The advantage of the core competitiveness of the amusement park!
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First, hot demand

The children's play industry, which is rapidly expanding under the second-child policy, is constantly evolving around the needs of parents. The children's play industry is constantly changing itself to close the tastes of parents. The phenomenon of homogenization has become more and more serious, and gradually formed a In the market cycle, this park has the same content as the opposite home park. The cost-effectiveness of consumption is the same, and the promotion method is the same. The park gradually lost its own light, so even if it is very hard to operate, the benefits are not effective.

Some people may ask, I want to do the same as the modern parent and child care and the love of the baby, but also need to create a "personalized" paradise, what should I do?

Here, we need to pay attention to this layering understanding:

1. First of all, the business objectives of your park, the operation process of the park, and the service core of the park cannot be easily changed. These are the most guiding directions for core values and development;

2, but cater to the market trend, for example, what Bao Baobao mother likes most recently, the children play the most, these forms of performance we can learn and use.

The management system is the walking path at the B-end level, and the hot demand is the walking path at the C-end level. The two are related to each other and promote the development of core competitiveness. Under the development of such path planning, it constitutes the core competitiveness that is difficult to copy and emulate between other paradise competitors, and reduces the competition threat of peers while improving itself.

After talking about those brain-burning ideas, let's talk about the actual operation method, and give you some tips that you can use.

Sharing a few park-themed activities that are popular with parents, as a campaign to create new trends.

Case 1: "¥9.9 super cost-effective sand pool play 嗨 嗨 !!"    

Case 2: "Family music - play in the summer to catch the doll fight!"

Case 3: "The journey of the universe of little genius paintings!"

Case 4: "Super Big Doll Award for Children's Day Gifts!"

Case 5: "Little Flea Market - My Small Supermarket!"

Case 6: "The super baby in the summer wave pool is very good!"

Second, the management core

Regarding the rapid success of the core competitiveness of the park, the above is from the "hot demand" to give you a quick start in the direction of science. However, the hot demand can be obtained from the outside, but the “management system” requires us to continuously iterate the intrinsic ability. The part of the internal management capability of the “management system” will be given from “management core” to “operational ideas”. Everyone shares some practical methods that can be directly applied to help you strengthen the internal "management system."

For an entity park, the operation of the park is centered on profit, and the business purpose of the park is the realization of sales and gross profit. Here, you must have the five modules of on-site management capabilities, which is the "management core" of the park.

Including: paradise manpower matching ability, park space management ability, paradise process management and control ability, paradise service improvement ability, and paradise goods control ability.

1. Ability of manpower ratio

1 Number of people, manpower, how many people are enough?

2 According to the area of square meters and the passenger flow of the time to formulate the number of people, how many people should be properly prepared?

3 Are our current staff preparations overwritten?

Suggested method:

1 The number of holiday people increases, and the time of each shift is appropriately extended in combination with sales and passenger flow;

2 Arrange the staff on behalf of the clerk;

3 The store manager is in the middle of the class, which is convenient for mastering the business conditions and personnel of the whole day.

2. Paradise space management ability

1 Paradise merchandise display

The display is variability, and the product can be replaced at any time according to time, weather, and inventory.

2 Paradise line design

The main channel, the sub-channel, and the customer movement line.

3 paradise lighting atmosphere

According to the time, the weather, the holiday changes the lighting of the atmosphere, each cell switch is as detailed as possible, flexible matching, to avoid unnecessary waste.

4 Paradise Music Atmosphere

Children's paradise most needs the deployment of the atmosphere and what theme music is played at different times. Let the whole scene come alive.

5 Paradise environment cleaning

Environmental space finishing, wave wave pool, sand pool and other gathering areas, frequency of cleaning, as well as storefront thresholds, window display, customer rest area and other space cleaning.

The advantage of the core competitiveness of the amusement park!

The advantage of the core competitiveness of the amusement park!

Popular Pigs and Pigs Paradise

3. Paradise process management capability

1 Parent-child guide group (friendly greeting + care for customers + sincerity promotion);

2 Performance Promotion Group (consumer recommendation + distribution combination);

3 member maintenance group (cash check service + customer maintenance);

4 Management and Management Team (return visit diagnosis + service promotion).

4. Paradise service improvement ability

1 Employee morale (emotion)

Workflow scheduling, design of work steps, and response to unexpected situations.

2 work rhythm

On-site command, master the rhythm, the fast is faster, the slower and slower, flexible scheduling.

3 case training, scene education

Train the employees to solve problems in the case of real on-the-job examples, and summarize lessons to improve service capabilities.

5. Paradise product control ability

1 bestseller

Replenish stocks, timely inventory, and inventory;

Exhibition theme, main product display, matching display focus.

2 main push products

Strengthen shopping guides - strengthen sales promotion and main sales promotion;

Key display - the position of the eye, establish a clear sense of theme;

Promotion and cooperation - for the main push products to do promotional activities.

3 Safety stock

Weekly physical inventory - to guarantee the number of sales this week;

The number of accounts is consistent - quality management and maintenance, defects, defect check.

4 Activity rotation

Seasonal activities, periodic activities;

Scene shift transformation, goods matching;

Update the theme and form an activity loop.

Third, the operation ideas

Entity park management requires an overall management marketing operation from the inside out. In the previous chapter, we gave a comprehensive explanation of the “management core”, including the detailed implementation of the five modules. Next, we continue to analyze some of the effective operations of the “operational ideas” in the marketing direction, and continue to refine from the three major modules.

1. Clarify the market management ideas and directions of the park

1The operation of the park needs to be established to be stronger and stronger than to be big and rough;

2 Park operation adjustment and optimization, decisively remove inferior projects and develop a strong market;

3 Have a healthy competitive awareness and improve the competition and response speed of the park;

4 Strengthen the management of the park, pay attention to the details, and pay attention to the execution of the site.

2. Establish the overall operation idea of the park

1 The starting point of the overall operation is the layout and positioning of the park;

2 The basis of the overall operation is the project planning of the park;

3 The focus of the overall operation is the image project of the park;

4 The core of the overall operation is the theme and characteristics of the park promotion;

5 The key to overall operation is the management and maintenance of Paradise customers;

6 The overall operation guarantee is the paradise guide and security management.

3, Paradise precision marketing target responsibility to people

1 paradise sales mission to monthly, weekly, daily;

2 frequency analysis of each project of the park;

Each of the 3 paradise tasks of the park follows the specific executor.

Finally, we will give you a detailed idea of the overall operation management:

1. Reorganize the overall project layout and positioning of different locations;

2. Determine the project plan for each park and establish adjustment and improvement goals;

3. Conduct a comprehensive improvement on all display images of the paradise commodity area, gift machine, souvenir display cabinet, POP display, window display, etc., and clarify the weekly improvement mechanism;

4. Establish a standardized paradise theme package promotion promotion implementation plan to strengthen the store staff's activity layout effect and execution effect;

5, clear VIP member expansion plan, the task to people;

6. Establish a park incentive mechanism and determine the training needs and plans with the supervisor;

7. Establish a plan and work target for the park.

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