Be a children's paradise, all the strategies that are desperately looking for
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2019-07-20 17:54:19
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In recent years, the emphasis on children in Chinese families has promoted the rapid development of the children's industry. The popularity of children's playgrounds has made many entrepreneurs join the industry. However, it is not as simple as running a children's playground. What are the stages in the development of children's paradise? How should we deal with it? How do children's paradise make their own characteristics to make themselves stand out? How does a children's paradise maximize the value of a customer's rest area?

What stage does the children's paradise experience? Teach you how to see the move!

The first stage of the development of the children's park: the opening stage

Before the opening of the children's park, a comprehensive plan should be formulated, and all aspects should be well prepared to better guide the long-term development direction of the park. For example: staff training, site equipment adjustment, circuit safety hazard investigation and maintenance of children's play equipment, children's park propaganda layout, planning activities, item preparation, document verification, etc. The most important thing is to promote the promotion before the opening of the business, in the crowded places, parks, kindergartens, large shopping malls nearby. Through the online and offline three-dimensional promotion, the popularity of the park will be quickly upgraded to achieve the goal of opening a hot scene.

The second phase of the development of the children's paradise: the bottleneck stage

Three to six months after the opening of the business, the traffic of children's parks has gradually decreased, and advertisements, leaflets, and promotional activities have been done. The activities can indeed bring a lot of customers, but it will not take long to return to its original state. There are still very few customers in the park. At this time, your children's paradise has entered the bottleneck stage. No matter how large the park is, it will always face a bottleneck stage. So how should the park respond?

1. Integration with high-tech interactive technology: The combination of children's business and the latest technology, children's entertainment, games, video, animation, education and other children-related industries appear in the form of the Internet. Such as: interactive croquet, interactive projection beach, interactive slides, etc., so that the "new and tired" children consumers are always fresh, increasing brand loyalty and consumer stickiness.


2. Expanding the surrounding industries and opening up the demand chain of customers to form a complete consumer industry chain. That is, we often say that we are a different industry or a peer league.


3, check for missing traps, site equipment adjustment, amusement equipment circuit safety hazard investigation and maintenance, according to the relevant revenue and equipment data to assess equipment operation, decisive decision to increase or decrease equipment.


4. Train staff's service etiquette and professional knowledge to enhance employees' work attitude and improve service awareness.


5, to explore the repeated consumption of members, children tired of playing and need to deal with the store in a novel way. Introduce new elements, such as the development of special parent-child activities to invite parents and children to the store to play.


The third stage of the development of children's paradise: the development stage 

The children's paradise has broken through the bottleneck stage through good operation, and has been on the right track. The passenger flow has been stable and maintained at a certain amount. It has a certain influence around it and has a good reputation among customers. Whether in the off-season or the peak season, the park can maintain stable revenue.


If you want to develop your children's playground to a higher level, you can try to introduce cultural formats such as children's retail, catering, and early education to achieve a full set of industrial chain development. At the same time, how to “cross-border” has become a new model for the operation of indoor children's parks, and in the continuous exploration and practice, this rigid demand will be used to create greater value in the future.

Continue the most popular element of the moment, "Interaction + Experience."

In order to make the children's paradise ultimately responsible for the more desirable consumption of the parents, we must introduce the parents, participate in the children's entertainment, enhance the participation and enthusiasm of the parents, truly realize the parent-child interaction, and appropriately increase the proportion of adult play, Extend their time in the park.


In short, the operation of the children's paradise is the same as the operation of other stores. From opening to maturing, it will experience the flow of people from the beginning of the promotion and the off-season after the event. No matter which stage of your business you are in, as long as you manage with your heart and adopt different management methods at different stages, I believe that your children's playground will get better and better.


Be a children's paradise, all the strategies that are desperately looking for

How do children's parks make their own characteristics and make themselves stand out?

1, brand selection

Each children's park franchise brand has its own style and characteristics, including theme setting, VI design, equipment type, operation mode, etc., not only can highlight the characteristics of the brand, but also enhance the visibility of the store by the effect of the brand.


2, theme positioning

Children's paradise must have its own theme. You can't arbitrarily mix non-series equipment, choose a theme, such as marine theme, forest theme, space theme, ice theme. Theme positioning not only makes the park unique, but also attracts children to explore in the theme park.


3. Operational services

The park service is one of the important indicators to highlight the characteristics of the park. For example, some parks regularly invite dance teachers to teach children to dance, set up rest areas, provide tea, massage chairs and other services for parents, so that parents will not wait. bored.


How does a children's paradise maximize the value of a customer's rest area? Whether this marketing position has been ignored by you.

The customer lounge area is an indispensable part of a children's paradise and an important part of the paradise culture. Customers want to know the style of the park, from the customer lounge area can know a little bit. In fact, the customer lounge area is an important marketing position for the park, but it is often ignored by most park owners.


Because in the rest area, customers can drink tea, watch TV, and watch the latest promotional information while thinking about and waiting for the children to play. At this time, if the marketing is in place, it will not only improve the customer's satisfaction, but also enable the customer to make an appointment for the next time to the store's consumption time and consumption items, and become the “permanent repeat customer” of the park. Therefore, it is very important to grasp the atmosphere of the customer's rest area and create a marketing atmosphere that attracts prospective customers, acquires existing customers, and maintains old customers.


Be a children's paradise, all the strategies that are desperately looking for

Let's start with the four "sense" creation.

First visual creation

1 material design preparation

The structure, shape, color, and arrangement are artistically processed to create a vivid color contrast effect, which makes it easy for people to recognize and remember, and helps to highlight the theme of the event, simple, intuitive and easy to recognize.


2 material selection

Material selection: spray painting, creative guide, creative stickers, door, banner, bouquet, bonsai, hanging flag, ribbon, roll up, K plate, table card, atmosphere bar, price bar, color selection should be in summer Green-based coloring, winter should be based on red, if you want to highlight the activity discount, you can consider the red as the keynote, if you want to give people a new feeling, consider light blue.


3 site layout effects

On-site layout effect: Is there a customer's initiative to purchase the plan, is there a line that allows the customer to recognize the activity, and whether it matches the main image of the park.


Second hearing

1 music

The music in the rest area should be warm and soothing. After the customer sat down, there is a sense of relaxation. In music, it is best to choose light music to give customers an elegant store environment.


2 communication and communication

Communication and communication are one of the most important means to draw closer to the psychological distance of customers. Enthusiasm, courtesy, professionalism and empathy, customers do not want to buy cheaper consumption, but have the feeling of being able to take advantage of it. We should highlight how much money we save for our customers.


Third touch build

Direct contact with customers includes leaflets, products, project effects, additional gifts, seeds and small candy, promotional bags, drinking glasses, tables, chairs, and floors. In other words, in addition to the items that customers can touch and touch, they provide customers with a comfortable, hygienic and pleasant environment.


At this time, we need to do the following: Is the rest area ventilated and ventilated? Is there a cigarette butt, paper scraps, candy skin on the floor? Is the sofa, table, chair, coffee table cleaned? Will the ashtray be cleaned up in time?


Fourth sense of smell

According to the survey statistics, 75% of people's emotions are caused by smell, because what is the "most important little thing" per second? Needless to say, it must be non-breathing! Every time we breathe, we are all with the air. The smell meets.


Therefore, the customer's rest area does not have to be filled with various fragrances at all times. It is not necessary to have all kinds of unpleasant odors. Here, it is specifically the smell from the bathroom, the smoke smell of the customer, and the employees do not have time to handle the individual. Hygiene, the smell of the body, and the smell in the mouth can affect the customer's willingness to stay in the customer's rest area.


Do a good job of building the above four senses, plus people's live play to play an important role, I believe that all marketing activities in the customer lounge will be greatly increased, achieving twice the result with half the effort.

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