Talking about the Central Nervous of Playground: Charging System (2)
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2019-07-05 17:05:48
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The role of the system is related to the function of the system. The role of the system we are going to talk about today refers to the role of the normal system function, that is, the management role that can be played in the operation and management of the site, mainly There are four aspects:

1. Data accumulation;

2. Operation track query;

3. Analysis of membership card data;

4. Terminal data analysis.

Let's first talk about the role of data accumulation. The operation of the charging system will generate a lot of data, and the data can provide us with a lot of useful information, which is a positive effect. The individual data in the system is functional, and the superimposed summary of the data is operational, generally in weekly and monthly units, such as monthly sales, monthly sales packages, total monthly sales, total number of monthly lottery tickets, and so on. It is worth noting that many venue operators do not often view the data, or just look at the turnover, most of which is to let the data lie on the computer, and the store's operations must be based on data.

Talking about the Central Nervous of Playground: Charging System (2)

We can use examples to illustrate the importance of data. For example, after half a store operation, how to do it in terms of activities, we must rely on data to make judgments. Because you have to know clearly that your store is not enough members, or not enough. Because these two aspects are different for the storefront activities: if the membership is different, the operator should lower the membership entry threshold, do more popular activities, increase the number of stores; if the recharge amount is not enough, the operator may have to do It is a package adjustment and increase sales promotion. Therefore, store activities can refer to others, but can not be copied, according to the actual situation of their store to make decisions, then the decision is based on the data provided by the system. In addition, when we do system data analysis, we must also consider the timeliness of the data, and try to use the data of the off-season as the basis, because the concentrated consumption of holidays can not accurately reflect the real operation of the storefront, it is also the reason, the data of the playground There is no ring and year-on-year (China's holidays are based on lunar calendar).

The query of the operation track is another means for the system to manage the site. The system sets the authority to the operator, which indicates that each action will leave traces in the system. We can monitor and manage the storefront by querying these trajectories. So what operational trajectories do we usually supervise? Mainly have authorized operation track, cashier sales trajectory, redemption operation trajectory, library tube storage trajectory, store manager inventory trajectory, machine repair card access trajectory, hospitality card access trajectory, membership card pre-storage consumption trajectory, job number registration trajectory , handover trajectory and device terminal trajectory, etc. Most of the above operation trajectories are reviewed and checked by the store, thus realizing the management of the store manager, store assistant and machine repair. Further improve the standardization of store operations and form a benign management.

The analysis of membership card data is a big difficulty for many storefronts. It is also because the functions of the system are different, and the use of storefronts is different. Let me introduce some data about the membership card and how to use it. The data analysis of the membership card mainly has three functions: First, determine the frequency of consumption, that is, distinguish between zombie cards (charged cards not used), snail cards (charged cards with slow consumption), To determine the number of active members. So how do you check the consumption trends of these cards, because not all systems support this kind of query function, if you don't do anything, you can take a sample survey method, such as three times, each time 20 members, respectively, to check his consumption record. In this way, the probability can be counted. Secondly, the membership level is determined, and the member level maintenance is performed according to the total amount of member consumption. A playground is open to a certain extent. Generally speaking, member maintenance is required for half a year. For example, customers with a spending of 5,000 yuan or more can basically be identified as a large customer in your store. The old members will pay back, formulate the gold membership system, use the system to identify the membership level, and the gold members can have special packages, 10% discount gifts and other preferential measures; third, check the machine settings, we pass the member's consumption data Often you can correct your own machine data, you can clearly see the customer's recharge amount and the lottery's storage exchange status through the membership card information of some senior members, so as to calculate the rationality of the device settings of the site machine, the membership card The single-currency ticketing rate should always be lower than the average ticketing rate in the venue. If it is high, the one is the machine setting problem.Terminal data analysis, the system's terminal data includes: coin machine data, ticket machine data, machine card header, single-value deduction machine and self-service machine. So what information can these data provide us? For example, the coin machine can provide the total data of the virtual currency and the physical currency sold on a weekly or monthly basis; the data of the machine card header can provide us with the degree of preference of the customer to the machine, the degree of use, and make a strong force for the adjustment and operation of the machine. Data support; and terminal data is the most accurate data, and the final data.

In summary, the data generated on the system will provide a lot of reference for our store operations, so the store operators should make good use of the data, and the premise of using the data is to ensure the accuracy of the data and Timeliness, don't be misled, such as holiday data is often not a standard for daily operations. There are so many about the role of the system.

In the next issue, we will analyze the current situation of the system in the venue, so stay tuned!

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