How to avoid misunderstandings in the management of children's playground members?
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2019-07-10 13:59:11
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In the market economy, merchants often introduce our common membership system to attract customers and increase their consumption viscosity. Whether it is Shangchao, beauty salon, or the theme parks, children's paradise, naughty castle and other playgrounds we want to analyze, membership system is the marketing means for merchants to survive, but because children's play is still in the early stage of development, the membership system is not mature. Member management has become a self-hypnosis of merchants, and the true value of members has not been tapped.

How to avoid misunderstandings in the management of children's playground members?

First, several misunderstandings about member management

Based on the current situation, there are many problems in the management of many children's park merchants, such as:

1. Excessive attention to the development of new members, lack of maintenance services for old members, and insensitivity to the loss of old members.

2. The customer is not segmented, the communication frequency of the member is too high, the communication purpose is too direct, causing harassment and resentment, the communication channel is single, and the communication habits of the customer are not understood.

3. The collection of member information is not comprehensive enough. It lacks management for each life cycle of customers, and it is impossible to activate the secondary consumption of members through information analysis and effective activity programs.

4. Lack of long-term awareness of member management, simply understanding the membership system as a promotional offer, ignoring the other needs of members and lowering the level of consumption of members.

How to avoid misunderstandings in the management of children's playground members?

Second, there are reasons for membership management issues

There is no management system suitable for the actual situation of the site according to the scale of the venue, the format of the business, and the surrounding consumption level, and even the commercial super management system used by some venues forms an extensive membership management.

The value of the membership system is not sufficiently valued. The former can be upgraded through technical means, and can be solved by the site management system subdivided by the big data customer group. The latter is a thinking problem, which requires the merchant to transform thinking into the execution force.

Third, how should member management be done?

1. Collect member data and need to master customer information

Under normal circumstances, the children's park will promote the event on the opening day or the holiday, attract new members to the membership card through the preferential activities, and enter the basic information of the customer. But we should not overly direct when investigating some information, such as monthly income, we can set several income intervals for customers to choose, rather than let customers directly write the amount. At the same time, we can also collect the customer's mailing address by sending the member gifts later, collect the micro-signal through WeChat, and collect the date of birth by brushing the customer's ID card when the card is used.

How to avoid misunderstandings in the management of children's playground members?

2. Deal with the relationship between customers and children's playgrounds

In the concept of many children's park franchise operators, customer relationship management refers only to the efforts of children's parks to improve their relationship with customers and obtain greater profits. The direct result of this misunderstanding is to make customer relationship management too narrow, and to collect and manage customer information files as the core of customer management.

In fact, the relationship management between children's playgrounds and customers is only a small part of membership management. Customer relationship management is the overall strategic arrangement for the operation of children's parks. It is not only the simple relationship between children's parks and customers, but also the starting point and direction of the activities of children's parks. The starting point is the response to the customer's needs, and the end point is the realization of the customer's needs and customer service. It is best for children's park staff to remember the name of the member. It sounds so difficult. After all, there is so many member customers in a children's playground, but it is very serious that this is the best way for children's paradise to get closer and resident customers. .

3, employees must have professional knowledge to advise customers

Children's park staff need to have certain expertise in product and baby care. When customers have doubts and problems, they want to hear professional answers, not blind sales or “don't know”, because consultancy sales become an important tool to build customer trust and build long-term customer relationships.

How to avoid misunderstandings in the management of children's playground members?

4. Classified management of customers

The importance of the customer is far greater than all other factors for the children's paradise. Therefore, children's playgrounds should be concerned with customers and customers. The core of membership management is the customer. Therefore, in order to ensure the efficient operation of the children's park management, the children's park should first define the customer standard, that is, who is the general customer, who is the right customer, who is the key customer, and the customer satisfaction as the goal, and then How to establish relationships with them, and to provide appropriate services in a targeted manner, so that the children's paradise value goals are coordinated with the customer value goals.

Therefore, we need to use the site management system of the big data customer segment to deeply analyze the members to meet the increasingly stringent consumer needs of different customers. When we attach importance to member management and translate it into implementation, we must start with member data collection. Under normal circumstances, the venue will do activities promotion on holidays, attract new members to register through the preferential content, and enter the basic information of the customer, and some venues will also re-record and update the customer information in the later stage.

However, there are many details to be aware of when investigating member information. Psychology proves that people need to have enough privacy to get along well with each other, not to mention that you are just a stranger to the customer. Therefore, we should not overly direct the investigation of some information, such as collecting member mobile phone numbers, many customers will fill in the number, the venue can be added to the playground WIFI service by login registration or sending the registration code to confirm the real customer number.

When we collect membership data, we must clean the abnormal data in the management system and ensure the data quality through program screening. Only in this way, the system's member data analysis and the results presented by various reports are of guiding value.

The exploration of member value is a cyclical and closed-loop promotion process. First, it needs to collect effective data, analyze it through the system of data management, form a visual report to provide decision support for managers, and improve the timeliness and pertinence of decision-making. The decision meets the needs of the members and will reverse the members' secondary consumption and maintain a stable consumption cycle. Therefore, we only have to do these basic things from the management system level, and the utilization value of the member data can be truly played.

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