Play · Save · Exchange, the secret of the performance improvement of the lottery game machine !
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Game game professional venues are very vigilant against the decline in performance. When the performance declines, the hard cost of operation will not decline. For example, the hard cost of a venue is 80,000, the income is 100,000, the gross profit is 20,000, and the performance is 20%. The gross profit decreased by 4,000, but the income fell by 20,000, that is, the profit fell. Lack of gross profit will directly affect the ability of the venue to continue to operate.

At the present stage, the best way to improve performance is to operate a lottery machine. In the matter of improving the performance of the lottery machine, all the venues have been vigorously prosperous, because the world's martial arts will not break, the fastest to grab the biggest cake, some venues in the lottery machine operation strategy slightly optimized, the performance has increased by 10%~ 20%, this visible improvement is hard to resist. 

The "lottery game machine" was originally rooted in the United States. Most of the venue operators will allocate a certain percentage of lottery game consoles when they configure the site equipment. Their operations require support from various conditions:

1. First of all, we must pay attention to the importance of lottery equipment in the entertainment venue;

PS: In general, revenue as a lottery device can account for at least 30% of the total revenue.

2. Analysis of local (regional) customer group positioning. (It is a prerequisite for the targeted selection of equipment).

3. How to adjust the device probability and related parameters. (How to control the profitability of lottery equipment and mobilize guests to play enthusiasm)

4. The appeal and popularity of gifts. (Gifts are an integral part of lottery gaming operations)

5. Use effective and reasonable marketing methods to speculate.

The above is the "core issue" of operating lottery games. Investors must pay attention to the operation of the lottery game machine and the lottery game machine, and play the influence of the lottery game machine.

How to choose?

1. First of all, we must fully understand the consumption habits and consumption concepts of the consumer groups, implement a diversified management approach, and promote incentives for customer consumption and desire. Normal choice but partially innovative.

2. Lottery game machine number configuration: According to the characteristics of the lottery device, the configuration ratio of the lottery game machine generally accounts for 30±5% of the whole game. (This data is for reference only)

3. There are a lot of new equipments on the market, but there are quite a few similar ones. Therefore, the selection should be targeted and operated. We can divide the lottery equipment into children's, adult, parent-child, etc. according to different standards. The variety is complete and the styles are numerous, in order to give the guests more choices and more joy. such as:

1  strong playability type: such as tapping, shooting, pitching;

2 against competitive types: such as double hockey;

3 Education and music: such as vegetable gardens, crabs, etc.;

4 high coin type: such as coin pusher;

5 Zhongcai class: such as clown rolling ball, multicolored roulette, etc.;

How to place?

One of the characteristics of the lottery game machine is that it mainly wins in the live atmosphere. For example, a coin machine and a simulator can operate independently, and if there is only one lottery game machine, the result is not acceptable. Therefore, we should pay attention to the placement of the lottery game machine:

1. The location and layout of the equipment should be obvious and concentrated;

2. The noise is not large, and the line of sight is not penetrated, so as to avoid an unobstructed view, thereby reducing the speed at which the player walks;

3. Equipment with high ticketing rate is not concentrated, and the same style is not dispersed;

4. The hot machine and the cold door machine should be placed together. Do not put the hot machines together.

How to operate?

When some venues just added the lottery machine, the performance is also rapidly improved, because the new machine has a fresh sense, but this freshness is difficult to sustain. Because the most important driving force of the lottery machine is to make the ticketing a reward by redeeming the favorite gift, the user can achieve continuous improvement in the performance of the reward, which requires the following points in the operation of the lottery machine. :

Play, save, and exchange constitute the complete chain of lottery machine business, a complete lottery machine performance improvement program, must completely solve the above three problems.

1. Let the guests continue to play the lottery machine

The core business model of any playground is to sell entertainment experiences. However, the biggest problem with the lottery machine is that after the lottery, the gameplay is relatively monotonous and lacks entertainment experience. Therefore, the first step in improving the performance of the lottery machine is to increase the entertainment experience in the lottery machine.

1 live guide

By launching the game guide activity for the lottery machine on site, the game atmosphere can be quickly increased, and the new player can perceive the play essence of the lottery machine (receive the lottery and redeem the gift) to form a habit of continuous play.

Play · Save · Exchange, the secret of the performance improvement of the lottery game machine !

2 front-end marketing

Through the front-end marketing function of the system, the user's consumption impulse can be activated efficiently. For example, by stimulating users to play with currency and time-limited coins, the promotional efficiency of these front-end marketing functions is absolutely impossible for people.

To add another point, a professional venue like Molly Fantasy, the application rate of front-end marketing functions is very high, because these functions are very useful in the business process, but other venue systems on the market have no similar functions. Many people think that the venue system is the same. In fact, it is just the same as the cash register function. The function of really improving performance is completely different.

2. Let users develop the habit of depositing votes

Encouraging users to deposit tickets is the most important "routing" in the process of improving lottery machine performance. Users don't save tickets. Your gifts are no better. He can't exchange them. The lottery ticket has no value in his eyes. He won't play any more. .

However, letting the happily moving users move from the machine to the ticket machine to queue up for the ticket is seriously inconsistent with the user's humanity, because the queue is boring, and the deposit is boring.

If you can increase the incentives for deposits, this is not a problem. For example, in the game of depositing a ticket, the player not only can play the game during the ticket deposit process, but also has the opportunity to receive additional rewards, which successfully cultivates the habit of depositing the user.

Play · Save · Exchange, the secret of the performance improvement of the lottery game machine !

3. Gift redemption makes the lottery have a sense of value

After reading the previous introduction, everyone understands that if there is no gift for redemption, the user will not have any excitement when the lottery machine issues the ticket. Therefore, a good gift exchange system is the ultimate support for the entire lottery machine performance improvement plan. . A perfect gift redemption system must address the following three issues:

1 Real-time exchange of on-site exchange

2 massive personalized exchange

For large customers, gifts with limited types and slow updates are far from satisfactory.

Play · Save · Exchange, the secret of the performance improvement of the lottery game machine !

3 Convenience at any time

In addition to the on-site gift exchange cabinet and gift exchange machine, the ultimate service for some old players of lottery machines is to allow them to exchange on the mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

Ps: analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of electronic tickets and real tickets

1 The site should pay attention to the investigation before adding the electronic ticket system.

2 Electronic coins can save on site costs and effectively eliminate operational loopholes; in order to encourage customers to accept electronic coins, they can also set up e-tickets through preferential system settings.

3 The actual ticket costs for the venue, but for the guests to play the equipment can create an atmosphere that renders and drives the desire of other customers to play.

4 The use of electronic tickets can eliminate fake tickets and imitation tickets to a certain extent.

Daily maintenance and service

  The lottery game machine has a lot of problems with broken locks and details. We must be able to find out as soon as possible that the things on the spot can be solved on the spot as much as possible. We can't wait and see, and we hope that the superiors have a good arrangement. This is a kind of management. The performance of dereliction of duty. Therefore, you need to pay attention to equipment maintenance:

1. The performance and operation of the new aircraft are relatively unstable. At this stage, we need to arrange special personnel to take care of them and follow up and improve them in time.

2. Since the lottery game machine equipment is relatively easy to manufacture dust, and the dust will cause wear or corrosion of the mechanical parts, and cause electrical conduction to the circuit board, malfunction of the photoelectric sensor, etc., the internal hygiene of the lottery game machine is equivalent to the outside. important. There is a need for weekly regular cleaning and regular daily cleaning of the cleaning work inside the lottery equipment;

3. For the quality and timeliness of some components, timely detection needs to be replaced if it is found to affect the normal operation of the equipment. Fully understanding and mastering the performance of the equipment will help extend the vitality of the equipment and ensure the normal use rate of the equipment. For example, the wearer motor, the drive belt, the gear of the ticket dispenser, and the induction are all important parts of the inspection.

4. It is not possible to change the set points and the ticketing rate frequently. The winning chances should be improved by other methods and methods.

5. All equipment is issued with a method of tearing up the lottery ticket to protect the ticket dispenser from damage;

6. Keep an eye on the changes in the ticketing rate, which is related to the cost control of the entire lottery game console system.

7. When the employee adds the lottery ticket, check if the sensor hole of the lottery ticket is open (the sensor hole will not pass the ticket);

8. Whether the sticker of the lottery game machine is torn off (can not be left, it will stick to the ticket machine and the ticket dispenser);

9. The responsible person checks the addition of lottery tickets in the lottery game machine regularly and on time, and whether the added lottery ticket matches the registered lottery.

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