How to do marketing in a store? Here are a few tips to learn
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2019-07-08 16:08:40
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Many people dream of opening a store as a boss, but opening a store is not as simple as you think. In addition to the early calculation of costs, post-marketing operations are also very important. After all, there are activities to bring more passengers, so that you can make money. If you really open a store, then you need to think about where the store users are, how to attract customers, what the consumer's preferences are, and so on. If you don't understand these things, then your store can only close.

Today, I will share with you how to open a store. After 5 minutes you can learn:

1. How do the members of the membership mechanism retain users?

2. How to do featured marketing when opening a store?

3. What are the marketing methods at the psychological level?

1. How do the members of the membership mechanism retain users?

Nowadays, the common membership mechanism of the store is to pay membership fees and enjoy discounts on products. However, when the user hears the member, he will refuse it because the user feels that you are earning the membership fee. Even if the card is recharged, the user will hesitate because the recharge discount is basically the same when the amount is relatively large. In the case of consumption will not be very large.

In fact, you can choose the compromise method - take a price between the membership fee and the charge card fee, such as recharge five or six hundred. You can tell the customer that after recharging, the consumption can be deducted by a certain amount. This method will make the user feel that you are not earning his membership fee, nor is it worth the recharge of thousands. Moreover, it can be stipulated that the consumption can be used after a certain amount of consumption, which is equivalent to increasing the per capita customer price and deeply binding the user.

However, shops can't just use this method. They can also turn the membership mechanism and the traditional charging mechanism into packages. Calculate the proportion of discounts and ensure the cost remains the same. Those who basically choose this package will have more. Like a barber shop, a nail shop, etc., you can use this card to bind users.

In addition to shops, micro-business can also use this method, and the amount can be larger, such as 10,000 to send beauty equipment, thousands of equivalent skin care products, less than 1000 can send equivalent lipstick. Then, the amount of the recharge can be deducted after a certain amount of consumption, so that the user can be bound for a long time, because the price of the gift and the recharge amount are similar. Users have both gifts and deductions, and even in order to deduct a friend to find a single, there is naturally sales.

If your product's profit margin is large enough, you can even send users a gift or service that exceeds the recharge amount, and then use the full reduction mechanism to bind the user, whether it is to acquire new users or stimulate repurchase, it is more suitable.

2. How to do featured marketing when opening a store?

Everyone knows that the characteristics of the online store are “a lot of people waiting in line”, but if you are not a red store, how can you let everyone know their store?

In addition to daily flyers and discounts, you can also feature marketing based on the characteristics of your store to attract customers.

For example, a fresh supermarket in Guangzhou, their slogan is "timed discount, do not sell overnight meat." Starting at 7:00 pm, you will get a 10% discount every half hour, so you will get a free gift at 11:30 in the evening, so you will lose money. But the actual situation, basically sold out at 8:30 in the evening. Because they sell light every day, the surrounding residents think that their meat is the freshest, the reputation is getting bigger and bigger, and more and more people are buying. Basically, Grandpa and Aunt will go around in the evening to see if there are any discounted dishes.

Such a fresh sign is played out, even if the price is more expensive, most people can accept it, after all, at night, discounts, so sales and customer price are raised. Therefore, if you open a store, you must know what the characteristics of the store are, and plan the corresponding marketing activities according to the characteristics.

3. What are the marketing methods at the psychological level?

Psychological level marketing refers to the use of psychological strategies to help stimulate consumer psychology, stimulate their purchase behavior, and ultimately increase sales reach and increase sales.

How to do marketing in a store? Here are a few tips to learn

Love charity event

First, love charity

For example, if a supermarket publicizes in the name of public welfare, as long as the purchase is over 40, the waiter can invest a dollar in the donation box to finance the school of hope. The pet shop and the customer sign an agreement to never abandon the small animal, and adopt the pet for free. And the pet shop also provides free rations for a week.

How to do marketing in a store? Here are a few tips to learn

Bait effect

Second, the bait effect

For example, McDonald's "value package" generally includes burgers, chips and cola, the price is not much more expensive than a single burger. At this point, the fast food restaurant will certainly display the price of the à la carte burger, so that consumers feel that the French fries and cola are almost white. This single-point burger is actually a “bait” for fast food restaurants, in order to make the package look extra cost-effective.

This follows what we call the “bait effect”, which means that when people face two difficult options, adding a new option, that is, bait, will make the original option more attractive, similar to Mobile phone packages, medical check-up packages, etc.

How to do marketing in a store? Here are a few tips to learn

Herd effect

Third, the herd effect

For example, when dining in a restaurant, if you take a photo of a beautiful dish and an elegant environment and send it to a circle of friends, the store may reward you with a dessert; if you are playing a five-star rating, the store may give you some discounts. These behaviors are essentially inducing users to share and use consumer social relationships for word-of-mouth communication.

When people see that their friends are using a certain brand, they will inevitably want to try it. Naturally, the “herd effect” occurs. The “herd effect” is also called “the herd effect”. It refers to the phenomenon that the individual's ideas and behaviors are affected by the pressure of the group, thus producing consistent behavior with the majority.

Fourth, the anchor effect

For example, Haagen-Dazs is just an ordinary ice cream on the supermarket shelves in foreign countries. After entering China, it is mainly sold at high prices in specialty stores. Luxury decoration, beautiful environment, coupled with the slogan "Love her, ask her to eat Haagen-Dazs", Haagen-Dazs has a high-end, luxury "anchor" in the hearts of Chinese consumers.

This is a practical "psychological anchoring" method, which means that the first impression or the first information is more likely to dominate people's judgment, just like the anchor that sinks into the sea, it will fix the idea somewhere.

Finally, remind you that whether you are engaged in promotional activities or other activities, you must balance the cost, because your sales do not mean that you have earned money. Different stores have their own actual situation, and the universal marketing formula does not exist.

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