Mini KTV A short-lived! Sing songs has a new way to open.
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Two or three years ago, it was able to use the mini-KTV with fragmented time and sufficient privacy to land in Nanjing's multiple business districts and quickly circle it, making it the first choice for young people to enjoy entertainment. However, their popularity is somewhat bleak compared to when they were first put into operation. On June 13th, the reporter of Modern Express found that the mini KTV machines in some commercial districts had disappeared. At the same time, singing K also has a new way to open. With the strengthening of online and offline integration, the K-song method focusing on social and stage experience is more popular among young people. Traditional KTV is also actively seeking to transform and attract customers.


Multiple business district mini KTV machines were withdrawn

A year ago, Nanjing's major business districts also gathered a lot of mini KTV. On June 13th, the reporters of Modern Express reported on the Xinjiekou, Confucius Temple and Yuhuatai in Nanjing, but found that the number of mini KTVs was much less.

At the first floor of a shopping mall in Confucius Temple, there are 4 brands of mini KTV. When I first started operation two years ago, the reporter of Modern Express went to visit. At the time of noon and evening, mini KTV often lined up long queues. On the morning of June 13, the reporter of Modern Express once again came to the mall to visit. Within an hour, 4 mini KTVs were untouched.

Mini KTV A short-lived! Sing songs has a new way to open.

△ Mini KTV in Nanjing Business District is cold

Originally, there was two mini KTVs on the first floor of a large commercial building in Jiangning District. The position of the machine has now become a jewelry store. Similarly, in a comprehensive shopping mall in Yuhuatai District, there were many mini KTVs distributed in many places such as food courts and cinemas. However, many units have been removed at present, and there are only four mini KTVs in the vicinity of the lockers on the basement level. The position is relatively biased. At noon on the 13th, many young people came to the mall to eat, but the mini KTV was not visited.


Lack of vitality, not optimistic about development

What do industry experts think about the current mini-KTV? How will the future develop? Yang Haixing, secretary general of the Nanjing Cultural and Entertainment Industry Association, said that he is not optimistic. "In the past, some mini KTV companies came over and hoped that we would help promote it. We are not very optimistic about its prospects." He said that although the mini KTV has a fresh sense, in the long run, it lacks an entertaining atmosphere.

Wu Dan, deputy secretary of the Song and Dance Entertainment Branch of the China Cultural and Entertainment Industry Association, also said that the mini KTV is just a short-lived, lacking vitality. "KTV's fundamental vitality is gathering and experiential entertainment. The mini KTV has a poor experience in this area." He said that the mini KTV can do it, and it can be done at home by buying a set of singing equipment.

Wu Dan said that the current mini KTV is in a downward trend, and there are not many new machines. Not long ago, the China Cultural and Entertainment Industry Association released the "China Song and Dance Entertainment Industry Research Report." The report also pointed out that the growth rate of mini KTV began to decline. Previously, from 2016 to 2018, the number of mini KTVs in the market increased from 36,000 to 70,000. However, as the country is still in the exploratory stage and faces many problems that need to be solved urgently, the market will move from an outbreak to a calm and will enter a period of adjustment.

development of

Online sing K platform layout store

As the mini KTV was left out, some new singer K styles also emerged. Previously, behind the mini-KTV brands, there was an investment in the online K song platform. Now, the online K song platform is also seeking new development.

On June 13th, the reporter of Modern Express found that many online K-song platforms have been laid out offline and brought their social attributes offline. Not long ago, a popular K-song platform popular with young people set up a self-service store in a shopping mall in Zhonghua Road. The reporter noticed that the open singing area of this self-service store is divided into stage and audience area. Consumers can scan the code to sing on stage and interact with the audience. In other words, everyone has the opportunity to stand on the stage like a star. In the mini KTV, you can record high-definition MVs, and you can sing in real time with other fans around the country.

Mini KTV A short-lived! Sing songs has a new way to open.

△ An offline K-song platform offline self-service shop with a stage singing area

Another physical store opened on the online K song platform, the main T-stage show. The reporter saw that there is a large private room with a capacity of about 15 people. There is a T-station in the center and a stand-up on the T-stage. The private room can also be adjusted by the light mode to create a gorgeous stage effect. Staff introduction: "These are more attractive to young people."


Traditional KTV development online songs

The online K song platform is transferred to the offline, and the traditional offline KTV is also undergoing transformation. A traditional KTV in Drum Tower is popular with everyone because of its unique decoration style, sound effects and price concessions. Many people said that although the box songs are not complete, they can use the mobile phone to sing songs, which is convenient and comprehensive.

Wu Dan said that the current development of mass-market KTV in Jiangsu Province is relatively good, and it has risen steadily. He said that the entire industry is also transforming towards Internet +. In addition to online songs, some KTVs are also very high-tech in design. "The KTV room in Wuxi is full-screen display. The whole room is a big screen and is very popular among young people." He said that with the emergence of new technologies and new means, the KTV industry will continue to have new changes.

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