These childrens parks operate in a misunderstanding, and they will lose money if they are not careful.
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2019-07-23 16:59:01
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The ultimate goal of doing business is naturally profitability. How to achieve profitability? It is inseparable from proper management and correct development direction; but sometimes we will enter the misunderstanding of the operation, resulting in a loss. The operation of the children's park is no exception. What misunderstandings often occur in the operation of children's parks?

First, only consider the cost of compression, regardless of security

Regarding the safety of amusement equipment, it has always been a top priority. All products produced and sold in China should be marked with the name of the factory, the site and the certificate of conformity, and should be clearly marked with Chinese characters. It is a smart move for operators to choose safe and environmentally friendly amusement equipment.

Second, the rides are not interactive

A popular children's playground, the type of children's play project is very important. Good children's play equipment is the foundation of profit and the basic reason for attracting customers. The interactive play equipment can extend its life cycle many times. Repeated play is not tired, so not only to achieve the interaction between people and equipment, but also to achieve the interaction between people "competition".

Third, subjective judgment, investment rash

Paradise operators generally have a misunderstanding when choosing an amusement project: seeing a new ride in other places, the experience feels good after the experience, and immediately decided to buy. However, after the amusement project was put into operation, it did not achieve the expected results. This is an investment into the wrong zone.

These children’s parks operate in a misunderstanding, and they will lose money if they are not careful.

When investing, you can't rely on subjective judgments. Instead, you should consider a series of problems from the perspective of consumers, considering the consumption level around the park and the habits of consumers. Since the children's paradise is set up, it is necessary to target the target group. I like to buy a playground for children's playgrounds. Where conditions permit, some relevant investigations should be done to ensure that children's amusement parks maximize their profits.

Fourth, wasting the venue, the number of attachments

Most of the children's parks are now more and more open, but the operators of the park often just increase the area of the park and neglect to make the design of the park more competitive. Sometimes there are even a lot of unreasonable layouts. The location of the dead end reduces the utilization rate of the site, increases the operating cost, and causes a loss.

These children’s parks operate in a misunderstanding, and they will lose money if they are not careful.

There is also a certain difficulty in gathering the atmosphere of the park for the operation of the park; some children's parks have a small area, but there are so many machines and equipment, and I feel that I can't wait to put them all together. The atmosphere gives a very depressed feeling. The misunderstanding of these two situations will bring poor experience to the customers. Therefore, when planning the park venue, we must make reasonable project planning according to the size and shape of the site, and scientific arrangements must be evaded. This is not a sensible approach.

Five, the theme of the park is blurred

We can see that many children's amusement parks are generally named "xx Children's Theme Park". However, when planning the project, it will forget what the theme of the park is, so that the equipment purchased in the later period is not targeted. Finally, the planned equipment has no topic meaning.

These children’s parks operate in a misunderstanding, and they will lose money if they are not careful.

So how should we avoid this misunderstanding? To avoid the misunderstandings of the primary and secondary, it is necessary to be on the site decoration, decoration equipment and amusement equipment. In addition, you can also focus on the theme of the park during the planning, publicity and promotion activities of the park. For a long time, your theme is in everyone's mind. There is also a label in it.

Sixth, improper matching of hot and cold projects

Generally speaking, a reasonable combination of a venue is best combined with a hot project and an unpopular project. As we have seen some children's paradise, some areas are popular and some are unattended, which is not conducive to children's paradise. Operating. The area is limited. If the hot items are concentrated, the crowd will be crowded together, which will cause some tourists to lose because they can't get in. The unpopular projects have not been concerned.

Therefore, it is necessary to scientifically intersperse the hot and cold projects. There are unpopular projects in the popular projects. There are hot projects in the unpopular projects, so that tourists can fully play, and the hot projects can be driven by hot projects. The project runs through the entire site, keeping customers as much as possible.

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