What is the market prospect of hotel vending machines?
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2019-07-17 17:54:32
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What is the market prospect of hotel vending machines?

With the rapid development of China's social economy, domestic short-term travel has gradually become the norm of national life. Since 2005, the continuous warming of the tourism industry has also brought opportunities for rapid expansion.

After experiencing a frenzied expansion, the hotel has also begun to face vicious competition, serious homogenization, low profitability and other issues, which have a major impact on the hotel's operations. So who can survive under the brutal market economy? Where is the additional profit value of hotel services?

In 2019, major hotel chains in the country began to make a fuss about brand upgrades, value-added upgrades, and service upgrades under the trend of consumption upgrades. They even made a big hit on IP cards, hoping to expand their customer base and increase customer access. Scale profit. The 80- and 90-year target customer groups that focus on individualization and brand tonality are no longer simply satisfied with “living”. The differentiated service experience plays a key role in current customer booking decisions.

The needs of users and the competition in the industry drive the hotel to an intelligent service era.

Therefore, in recent years, there has been a very hot industry in the Chinese market, that is, hotel vending machines. Since 2018, many companies have entered the market. In 2019, it entered a higher period of explosion. The capital of all parties rushed into a strong inflow Investors and hotels are actively fighting for cooperation . For example, at the beginning of this year, a hotel vending machine project of a certain technology company completed tens of millions of Pres. -A round of financing .

As a rule of thumb, vending machines are not new things. They can be said to be very old things. Their origins can even be traced back to the ancient Greek "Hiro Holy Water Meter" (interested can poke links to see coin-operated entertainment) The N eras , Japan, the United States, these developed countries have long been everywhere, China has been seen everywhere in the streets, but the general beverage machines are mostly.

According to the "2018 China Large Housing Industry Development Report", by the end of 2017, the total number of facilities in China's accommodation industry was 457,834, with a total room size of 16,770,394. Among them, there are 317,476 hotel-type accommodation facilities, with a total of 15,480,813 rooms, and the hotel vending machines are currently only about 5% developed on the market, and the space is quite huge.

For consumers, it is still a new thing, smart and convenient, do not have to go out of the hotel room, the phone sweeps the baby to hand, so that consumers are more willing to try. Such a small and interesting smart device has long occupied the interface of social platforms such as WeChat friends circle and vibrato.

In order to conduct a more objective analysis of the actual effect of the hotel vending machine, the reporter conducted a survey on 20 types of hotels that have settled in a brand vending machine.

According to various hotels, the presence of vending machines has improved the image and grade of traditional hotels to a certain extent, which helps to enhance the recognition of customers' brands.

The manager of a business hotel told reporters that vending machines helped the hotel solve the problem. In the past, hotels have been in a difficult position to manage and have to provide for paid items like sex. Had to go directly placed in the rooms allow guests access to, first of all unsightly, but also easy to wear and tear easily contaminated, but also increased the rounds, inventory costs, can not avoid disputes with the guests.

“And the vending machine perfectly solves all the problems. We have established a cooperative relationship with the operators of the equipment. The machines are provided free of charge to the hotel. The hotel can also get the distribution for each sales order. 

As for sales? The manager said: "Maybe because the equipment is not yet popular, consumer spending habits have not yet fully formed, and our store is slightly inferior. The average monthly sales of 30 devices is about 3000-5000. We are another one. in the center area of the store every month can reach 8000-10000. overall, still quite possible in the future when the vending machine as a shared treasure charging as popular, consumers should be more consumer choice in the room . "

So how does the hotel vending machine lay out the market? What is another mode of operation. The reporter found Zhang Zong, the agent operator of the brand vending machine in a provincial capital city in the south. Zhang Zong discussed and discussed the issue with reporters.

“Like our traditional industry, first of all, the rent of the venue is indispensable. The decoration is a big expense. The labor, water and electricity are hard costs, there is inventory, and there are various operating expenses. The collection of goods is the most painful thing. Now many The traditional industry has already bottomed out profits, but the profit margin of hotel vending machines selling family planning supplies is quite large, which can be said to be a profiteering industry. "

 Compared with the project, the project cooperates with the hotel, and the site, labor, inventory, and operating costs are not needed. Compared with other industries, entering a hotel is an exclusive business, there is no competition. No need to be supervised, the machine works 24 hours a day, data The background management automatically reminds the hotel to replenish the goods and automatically arrives on the same day. "

What is the market prospect of hotel vending machines?

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