in the following aspects:

1. Require the venue to have a professional person to do the production and promotion of the service number. The field often lacks talents in this field;

2. At present, the mobile phone cannot directly exchange information with the machine, because the customer will lose the sense of experience, so the mobile phone member still needs to exchange information through the bar hardware, the currency exchange machine, the deposit ticket machine, the deposit machine, and the like;

3. There will be a certain gap between the online recharge of mobile phone members and the cash register recharge. This is to be evaluated. That is to say, online recharge or unattended after all, it is not a substitute for manual sales, because unattended self-sale The currency is often the lowest package transaction;

4. The manufacturers of the charging system are temporarily unwilling to abandon the substantial profits brought by the physical membership card.

Therefore, mobile phone members are still a concept in many venues, and they have not entered the actual operation.

The combination of the charging system and the e-commerce has already been done by system manufacturers, and many of the venue customers have asked the author's related questions. I would like to take this opportunity to reconcile this question and talk about the author's views.

1. The online gift shop is divided into two parts. One is direct online exchange, and the other is to import your own inventory goods online. This is two concepts, we must figure out;

2, the soul of the playground is a gift, so the gift is very important for the operator, the gift is also very important, if you let the customer wait a few days to get, especially the child is unrealistic. Therefore, the online gift shop is more suitable for large venues, city-level venues and venues that have been opened for a long time;

3, the exchange rate problem, the online shopping mall's exchange ratio is generally fixed, can not be flexibly set, it is easy to be recognized by the player;

4. Of course, the online gift shop also has many benefits, such as solving the problem of difficult exchange of old members, solving after-sales problems, richer gifts, backlog of gift inventory, and so on.

In summary, it is more recommended to implement the principle of online and offline parallelism, and there are advantages and disadvantages in the way. The key is how we use it.

The above is  opinion on the status quo of the venue charging system. In the next post, we will analyze the future direction of the charging system in the venue, so stay tuned!

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