How to play cross-border cooperation in children's parks
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Cooperate with other shops, institutions, etc., and promote it with the outside world. Every child park operator must know its importance. Then, how should operators solve this problem, how to pull sponsorship, and do the outdoor activities of children's paradise? Today, the art style has compiled an article about joint venture cooperation for your reference.

How to play cross-border cooperation in children's parks

1. What are the objects that children's parks can be associated with?

According to the characteristics of the children's park itself, other businesses in the vicinity can be developed in a targeted manner to achieve the effect of mutual promotion and sharing of customers. Therefore, the objects of outreach are very broad and can be roughly divided into the following three types:

1. The purpose of the nearby joint venture is to promote each other with the merchants and to take advantage of each other to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Such as food and beverage outlets, clothing stores, shoe stores, shopping malls, supermarkets near children's parks.

2. The purpose of the joint venture is to exchange or sponsor the valuable resources to help the products to promote mutual benefit. Such as health and health clubs, beauty agencies, news media, securities, banks, large pharmacies.

3. The industry joint venture has a common target consumer group. The purpose is to cooperate with each other, support each other, and reach a friendly relationship that complements each other and helps each other. Such as children's educational institutions, children's talent training institutions, early childhood education institutions, maternal and child supplies stores, kindergartens, children's clothing stores, toy gift shops.

In addition, the cooperation time according to the joint venture can be divided into short-term, medium-term and long-term cooperation. For example, holidays, public welfare activities for short-term cooperation, puzzle classes, lectures, etc. for medium-term cooperation, and joint activities with nearby shops are long-term cooperation.

How to play cross-border cooperation in children's parks

2. How do children's parks cooperate with businesses and kindergartens?

The children's park business staff needs to investigate in advance, collect the business information related to the children's park within 3 km and the business circle, and talk about the cooperation project one by one.

1. How to establish an outreach relationship with nearby stores?

First of all, the indoor children's park can establish cooperative relationships with many stores in the shopping center, such as children's clothing stores, children's toy stores, and some shopping malls with high popularity.

Cooperation means: As long as the customer holds the membership card of the partner unit, they can enjoy a 20% discount in their own children's playground. For the collaborators, giving customers a value-added service can also absorb some members. For indoor children's parks, although the income is slightly reduced, the source of customers is guaranteed, especially during non-holiday holidays. the cost of.

2. How to cooperate with the mall?

 Cooperating with shopping malls is a good way to cooperate to reduce risks and at the same time be tied to the interests of the mall, which is conducive to long-term operations. 

Deduction points, generally taking coastal cities as an example, the distribution of benefits should not exceed 3:7, depending on the situation. The deduction point does not need to pay the venue fee, and the water, electricity, labor, and property fees still need to be paid.

 The cashier this piece definitely needs a sound method to bind and both sides can communicate. Guaranteed rent + deduction point, the mall is responsible for the cashier, the checkout method is to deduct the income from the monthly shopping mall, and return the rest.

3. How to cooperate with kindergartens and early education institutions?

Taking "June 1" as an example, children's parks can invite children from kindergartens or talent training institutions to perform in the park. It is best to ask the parents of the children to accompany them (in order to attract parents to do cards, promote consumption, etc.). This kind of joint venture has two advantages for early education institutions. One is that children who participate in performances can enter the park for free to improve their enthusiasm. The second is that children's parks can assist kindergartens in enrolling students and help kindergartens expand students. For children's parks, it can increase the popularity of the park, expand the customer base, and attract more people to apply for membership cards.

How to play cross-border cooperation in children's parks

3. Children's Paradise and Kindergarten Specific Cooperation Program

1. Understand kindergarten needs

Cooperation with kindergartens must make kindergarten demand an effective entry point. Therefore, for kindergartens that intend to cooperate, whether they have a positive understanding or access to information through other channels, they must first understand the main problems and needs of the kindergarten at present. Start cooperation negotiations.

2. Launching a joint venture

To carry out joint activities with the kindergarten, the children's park can invite the children to a free experience in your park, or quote the kindergarten at the lowest charge. The kindergarten will charge separately according to the specific circumstances. If there is a school bus in the kindergarten, you can arrange the transportation by yourself. The children's park can also arrange a special shuttle bus.

3. Interactive promotion

Interacting with the kindergarten to discuss the interactive promotion, that is, placing the kindergarten's admission advertisement in a conspicuous position in the children's paradise, because the children's paradise source includes the newborn, so the kindergarten is invisibly recognized and forms a potential source of students; at the same time, it is conspicuous in the kindergarten. The location should also place advertisements for children's parks, promote each other and develop each other. 

4. Propaganda around the kindergarten community

In addition to doing work inside the kindergarten, it is also necessary to carry out propaganda for the surrounding areas of the kindergarten. Because these communities are concentrated households in the kindergarten school district, it is necessary to publicize in place and enter the community to let more residents around the kindergarten understand the children's playground.

5, send a single, set up at the entrance of the kindergarten

Communicate with the kindergarten, you can distribute the leaflet at the entrance of the kindergarten or carry out the booth promotion. This is a very effective way to get customers. However, it is necessary to carry out the promotion at a timely time.

6. Funding kindergarten activities

There are many holiday activities and parent-child activities in kindergartens. Children's parks can sponsor or organize kindergarten activities from time to time. This saves the time, energy and cost of kindergarten activities, and promotes the role of children's playgrounds. It is a great joy.

The children's park operators can start with some kindergartens with low profitability or familiarity. After adopting the above cooperation methods, they can help both parties to play an obvious publicity and marketing effect, thus playing a role model demonstration, which is more conducive to future kindergartens and other The organization conducts cooperative negotiations.

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