In the past three months, the achievement has increased by over 200%. How to do it?
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Today, give readers a real case of a consulting service provided by a child king team. Share with everyone, the sales performance in the three months from more than 50,000 per month to more than 160,000, of which methods and experience.

Before entering the case study, let us review the development of the carrier of the children's paradise - the commercial complex.

In the past 10 years, local governments have increased their investment in commercial centers. Shopping centers, community businesses, and supermarket department stores have risen in the third-tier cities and below. Business has begun to sink into the market. It is not surprising that a city with a population of 500,000 to 600,000, a commercial building, within a short period of one year, from a blank market to 2-3 in a year.

In the past three months, the achievement has increased by over 200%. How to do it?

Behind the frenzied expansion of the business sector, there are hidden hidden dangers and uncertainties.

"Three no shopping malls" paradise

From the beginning of 2017 to the end of 2018, the author visited more than 30 cities across the country, more than 100 commercial entities, there are two worrying phenomena more and more common, the first is the commercial unfinished building can be seen everywhere; the second is just opened The commercial shopping center has a handful of passengers, and the phenomenon of opening a business with a minimum investment rate of less than 60% is too numerous to mention.

The cause of the second phenomenon is nothing more than commercial over-exploitation, lack of domestic business management talents, and business talents with investment resources and investment ability, which have become scarce goods in the moment. Throughout the country, such “three no-shops” with “no investment, no experience, no management, no management” are everywhere.

As a children's industry investor, we accidentally jumped into this "three no" shopping mall. The paradise case we talked about today is based on a "three-storey rate of less than 30%, almost no natural passenger flow." No shopping malls.

In the past three months, the achievement has increased by over 200%. How to do it?

Now, let's take a look at the background of this case:

Park area: 800 square meters;

Opening hours: January 2018;

Investment amount: approximately 1.4 million;

Monthly fee: rent 25,000+, labor 25,000+, other expenses around 20,000.

Before entering the station, the park’s sales in April were less than 50,000 yuan, and it was in a state of loss. The fundamental is that the mall has almost no natural passenger flow, and the second is that the original park management team lacks experience and faces difficulties and is basically helpless.

Data analysis and research, develop competitive strategies

The child king team entered the park in May 2018. After entering the station, in order to improve the performance as soon as possible, the child king team made a data analysis of the membership card type, recharge policy, number of passengers and other contents of the entire park, and at the same time made the surrounding competitive environment. After thorough research, the following conclusions were drawn:

1. Although there are not many passengers in the park, the number of people handling 1000 cards is not small, indicating that there is no local tyrant;

2. Weekend sales, compared with the increase in sales on weekdays, it is not obvious, even doubled. It is difficult to analyze them one by one. The reason is that the business structure is not perfect, there is no catering, and the parents will not choose to take the children on weekends;

3. Through the visit, it is found that there are not many paradise in the surrounding operation of naughty castle + video game mode, most of which are 300-500m2 pure naughty castle + rocking cradles.

Combining the surrounding competitive environment and analyzing its own strengths and weaknesses, the kid king team immediately formulated three competitive strategies:

First, naughty castles and sand pools, appropriately lowering prices, pk competitors, reflecting the advantages of their own playgrounds; using naughty castles to make sticky, using video games and gift machines to make revenue;

Secondly, the park set up the marketing department. By recruiting professional market development personnel, covering kindergartens, training institutions, maternal and child institutions and communities within 3km, they can divert themselves to the store experience.

Third, the development of the big card sales strategy, because many residents around the government have just received the government's demolition subsidies, many local tyrants, not bad money.

So, how to better understand the above three points and return to the essence of management?

Through the following business formula, you can see at a glance:

Sales = average customer price + total consumer number = single piece 1 * guest 1 + unit price 2 * guest 2+ ... + unit price n * guest n

As can be seen from the above figure, to increase the sales (receiving capacity), either increase the number of customers or the frequency of the store, or increase the customer unit price (the average ratio of the card amount), both of which are exerted, and the effect is not normal.

Return to the essence of management, open up the market, batch drainage, increase customer unit price

How to increase the number of customers? The child king team analyzed, because the mall has less passenger flow, only the initiative to go out and pull people in.

How to break through the key elements of how to do market development work?

First, the store manager must be under pressure! Part of the store manager’s salary must be directly linked to market development! If you have to drain more than 100 groups of families every month, you will get a market development allowance of 500 yuan if you go to the store in 5 times.

Second, the market development personnel must have the motivation, and the market expansion commission should be directly linked to the number of families that are open up! Our approach is to meet the requirements of the source of the customer, according to a group of 5-10 yuan to the market commissioner. It is important to emphasize here that this commission should not be linked to the conversion rate of the store, because the marketing commissioner is not controllable for the conversion rate;

Third, we must create a safe, comfortable, clean, and friendly paradise, and make the park into a photo album or video, show it to the leaders of the surrounding institutions (teachers, general managers), bosses, etc., so that the other party has confidence and self. Cooperation, constantly selling yourself and demonstrating your own advantages to partners. At the same time, we must list the benefits of cooperation to each other, and increase the motivation of each other and their cooperation. There is no doubt that only a win-win cooperation will start smoothly and will last forever.

The above three points can be presented with the following mind map:

After the passengers flow to the store, the next task is how to increase the customer price. In short, it is how to promote the customers who want to do 100 cards, upgrade to 200 cards; customers who do 200 cards, through the sales and guidance of employees, do 500 cards.

Having said that, some bosses or employees may not recognize this point of view. Because they think that when customers come to the store, how many cards they want to do, there is no need to push cards, and pushing cards may not be useful. In fact, every park has the practice of each park. However, the author visited more than 300 parks and found that most park managers still believe that it is very important to communicate with customers. Pushing cards is necessary. Because, after 2016, the paradise industry has entered a highly saturated and highly competitive era – it is helpful to help customers make decisions by telling their own strengths and characteristics. After all, the age of wine is not afraid of the alleys.

When it comes to handling cards and pushing cards, we need to pay attention to these three aspects in order to achieve our ideas and goals.

1, the power of customers to do big cards. It is necessary to give customers a reason to do a big card. Therefore, pay attention to the setting of the package policy, and at the same time add additional card gifts, the effect will be more obvious;

2. The employee's card power. The boss or manager must set up an easy-to-understand commission policy so that employees can see and feel the benefits of the card. The mechanism is good and stimulating, and the employees will act for it;

3. The ability of employees to handle cards. It is necessary to communicate with the card, and the communication has a model and a process. Managers need to train employees to sell sales skills, communication skills, and make employees proficient, more trained, and skilled.

As shown below, the map of the customer's unit price is improved:

 Through the above-mentioned effective combination of punches, the store's passenger flow increased significantly, and employee morale was high. In July 2018, sales reached nearly 170,000 yuan. Compared with the 50,000 yuan in April, even if the summer vacation factor is abandoned, the increase in sales is immediate. Investigating the reasons, and our team's drainage, card, and viscous, and so on, are inextricably linked.

Through this example, I hope to give both readers two inspirations:

1. Paradise development should be cautious! For a shopping mall with uncertainties, there may be pies or traps! Therefore, when signing a contract, it is necessary to know in detail whether Party A has experience in commercial operation management and whether it has the ability to do this business;

2, if the store has been opened, do not be discouraged, let alone regret, there is no "regret medicine" in the world to buy. Perhaps after the reform of the park, through its own efforts, it can also be "dark and clear." As long as it is not a late-stage cancer store, through refined operational management, it is possible to turn the store's performance into a profit and reverse it.

In the face of a store that is not ideally developed, operators must calm their minds. Find reasons from yourself, accountability internally, not find reasons for failure, and find ways to succeed. Go all out, learn more, study more, and exercise more internal strength, so that the remaining is king.

To sum up, business is difficult to do is only a superficial phenomenon, the essence of which is that the industry has entered a stage of high competition, and the requirements for operators are getting higher and higher. Once upon a time, when you started to make money, you can make money by opening a shop. This era is gone forever. Cruel competition is actually the industry shuffling, the weak meat and strong food, the survival of the fittest. Competition is also a kind of reversal mechanism, which is to force practitioners to improve their operational and management capabilities, improve internal strength, and benefit from management. Competition is the pain of market evolution. It reminds us that the era of rough and barbaric development is over.

Finally, I will give you a sentence: "Expansion determines life and death, operation determines success or failure, and products determine the future."

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