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Open an indoor water park, promotion promotion is here!
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2019-07-22 17:39:58
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       The water park is a type of project that caters to the hot-selling consumption groups in today's tourism market. The fashionable and colorful water slides, large water houses, and various water play pieces allow visitors to relax while relaxing in summer. Indulge in the fun of playing and letting people linger, almost every city with a population of more than 1 million is planning, launching or operating. The overall trend is extremely hot. How to improve the sustainability and attractiveness of indoor water parks from operational management, how to attract more tourists in a limited time has become an important topic for marketing and promotion of water parks. Below we share the promotion of water parks.

Open an indoor water park, promotion promotion is here!

Channel marketing

       First of all, when the venue is built, it can attract the attention of many people around, so at this time you can start advertising.

      1. The traditional flyers are distributed and selected in places with large traffic.

      2. Convenient information newspapers, you can choose a lot of convenience information newspaper channels (generally you can choose to be on the front or the tailboard).

       3. Cooperate with local network companies to promote advertising, and also open up channels for ticket sales through various group buying platforms.

       4. In the above advertising campaign, the water park will be rented and the advertising space can be simultaneously launched.

Open an indoor water park, promotion promotion is here!

       Before the opening of the business and during the operation period, the group purchase ticket is also a considerable income:

       1. Direct sales of the park, pre-sale tickets will be started when the park is built. In order to increase sales, you can purchase before the park opens.

       2. Online group purchase, above the number of tickets reserved for the park, the pre-order can reach the upper limit to enjoy the discount, and can also cooperate with the local network company to promote the activities of the water park online.

      3. Telephone booking, open the booking line before the park opens, if the number of telephone bookings reaches the maximum number of bookings, you can get a discount.

       4. Cooperative units, which can mainly cooperate with schools, travel agencies and other units, and can give certain discounts to the park.

       5. Subsidiary projects, that is, other paradise projects added during the operation of the park, such as: swimming training classes, training class coaches, can find some physical education teachers, the cost can be calculated in the form of dividends or compensation.

Open an indoor water park, promotion promotion is here!

Promotion strategy

       The so-called promotion, it is sweet, the essence of the water park promotion is extremely attractive. When several marketing methods can not achieve very good business results, the promotion is still important. There are several ways to promote water parks. You can refer to them:

       1. Discounts on direct fares, even for free . This is the most common way to promote, mainly for specific time periods, such as opening hours, working days, specific activities, etc., as well as targeting special groups such as children, students, the elderly and so on. The specific preferential margin should be determined according to the actual situation and flexible. For the free-to-play promotion, unless it is not aimed at selling tickets, it is entirely for the popularity. For the fare discount, this kind of promotion should be used with caution, not for itself, and the intensity should not be too big, because it has a lot of sequelae. After the discount period is over, tourists are used to the discounted price. When the original price is restored, the tourists will I feel that the price has increased.

       2. Group promotion . If a family of three people comes over, they can get a ticket from a child or an old man. A couple who come over to play can be half price for a woman. If more than 10 people come to play, they can avoid 1 or 2 people's tickets and other measures, encourage tourists to bring more people to play, increase the overall popularity of the water park, and give visitors a very human touch.

      3, bundled promotions . Bundled with surrounding supporting attractions, hotels, and even gas stations, one-vote system is convenient for tourists to travel, but also affordable, why not?

       4, circular promotion . When you purchase a ticket, you will receive a cash voucher of 10 yuan or 20 yuan to encourage visitors to play again or introduce friends to play.

        The promotion method is flexible and diverse, but the overall purpose is to attract more people to come and play, to create better income for the scenic spot.

Further reading: How to maintain the water park equipment?

       The business philosophy of the water park is that as long as the tourists are happy, the water park is not only to be happy for tourists, but also to ensure the safety of tourists. Especially in the hot summer, now is the hot spot of the water park, then how to maintain the water park equipment? Summer is estimated that each playground is a sea of people.

       1. During the use of the product, there may be stains, which can be washed with bathing essence. Use a soft towel when cleaning, not a hard brush. After each cleaning of the inflatable toy, after drying, spray the kettle and spray 84 disinfectant. 84 disinfectant can eliminate most of the bacteria. It is a disinfectant with better disinfection effect. When spraying, it should be evenly placed. The corners of large inflatable toys should be sprayed in place.

       2. Water park equipment must be cleaned, dried and slicked. The mobile water park equipment needs to be reused in the coming year, so some of the stains above must be cleaned up, and then dried and sprinkled with talcum powder to store. Because wet equipment is prone to mold and stink, and talcum powder acts as anti-adhesion and moisture-proof, it can be wiped off in the coming year.

       3. If the metal part is rusted, use a brush to remove the rust and wipe it with a dry cloth; after exposure to the sun, you can buy a colorless self-spraying paint about 20 cm away, and spray it while sweeping. Spray once to protect. After the paint is completely dry, it is washed, dried and disinfected.

       In the daily maintenance process, the above points can meet the maintenance of the water park equipment. Some pollutants cannot be cleaned. We can polish the water channel and polish it with polish and paint wax. Under normal circumstances, the staff needs to polish the original gloss with a good polish before staining and some areas that are discolored on the waterway.

Open an indoor water park, promotion promotion is here!

       Preparations and precautions for the operation of the mobile water park :

       1. Fund support, budgeted operating funds, expected passenger flow, cost recovery period and profitability, capital investment analysis (reference); equipment costs, installation costs, transportation costs (specifically negotiated with the manufacturer);

       2. Evaluate the people around the park: whether it is convenient to take water at the park;


       3. Investigate whether there are competitors in the surrounding area, and if so, examine their business operations and their advantages.

       The water park equipment is a professional inflatable cloth with good cold resistance, low temperature of minus 40 degrees, and good flame retardancy. PVC is the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride material. It is a material made of polyvinyl chloride resin as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of anti-aging agent, modifier, etc., by mixing, calendering, vacuum absorbing and other processes.

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