For the event of thousands of people, will the “Amusement Park Economy” be the next vent?
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Last week, Guangzhou Chimelong Happy World. Although it is not a holiday and a weekend, it is still difficult to block the amusement park. There are many people in the amusement park, such as vertical roller coasters, big pendulums, pirate ships and other thrilling large-scale projects.

At this point, the author has already succeeded in several famous amusement brands: Disney, Happy Valley, and Fangte plus this time, and it is also a small amusement park. Throughout my experience, the two feelings are the most profound: people are really many, and things are really expensive.

For the event of thousands of people, will the “Amusement Park Economy” be the next vent?

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The rise of the amusement park economy

What is the "Amusement Park Economy"? Simply speaking, it is attached to the construction and operation of the amusement park, driving the development of a series of industrial chains.

The earliest theme park in the world is generally believed to have originated in the Netherlands. In 1952, a couple of the Madura family built a park that shrunk 120 scenic spots in the Netherlands in honor of the only son who died in World War II. This is the originator of the theme park and the predecessor of the amusement park.

In 1955, Walt Disney built the world's first modern large-scale theme park, Disneyland, in California. In the park, Disney movie scenes and animated characters are integrated into large-scale mechanical equipment, and with a variety of novel and unique game projects, visitors are here to be in the fantasy fantasy world, and they will never forget. Disneyland will be popular in a short time. United States.

Taking this as an opportunity, the theme park began a booming road, rising in the United States and going global. Today, the amusement park economy is obviously driving the development of the regional economy. For example, Orlando, the "world theme park capital", this small city in the central United States, which has a population of less than one million, can attract more than 70 million tourists every year, which has also driven the rapid development of the entire city economy. From an agricultural city with a farming industry as the mainstay of the economy, it became a "Silicon Valley in Florida." All this must be attributed to the construction of major theme parks, the power of the amusement park economy can be seen.

For the event of thousands of people, will the “Amusement Park Economy” be the next vent?

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The development of Chinese amusement parks

The amusement park industry in China started late. Until 1981, the first amusement park in China, built by its own amusement facilities, was built. However, the development momentum of China's amusement industry is extremely rapid. With the continuous growth of the national economy, the per capita income and consumption level of residents have also increased rapidly. The consumption industry has been continuously upgraded, and the consumption structure has undergone great changes. Residents are playing. The proportion of consumption in the entertainment sector continues to rise. Under the superposition of these factors, residents' demand for amusement facilities is also growing.

In 1989, the opening of Shenzhen “Jinxiu China” marked the official entry of the theme park into China. After nearly 30 years of hard work, the creativity, planning and technology research and development capabilities of the domestic amusement facility manufacturing industry have made great progress compared with the development of the industry.

Today, the domestic amusement park market is still in rapid development. At present, there are 2,700 theme parks, such as Changlong, Fangte, Happy Valley, and other domestic big amusement brands, which have been well received and displayed. Amazing profitability. The Disneyland, which only entered Shanghai in 2016, is not too much. The number of people admitted in the first year of operation has reached 11 million. Some agencies predict that by 2020, the total number of domestic theme park visitors will surpass the United States, becoming the world's largest theme entertainment market.

In addition to the big brands in these theme parks, the rest of the small and medium-sized amusement parks are also blooming through the “air amusement park economy”. In the park, small amusement parks in the mall have sprung up, and entertainment venues such as children's playgrounds have become an indispensable "standard equipment" for major shopping centers. The effect of this is also immediate, and the amusement park has brought huge popularity to the parks and shopping malls.

In the Chinese market, the amusement park economy is in front of a vast ocean.

For the event of thousands of people, will the “Amusement Park Economy” be the next vent?

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Advantages and disadvantages of theme parks

Although there are many theme parks in China, none of them can be called a perfect paradise. The island owner chose three of the park brands I have been to compare, a foreign brand Disney, two domestic brands Fangte and Chimelong. Analyze their respective problems by comparing them.

A. Brand influence

In terms of brand strength, Disney's influence with 90 years of brand history and 60 years of theme park history is second to none in the world. Although in recent years, Changlong and Fangte have made a lot of efforts in marketing and promotion, such as sponsoring variety shows, famous TV shows, and overwhelming publicity on the Internet, although the effect is good, it is still difficult to look back.

As far as brand IP is concerned, Disney's Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Disney Princess and other movie and animation characters are widely known around the world. Disney has also cleverly applied this advantage to amusement parks. These virtual characters can be seen in game projects and interact with visitors, greatly increasing the user experience.

By studying the Disney company's 2018 earnings report, it can be found that the former pillar industry entertainment (StudioEntertainment) ranked only third in terms of revenue, behind copyright licenses and theme parks. But this does not mean the decline of Disney's film industry, but rather an industry-wide industrial integration upgrade. The film and television industry has become a marketing tool, and continues to shine in other fields, promoting the development of related industries such as theme parks. Conversely, the theme park is hugely inclusive and can be perfectly complemented by other industries such as film and television, catering and tourism. The market potential is great and it is worthwhile to continue to explore.

Fant successfully borrowed this model and created his own original IP "Bear Infested" series, which showed a total of four big movies in the theater, and accumulated a total of 1.35 billion box office. The characters in the play, Bear Big Bear II, and the bald head are very popular among the audience. Now Fangte has implanted the elements of "Bear Infest" into Fangte Park, and it has also achieved good response. Chimelong has no action in this respect, behind the other two theme parks.

For the event of thousands of people, will the “Amusement Park Economy” be the next vent?

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B. Coverage and audience

The construction of Fangte Park is one step ahead. Its theme park has been put into operation in Wuhu, Shenyang, Qingdao, Jinan, Tai'an, Tianjin, Zhuzhou, Zhengzhou, Shantou, Chongqing, Nantong, Xiamen, Datong and Ningbo.

The number of theme parks in Chimelong is also quite large, but it is currently limited to Guangdong Province and has not developed outward.

Disney currently has only two in China, one in Hong Kong and one in Shanghai.

The audience is mainly based on the game items in the amusement park. In this respect, Disneyland has an advantage, its game projects are mostly mild, there are not too many age limit, and there are more performances such as circus, animation, stage play, etc., suitable for tourists of all ages to come and play.

In other words, in the design of the rides, Changlong and Fangte are better, they have a lot of thrilling projects. For example, the U-shaped skateboard of Changlong Park, the 10-ring roller coaster, the first vertical roller coaster in Asia , and the large hanging roller coaster, volcano shuttle, and dive rafting of Fangte Park. The fun of these projects is the most stimulating, but not suitable for everyone. If you are simply pursuing exciting tourists, Chimelong and Fangte are undoubtedly better choices.

C. Price comparison

As a big international brand, Disneyland's price is also rising. Shanghai Disneyland weekend holiday and other peak adult fares are as high as 575 yuan, and the usual price is 399 yuan. In comparison, the fares of Fangte Park and Changlong Park are quite close to the people, and they only cost about 200-300 yuan.

However, apart from opening tickets, the prices of related products in amusement parks are quite tacit understanding, and they are expensive. According to the personal experience of the island owner’s visit to Changlong Paradise, the amusement park has a bottle of mineral water of 10 yuan, a disposable raincoat of 15 yuan, and a bowl of noodles of 60 yuan. The price is high. Under the situation of the amusement park's economic fire, proper price adjustment may be a good opportunity for brand breakthrough.

For the event of thousands of people, will the “Amusement Park Economy” be the next vent?

▲Source: Disneyland


Amusement park

Roller coaster, pirate ship, big pendulum, ferris wheel, carousel... In short, who can resist the temptation of amusement parks? Due to the huge market potential, the development of the amusement park economy is unprecedented. Almost every city has its own amusement park, big or small. However, there are hidden huge security risks.

Unlike those big brands, the quality of these amusement parks is mixed, and many are just for the popularity of the amusement park economy. Driven by the interests, in order to save costs, the amusement facilities cut corners and shoddy. This also led us to the least likely to see an accident.

In 2017, a 13-year-old girl in the "flying space" accident in Chongqing, a 13-year-old girl in the "swimming space" project operation, because the safety bar is not effectively pressed, and the seat belt is broken, the girl was taken out of the seat, after the rescue is invalid death. A flower-like life stops at the amusement park.

In 2018, a large pendulum accident in a certain park in Xuchang City, Henan Province, during the operation of the large pendulum project, due to the safety belt lock off, caused a man to fall from high altitude and died after being rescued by the hospital.

These words are shocking and the cause of the accident is exactly the same. Equipment failure, lax supervision.

The amusement facilities are strictly classified, and the equipment used in the big brand amusement parks are all well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers from the A-level. These companies will conduct detailed and comprehensive risk analysis when designing amusement equipment. In addition to design redundancy, key parts will usually have formal secondary insurance, and inspections will be carried out on time to ensure equipment safety. The staff of the amusement park also undergo professional training. They will repeatedly check the equipment before starting the game, reminding visitors to pay attention to the matters and ensure the safety of the game. This is why you are recommended to go to the big brand amusement park.

Due to cost constraints and other reasons, small amusement parks may choose to produce amusement equipment for miscellaneous manufacturers, or exceed the service life regulations of amusement equipment. There are major safety hazards.

With the growth of the amusement park economy, the various amusement brands have gone hand in hand and rushed all the way. But if you run too fast and too urgent, you should look back and see if you still remember your heart. As the market improves, the country's regulatory efforts will also increase, and the safety of amusement park facilities and equipment requires a specific standard. It is hoped that amusement equipment manufacturers, parks, and government regulatory authorities will take the accident as a warning and pay more attention to the operational safety of amusement equipment.

The original intention of the amusement park is to bring happiness and laughter, not sadness and tears.

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