Is Animals Pet Park the 'darling' of the new era?
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Nowadays, people's lives are gradually invaded by various kinds of cute pets such as "Iridium Man" and "Wang Xingren". Many people have become "pet control". Are you one of them? I have to say that in recent years, the status of pets in the family has gradually increased. At home, they have their own cats, dogs and cats. When they are playing outside, they have to look at other cats and dogs. Nowadays, in addition to playing in the summer, go to the Animals Pet Paradise. Close to animals, people and animals interact harmoniously, and it has become one of the hottest topics in summer travel.

The open dividends of more than 40 years of reform and opening up have created the rapid growth of China's current economic volume and national strength, as well as the cultural travel market. With the income of Chinese residents entering or crossing the middle income threshold as a whole, the tourism market is booming. In 2018, the number of domestic tourists was 5.539 billion, an increase of 10.8% over the same period of the previous year. The total number of inbound and outbound tourists was 2.91. 100 million person-times, an increase of 7.8% year-on-year; the total tourism revenue for the year was 5.97 trillion yuan, an increase of 10.5%.

According to preliminary calculations, the comprehensive contribution of tourism to GDP in the whole year was 9.94 trillion yuan, accounting for 11.04% of the total GDP. Tourism directly employed 28.26 million people, and the direct and indirect employment of tourism was 79.91 million, accounting for 10.29% of the total employment population. Behind a string of huge consumer figures is the huge demand for tourism consumption. The Chinese economy, which continues to rise in urbanization rate, is driven by two factors, making Animals Pet Paradise a new trend in current household tourism consumption.

1, consumption upgrade needs

With the rise of China's economy and the acceleration of urbanization and the rapid development of the Internet, the upgrading of consumption, and the rise of pan-culture to drive the transition from leisure to leisure, the market performance of this point is becoming more and more obvious. With the upgrade of tourists/customers' needs, More and more people will turn to the leisure and relaxation of holidays, rather than the hard-working scenic spots; the new tourism and leisure products of the zoo will gradually become the main consumer of leisure and entertainment.

2, family experience business needs

The fast-growing urban micro-tourism – the weekend economy, features “eat and drink and buy”; it has a big difference from the traditional holiday economy, followed by the increasingly intense pan-entertainment of commercial real estate, through the entertainment means of adding indoor entertainment products, gathering guests diversion. There are few places on the market for family-style leisure play. Although the number of children in the shopping mall is increasing, the upgrade of the shopping mall format is in a constantly changing dynamic.

The proportion of children's business in shopping malls has increased significantly, from 9.161 million square meters in 2015 to 13.218 million square meters in 2017, but the product types are scarce and homogenized, and there is a serious lack of experience for all ages. Family products. Innovative format indoor and outdoor cute pet zoo has a clear theme scene, immersive interactive experience brings super-convergence diversion efficiency and property value-added effect to the shopping center.

Whether it is from domestic case analysis or domestic project appreciation. As the earliest domestic popping paradise in the country - Changlong Wildlife World and Bird Park (formerly known as Xiangjiang Wildlife and Crocodile Park), in the design experience and operation management, they all gave the current immersion experience to create an immersive experience. Sample reference. Whether it is the supply side or the consumption side of the market, the window of market opportunity for this format has been fully opened. The Animals Pet Zoo has a variety of family formats, such as children's entertainment, children's education, parent-child, and retail sales of peripheral products. It has become a clear project positioning indicator and a human flow engine with a stronger viscosity and radiation range. Each popular and popular paradise has a unique interior scene space. Among them, the ocean Animals pet, animal pet as the current mainstream of the market two types of Animal pet paradise.

The type of product that allows adults and children to participate in parent-child activities and acquire knowledge at the same time is actually very scarce. At the same time, coupled with the limited coverage of large theme parks such as Disney, Chimelong and Fontaine, most of them are not suitable for high-frequency consumer demand of family-friendly tourists. The market is in need of a number of characteristic parks with surrounding areas, medium-sized scales and prominent themes. In addition, among children aged 2-12, the zoo is the most common destination for consumption, while the city zoo and safari are not enough to meet the needs in terms of interaction, participation, entertainment, science, etc. Fill the effect and have a high copy threshold.

Five business models

Animal Pet Paradise is a combination of zoo and parent-child park. The normal business model of this model is to rely on tickets or projects to achieve profitability. Looking at the deep-rooted Animals Pet Paradise, in fact, these five business models can be imagined:

1. Do platform: charge platform joining fee

This model regards Animals Pet Paradise as a traffic gathering place, and promotes the influence and traffic of Animals Pet Paradise through tickets free and a large number of advertisements. At the same time, the operators of Animals Pet Paradise do not participate in the project management themselves, but instead use Animals Pet Paradise as a real estate, contracting each project out through investment promotion, doing branding and promotion, and obtaining the rental fee as the main method. In addition, Animals Pet Paradise can also become an advertising platform. After all, 90% of the fun and visits are parents and children. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the promotion of educational products.

2, play to adopt: adopting cute pet

This model is inspired by the adoption of fruit trees in the agricultural field and the adoption of farmland. Animals Pet adoption is to let parents and children participate in the management and operation of Animals Pet Paradise. Through the adoption of Animals Pet, strengthen the sticky and interactive nature of the park and its members, and realize the continuous profitability of Animals Pet Paradise.

3. Educational products: 2B education

In addition to the C-side parents and children, Animals Pet Paradise's products can also face the B-end education market. For example, travel agencies, kindergartens, etc. Animals Pet Paradise has developed a parent-child education product or knowledge suitable for travel agencies and kindergartens to attract travel agencies and kindergartens to achieve easy access to customers and increase the revenue of Animals Pet Paradise.

4. Catering: Food

After the crowds and popularity of Animals Pet Paradise, it is possible to cut into the food. For example, organic restaurants, cake shops, snacks, etc. In the food business, in addition to selling food and catering, Animals Pet Paradise can also learn from experience interactions, such as learning to make cakes and making snacks to attract parents and children.

5, cultural performances: selling culture

Animals Pet Paradise realizes the needs of parents and children for literary and artistic culture by opening up cultural performances. For example, the introduction of internationally renowned children's cultural programs or cultural performances. In this way, Animals Pet Paradise is not only close to animals and nature, but also can realize the viewing and interaction of literature and culture.

Blue ocean market

Animals Pet Paradise is the new parent-child education economy that has emerged in recent years. There are two major advantages:

1, no giant effect

At present, 90% of entrepreneurs in the field of Animals Pet Paradise are still in the stage of model exploration. There are not many differences in resources and models. The core is that there are no giants. Therefore, the prospect of Animals Pet Paradise is still very huge. After all, this field is still the blue ocean market.

2, the market is huge

The data shows that with the liberalization of the birth policy, the proportion of parent-child travel in the leisure travel around the city is increasing. By the end of 2018, the number of parent-child users in China is expected to reach 286 million. Therefore, Animals Pet Paradise will become a new economy in the field of leisure agriculture. Under the chase of market and capital, Animals Pet Paradise will become the darling of capital.

How to describe the internal scene, how to use the scene to create the theme atmosphere, how to highlight the characteristics of different scenes. The following is a typical case of the ocean's cute pets and animal cute pets, showing the mysterious aspects of the scene. Case Studies:

Wuhan Haichang Ocean Animals Pet Paradise

Keywords: IP

Wuhan Haichang Ocean Animals Pet Paradise covers an area of about 5,000 square meters. With the theme of jellyfish, it gathers 30 kinds of jellyfish in the global waters, more than 50 creative exhibition cylinders and over 10,000 jellyfish. “Mei Duo” is the theme IP image tailored by Haichang Group for the jellyfish. It is the soul of the whole Animals Pet Paradise.

Animals Pet Park

Jellyfish IP "Rose"

The design of the entrance area of Wuhan Haichang Ocean Animals Pet Paradise can be described as unique. Visitors will first be attracted to the guiding system of the theme IP style outside the park. The shape of “Cream” is lively and interesting, and it is very easy to attract tourists. In combination with the cute cartoon guide, a large number of people are introduced.

Entering the entrance hall of Wuhan Haichang Ocean Animals Pet Paradise, “Mei Duo” as the representative IP of the jellyfish, has formed a positive interaction with tourists, especially children through interactive LED screens. After a vivid introduction to "Cream", understand the internal division and characteristics of the venue. In the entrance hall, “Rose” has subtly enhanced the tourists’ perception of the new IP image through various forms of expression. The whole entrance part takes "Rose" as the core, and leads the beginning of Animals Pet Paradise. It introduces the background of Animals Pet Paradise and drives the rhythm of the whole paradise.

Wuhan ZOOLUNG Animals Pet Paradise

Keywords: adventure story

ZOOLUNG Animals Pet Paradise is located in the commercial complex of Wuhan City, and it is more and more tested in the interior scene design of the park. The entrance area of ZOOLUNG is very small and only has a ticket purchasing area. To create an adventure scene, ZOOLUNG designed an adventure brochure that was wrapped in a mysterious tropical rainforest style.

Visitors can get a commemorative badge after completing the expedition and collecting the stamps. The theme of the expedition task not only mobilized the enthusiasm of the tourists, but also increased the sense of participation. The adventure scene has naturally started from the entrance area.

Construction of transitional scenes

The internal scene of Animals Pet Paradise consists of “transitional scenes” and “key scenes”. On the one hand, the “transitional scene” is the foundation for the scene, and on the other hand, it echoes the key scenes and brings out the theme. As an indispensable part of the story line, there are multiple “transitional scenes” in the Animals Pet Paradise. Visitors are more easily integrated into the theme through the continuous enhancement of these scene spaces. Here is a brief analysis of the transitional scenarios of the two types of products: “Wuhan Haichang Ocean Animals Pet Paradise” and “Wuhan ZOOLUNG Animal Paradise”.

Wuhan Haichang Ocean Animals Pet Paradise

Keywords: exquisite, integrated

After the padding of the jellyfish IP interaction in the entrance area, the tourists accompanied by the introduction of the jellyfish theme, first through a triangular mirror mosaic space. The light and shadow channel makes visitors feel like they are inside the submarine passage. Passing through the light and shadow channel, I began a dream-seeking journey. From the pattern shells on the water to the savory shrimps and crabs in the shallow waters, they extend to the otters in the deep waters and the coral forests. These transitional scenes are shallow to deep and interlocking, allowing visitors to gradually integrate into the whole story.

The most exquisite transitional scene - the pattern shell area

After entering the entrance hall, you reached the pattern shell area. In this transitional scene, the combination of science and physical presentation, the details are very detailed. In the specimen display area, the types of shells on the wall are introduced, and the classification is detailed. The various shell entities are seamlessly connected with the wall introduction frame. With the introduction of texts, visitors can touch the real thing while improving the knowledge of the whole area. The delicate texture of each group of shells and the frame of the profile are in sharp contrast.

Even the subtleties of the area are handled very well, such as the nameplate in the operating room, the cartoon painting on the wall, and the introduction of the area with stamped perforations. The multimedia introduction embedded in the ceiling, the physical display in the bubble exhibition cylinder in the wall surface, and the introduction of the surface water ripples, all the elements are combined to form a rich shell theme scene space.

The most integrated transition scene - the marine area

In the Haichang Ocean Animals Pet Paradise in Wuhan, the most important area for interaction and integration is the non-ocean priming area. In the beginning of the eclipse area, a cartoon sculpture of the garden 放置 is placed, and the children can participate in it cheerfully and become one of them. The shape of the garden is very attractive to children. Similar marine sculpt sculptures, as well as corals and small fish. With the reflective effect of the white ceiling, it naturally evolved into a popular family photo session. Through these cute sculptures, visitors are integrated into the sea world, bringing them closer to the marine animals.

Animals Pet Park

Garden sculpture

In the other corner of the ocean, the touch pool is opened, which is composed of Taiwanese butterfly fish, blood parrot and other fish that are easy to touch and easy to touch. A circular touch pool has been added to the periphery of the cylindrical cylinder, and visitors can touch these cute marine elves with their own hands. The inner glass of the cylindrical cylinder has been frosted, and with the fantastic lighting effect, these small cute objects are also true and illusory, which also stimulates the interest of tourists to explore touch. Several other transitional scenes (Wonderful Shrimp Crab, Water Margin Show, Coral Forest) of Wuhan Ocean Animals Pet Paradise also have their own characteristics and outstanding themes. For the visitors to reach the key scenes before the early stage of the hot field, the scene inside the park is more vivid and rich.

Wuhan ZOOLUNG Animals Pet Paradise

Keywords: atmosphere, natural restoration

There are many transitional scenes in Wuhan ZOOLUNG, including: through the fog, sky garden, master jungle, bridge of life and fairyland. These transition spaces are interspersed in three thematic scenes (Animals Pet and Authentic Zone, Fantasy Forest Zone, Magic Water Zone). It plays a role of connecting the top and the bottom and deepening the layers.

Scene atmosphere creation - through the foggy area

After passing through the entrance area, it is through the fog transition scene. The overall atmosphere created here is mystery and adventure. The wooden colonnade, the rope railings, and the vivid old trees bring visitors from the bustling metropolis to the quaint, original ecological environment. In accordance with the atmosphere of the natural rainforest, the positioning of animal products across the foggy area is an amphibious reptile. While looking for small animals in the exhibition tank, the mind and body are gradually immersed in the rainforest environment over time. The layout of the vegetation in each exhibition tank is meticulous, and the multi-layered three-dimensional green plant perfectly connects the environment inside the exhibition cylinder with the atmosphere outside the exhibition cylinder.

In order to set off the atmosphere, in the lighting treatment, the line-mounted light source located in the ceiling part uses green fluorescent light to render the vegetation effect on the roof more realistic. In the middle of the space, the use of point light source warm light not only caters to the characteristics of the wooden structure, but also brings a warm and comfortable feeling to the tourists. In a single exhibition cylinder, the white fluorescent lamp with the highest color reduction is adopted, which not only makes it easier for reptiles to live, but also restores the ecological circle in a natural state.

Restore the natural scene - the sky garden area

After being rendered through the atmosphere of the story in the foggy area, the sky garden scene area is on the way. In this area, various scenes of natural origin and natural restoration are clearly felt. Sky Garden, as its name suggests, is mostly small animals that are good at climbing, such as snow squirrels, bengal leopard cats, and foxes. Due to the limited space in the area, in order to extend the natural scene, a large area of forest painting was done on the wall surface, and a tree-shaped packaging treatment was carried out on the outside of the spider exhibition cylinder. Enriched the scene hierarchy. The snow squirrels continue to walk through the aerial cage network erected in the volley. The cage network closely combines the tree model in the scene to deeply depict the theme scenes derived from nature.

For the slightly larger size of the Bengal leopard cat, the aerial cage area was also set up, with the vines hanging from the ceiling, recreating the figure of the forest elves in the air. The forest vista on the wall is matched with the solid branch of the tree, making the visitors closer to nature. As the name suggests, Sky Garden completely depicts multi-level, three-dimensional natural scenes in front of tourists. It is also the treatment of the ceiling, wall surface, cylinder packaging and other subtleties in the area, which enriches the characteristics of the transitional scene and lays a solid foundation for the key scenes.

Unique key scene

As the core of the internal scene of Animals Pet Paradise, the number of “key scenes” should not be excessive. Visitors can fully understand and understand the theme of Animals Pet Culture and Paradise in key scenes. Similarly, we analyze the key scenarios of the two types of products: “Wuhan Haichang Ocean Animals Pet Paradise” and “Wuhan ZOOLUNG Animal Paradise”.

Wuhan Haichang Ocean Animals Pet Paradise

Keywords: highlighting the theme

The protagonist of the Haichang Ocean Animals Pet Paradise in Wuhan, the IP of the jellyfish IP, is the soul of the whole paradise. The Ocean Animals Pet Paradise has specially opened up the entire first floor as a key scene space. Including: Jellyfish Lab, Symphony Jellyfish, Jellyfish Kaleidoscope, Rose Change.

When visitors enter the first floor of the exhibition area, they are in the world of jellyfish. All the elements are spread by jellyfish. A large-scale triangular mirror is interspersed with a jellyfish exhibition cylinder, reflecting the colorful jellyfish world. Jellyfish IP "Rose" is like a warm and hospitable little master, showing his best side completely. Both the wall and the top are rounded and shaped.

Animals Pet Park

Jellyfish Kaleidoscope

In the jellyfish kaleidoscope area, a circular columnar display cylinder displays a cute underwater elf. With the change of the color of the light in the cylinder, the characteristics of the jellyfish's elegant and agile are undoubted. It has become a favorite place for tourists to take pictures. For children, their favorite is to shuttle through these special-shaped exhibition cylinders. Curved, heart-shaped, children are playing here. Looking at the rose shape printed on the beach, the scene of playing at the beach as a child jumped out. It can be appreciated that the client of Wuhan Ocean Animals Pet Paradise is not only a child, but also takes care of the feelings of adults.

Wuhan ZOOLUNG Animals Pet Paradise

Keywords: product portfolio

The key scenes of ZOOLUNG are: Animals Pet and the authentic area, the fantasy forest area, and the magical water area. The main characters in these three regions are terrestrial animals, birds and aquariums. The main line of the story is “exploration” across the sea, land and air.

Animals Pet and Authentic Area: The most characteristic part of this scene area is the combination of adventure theme and product. For example, the tunnel adventure. The tunnel played by the children is combined with the marmot exhibition cylinder and the slide is introduced. The combination of authentic + exhibition cylinder + slides enhances the interaction between humans and animals and is more in line with the theme of adventure. The scales of the slides and tunnels are also designed according to the child's height ratio. Children can observe small animals from different angles. The cute pet adventure in the corner is more inclined to the combination of science and interaction. The types of animals involved are also abundant, including amphibians, turtles, and rodents. In the adventure story line, Animals Pet Adventure is more like a “survival class”, which allows visitors to get a glimpse of the living habits and living environment of various animals and help visitors to quickly embark on an adventure.

Animals Pet's adventures and authentic adventures, as an important scene of the story line, in a limited space, through the multi-product combination, the animal and the visitor's adhesion is increased, even in a small space, can bring a variety of experiences. The following two other important scenes: fantasy forests, magical waters, also have their own characteristics. ZOOLUNG's three themed scenes revolve around the main storyline of the adventure, creating a multi-product, interactive experience space.

The perfect ending of the story - the exit area scene

If the story is to have an ending, then the end must be unpredictable and leave long-lasting memories. After visiting the overall exhibition space of Animals Pet Paradise, it is necessary to make visitors take a break in the exit area and recall the experience. The scene of the exit area is particularly important.

Wuhan Haichang Ocean Animals Pet Paradise

Keywords: rich

The closing of Wuhan Haichang Ocean Animals Pet Paradise ended with the Rose House. The Rose House is a unique souvenir shop with themed IP features. The display content is very rich. Haichang independently develops the IP “Rose” products that are launched into the global market, including: hats, backpacks, watches, umbrellas, etc. Combined with the souvenir sales area, it is a light dining area. There are a wealth of food here, as well as a variety of IP picture books for children. At the same time as the tourists are small, they will relive the whole tour and talk about the experience, which provides a good place for interaction between tourists.

Wuhan ZOOLUNG Animals Pet Paradise

Keywords: intimate

ZOOLUNG's export area combines catering with a set of gravity-free equipment. Very intimate for family tourists. At the same time as eating, the child has a playable area, which relieves a lot of stress for the family. The dining area continues with a natural, simple decor, with a warm wood veneer table and chairs under the overhead gallery of white birch finishes. On one side of the gravity-free zone, there is a mini stage where you can take photos and perform interactive performances from time to time. Next to the stage, in order to facilitate the infants and young children of the younger age, the mother and the baby room are specially set up, which fully reflects the designer's intention to care for the family. The overall atmosphere of the ZOOLUNG exit area was relaxed, cozy and intimate, ending the end of the entire adventure story.

With the increase of the number of two-child families, the products of the cultivating paradise have sprung up more and more in the country. In addition to emerging products such as marine cute pets and animal cute pets, the market is bound to launch other types of cute pet theme parks. As a family-oriented, parent-child group, the depiction of internal scenes becomes more and more important. Only the cute pet paradise with the soul can truly live alone, and it can really stand the test of time, and the longer it is. Finally, to sum up, it is inevitable that Animals Pet Paradise will become a new economy, but there is no differentiation in this industry. In the future, competition requires a replicable business model and scale effect.

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