What kind of market research work must be done before the children's park opens?
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2019-07-29 16:47:08
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Many children's park investors will do some market research themselves before joining the investment, but the survey results are often not accurate enough, and the survey methods are not reasonable enough. So, how should we do market research in children's parks? How can analysis be made to make the results of the survey more accurate?

What kind of market research work must be done before the children's park opens?

First, the store environmental survey

First of all, it is necessary to know whether there is a children's playground in the local area. Observe the supporting situation and business model of the amusement facilities inside, and whether there are evasive and desirable places. Secondly, if the surrounding traffic is convenient and the security is safe, Whether it is clean and so on. The second is to investigate the prosperous degree of the location of the store, such as the surrounding business format, business atmosphere and so on.

What kind of market research work must be done before the children's park opens?

◎The first step of the investigation report

Understanding the family size and income level of the family is the basic factor affecting consumer demand. Family characteristics include: population, age of family members, income status, etc. For example, the average income of each household and the distribution of household income will significantly affect the sales of future parks. The size of the family will also have a major impact on future store sales. A family of three (with one child) has a consumer demand centered on the child. The age of family members also has different needs for entertainment. Households with children focus on children's food, toys and so on.

◎The survey of the site selection survey report 

The population density of an area can be determined by the number of people per square kilometer or the number of households. The higher the population density of a region, the larger the size of the site. To calculate the daytime population of an area, the number of people who have removed children from the household, plus the number of people working and attending school in the area, minus the number of people who go to work and go to school. The number of passengers who are partially inflowing is not within the number of inspections. Most of the areas with high population density during the day are office areas, school cultural areas and other places. For areas with a large population during the day, the characteristics of their consumption needs should be analyzed for operation. For example, take extended work hours, increase convenience projects, etc. to meet the needs. In areas with high population densities, the distance to commercial facilities is close, which can increase the frequency of shopping. Areas with low population densities are less attractive and customers are less likely to visit.

What kind of market research work must be done before the children's park opens?

◎Statistics of the third step of passenger flow in the site selection survey report

Generally, when assessing geographical conditions, the flow of pedestrians passing through the location should be carefully determined, which is the traffic of future parks. The size of the flow of people has a greater relationship with the number of people getting on and off the place. The survey of the number of 
passengers getting on and off is: 1. The number of passengers getting on and off at each station has changed over the years. 
2. The more places where passengers get on and off, the better. 
3. If the number of passengers getting on and off is reduced and there is no new vehicle replacement, the population of the business district will also decrease.

According to the age structure of the customers entering and leaving the station, you can understand the needs of customers of different ages. In general, investigating population agglomeration areas is the focus of the park's choice of sites. Such as: 
1. Residential population gathering area. Such as new residential areas, residential areas, and so on. 
2. The places, schools, hospitals, etc. that go to work every day are the places where the population is concentrated during the day, that is, the areas where the population gathers. 
3. Railway stations, bus stations, subway stations, etc. are the assembly points for people to use transportation, and also where the population gathers. 
4. Stadiums, tourist attractions and routes along the route are also places for people to gather activities.

◎The fourth step of the store site selection report analyzes the purchasing power of consumers

The consumption level of households and population in the business circle is determined by its income level. Therefore, the income level of the business circle has a decisive influence on geographical conditions. Household income per capita can be obtained through a sample survey of households .

What kind of market research work must be done before the children's park opens?

Second, consumption level and willingness survey

Investigating the passenger flow is to investigate the number of customers in the business district or the rising number of customers, and use this as a reference for the new store turnover system. The survey targets should be based on those expectant mothers and young parents. Investigate the traffic flow to and from the store on different dates and at different times, especially the situation of people traffic during the holidays.

Generally speaking, the evaluation of consumption level needs to be evaluated in many aspects such as housing, transportation and communication, clothing, family, entertainment, education, and medical care. In addition, the survey on the consumption level of our children's playground also needs to see the proportion of children in the vicinity to the total population. The more children, the greater the potential consumer groups of children's play equipment.

Do a market survey questionnaire, the target of the survey is parents, the problem can be set similarly: If there is a children's playground, are you willing to bring children to play? What is the standard of consumption that you think you can accept? and many more. The form of the questionnaire is easier to obtain the surrounding consumption level, consumer willingness and consumer preferences, so that the future operation of the children's park, equipment selection, ticket pricing, etc. are more targeted.

What kind of market research work must be done before the children's park opens?

Third, join the brand survey

For investors, the above survey is the focus of the pre-market survey of the Children's Park. If it is a franchise store, the investigation of the franchise brand is the key point for future business success! Is the selected children's park brand professionally reliable? Is it supported all the time? Investment risks, equipment quality, etc., all require investors to conduct on-the-spot investigations, to see their operating conditions and venue size, and then to look at their brand reputation, support, after-sales service and so on.

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