The story of the amusementist: there is no shortcut to the road to success, every step has footprints
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The game entertainment industry has always had a unique charm. Over the years, it has deeply attracted people, and has been immersed in it. Some people say that this is a sunrise industry; others say that this is a challenging industry, and the state's policies are tight and tight, which makes many people worry about it while they yearn for it. Most of those who wait and see are those who dare to do it, and those who have the mind and the courage have long opened up their own world in the game entertainment industry with the wisdom and courage of Superman.


Youyifeng wants to share two little stories with you.

It belongs to our own story of the amusementist.

Story 1: Every time you pay, you will end up with gains.

The protagonist of the first story is Zhao Dong. Three years ago, Zhao Dong was a part-time working younger brother. Today, he is already a director of a video game city in Chaoyang District, and is responsible for the operation and management of the three venues.

Zhao Dong was born in the countryside, secondary school education, whether it is from birth, learning or knowledge, he has no advantage compared with other people, to say that he has any advantages, that is his serious and hard work. During the operation of the venue, he was the first to go and the last one every day. Although he was just a miscellaneous at the beginning, every time he was called by a guest, he would smile and smile and actively solve various problems for the guests.

The story of the amusementist: there is no shortcut to the road to success, every step has footprints

Soon, Zhao Dong turned positive. After becoming a formal staff member, Zhao Dong’s work worked harder. He was very concerned about all the things on the venue, whether it was his scope of responsibility or not, wherever he was needed. He will not shirk it. If there is a need, he will take the initiative to go forward; if there is a problem with the machine, he will take the initiative to contact the maintenance master and accompany him all the time; usually there will be changes in the passenger flow, he will discuss the reason with the manager... Gradually, Zhao Dong is coming The more the manager was appreciative, the manager and the boss would bring him every time. Soon after, Zhao Dong was appointed as a manager without accident.

The venue is located on the 4th floor of a comprehensive commercial building. Next to the cinema, it is usually popular. After Zhao Dong took over the venue, he was more conscientious. In addition to completing his daily work, he walked back and forth in the game hall every day. Over time, he noticed a The details that others don't care about - the money. The withdrawal of coins is not unfamiliar to all the operators who open the venue, because we often hear the sound of slap-up game coins in the playground, especially when electronic payment has not been popularized in the early years.

The story of the amusementist: there is no shortcut to the road to success, every step has footprints

Zhao Dong found that when the venue is retreating, there will be more retreats from time to time. This seems to be a small problem that is irrelevant, but if you have more traffic, the number of coins that are refunded more than one day is as high as four digits. If it is a month, a year, what will it be? Although a site from the site to the opening of the business is also two months, but its life cycle is generally 5-7 years, not to know, it is scared.

Therefore, Zhao Dong immediately found a familiar mechanic, and the master told him that the problem lies in the motor in the coin retreat. The passenger flow in the venue is large, and the machine is running continuously for a long time. The motor is prone to problems and appears. The situation of multiple refunds or card currency is very common, which is almost a problem that every venue will encounter.

Is there a solution to this problem? The master said, yes, change the motor.

Zhao Dong was shocked again. It was such a simple solution. Why didn't anyone do it? A cheap motor seems to save costs, but it will inflict serious economic losses on the site. A good motor may have a certain cost in the initial purchase of the machine, but it can help in the long run. The venue recovered tens of thousands of losses. Is there really someone who doesn't count this account?

After Zhao Dong told his boss about his findings and ideas, the boss began to realize the seriousness of the problem and let him handle it completely. Therefore, Zhao Dong personally came to Panyu, Guangdong, the largest production base of game machines in the country. After the inspection, he selected the motor of Huasheng Technology and quickly updated the motors of all the machines on the site. In the end, it successfully helped the site to solve the problem in the process of withdrawing coins.

The story of the amusementist: there is no shortcut to the road to success, every step has footprints

In this matter, Zhao Dong not only reduced the loss of the venue, but also better demonstrated his ability to work. In the venue management work since then, the boss has become more and more important to him. Finally, the three large ones under the handle The venue was handed over to him for operation.

Story 2: Details determine success or failure

If the game entertainment industry is a challenging industry, then Wu Xu is one of the many challengers in this industry. He was originally a broad drifter. He worked as a programmer in a game company in Guangzhou. Although the company is small in scale, the welfare benefits are still ok, and the after-tax wages can be more than 10,000.

Therefore, for his best colleague Xiao Li, resigned to drum up a game hall, Wu Xu was unable to understand at first.

As a result, less than a year later, my colleague Xiao Li’s game hall not only recovered all the costs, but the income was far beyond the previous dead salary, which made Wu Xu feel at heart. Although the salary of the programmer is not low, but the days are really hard, the life mode of 996 makes him have no time to play with a friend. It is better to open a game hall and see that others are now a boss, and the income is not high. Beautiful?

The story of the amusementist: there is no shortcut to the road to success, every step has footprints

In the face of Wu Xu, a former colleague, Xiao Li did not have any embarrassment. He told him about his experience and experience in opening the venue. Wu Xuyue wanted to move more and more, so he bit his teeth and took out the savings of 160,000 yuan for two years. He purchased a batch of machines in Panyu, Guangzhou, resigned and returned to his hometown to rent a 400-pyeong venue to open a small game hall. Of course, his ideas are the same as most people. In the early stage of business, they can save money. In his opinion, machines, parts, lottery tickets, etc. are similar. Buying cheaper ones can reduce risks.

In this way, Wu Xu's venue was in full swing, and at the beginning of the business, as Xiao Li said, the popularity gathered very quickly. However, the good times did not last long. After a period of time, Wu Xu found that the passenger traffic not only could not rise, but also less every day. Wu Xu was anxious to get angry. After all, the water, electricity, and rents that need to be spent every day are all money. He thinks that his brain hurts. He just can't figure it out. I don't know what went wrong. In desperation, he found Xiao Li. After telling his own problems, Xiao Li was also a derogatory person, helping him to find problems together. After all, he was pulling the waters of Wu Xu, and Xiao Li felt that he had a responsibility. After thinking for a long time, Xiao Li tried to ask: "Look, is your machine a regular card?"

The story of the amusementist: there is no shortcut to the road to success, every step has footprints

Wu Xu heard a word, he did not think about this problem, machine card currency is a common thing, but he never cares about these small details, but never thought about it, this is the reason for his venue cold. It turns out that there are several game halls near Wu Xu's venue. The competition itself is big. If the hardware facilities can't keep up, the experience can't reach the players' needs, and it is easy to be eliminated. Players come to the venue to experience the amusement equipment. When they are happy, if they are interrupted because of machine failure, it will be very disappointing. The most direct result is the loss of customers. Wu Xu’s venue customers are lost.

The story of the amusementist: there is no shortcut to the road to success, every step has footprints

After the death of the sheep, Wu Xu immediately asked Xiao Li how to solve, Xiao Li told him that the problem of the card currency, a coin-return motor can be solved. And the Huaying motor recommended for him, although the price is several times more expensive than the motor bought by Wu Xu, but Wu Xu has seen the world after all, understand the truth of a penny, and recall the cold and clear place, it will be heartily Changed the motors of all the machines. Sure enough, there was no problem with the card currency, and with Wu Xu’s intention to operate, his site traffic gradually increased.

What moving story do you have?

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