Detective shop! "Heavy process" and "heavy results" doll machine operation mode, which one do you pick?
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Even adults who have no feeling of toys can slow down in front of the doll machine.

What do you think of when you mention the doll machine?

All kinds of exquisite appearances, dazzling lights, soft and cute plush dolls...

The history of the doll machine can follow the early 20th century - perhaps much earlier than we thought. In the second half of the 1950s, this claw-shaped grab machine flowed from Europe to Japan. In 1965, the first Nissan machine was born. In the 1980s, Japanese video game makers such as Sega and Bandai Namco began to engage in the production of doll machines and promoted them to cooperative game centers. In the early years, the game halls were mainly video games of fighting, shooting, racing, chess and sports. The passenger flow was dominated by young male players. When a woman or a couple is dating, there are few alternative entertainment methods, and the doll machine just fills the vacancy. The gameplay is easy to use and the rewards are obvious. It has been popular among players in recent years.

During the IAAPA Asia Expo in June, Xiaobian took the opportunity to inspect some of Shanghai's venues. Among them, Akihabara and the resurgence of the different business models of the doll machine caused the attention of Xiaobian: the effect of different operating styles. It is not the same, how to say it? Please see below.

Akihabara - just like being in a Japanese street doll shop

Akihabara, Tokyo, commonly known as AKIBA, is located in the southwestern part of Taito District, Tokyo, Japan. It is a paradise for famous anime lovers. It is an animation electric street that is synchronized with the cutting-edge industry of the times. It is also an indispensable attraction for Japanese tourism. The Anime Festival held every summer and winter is the biggest festival in Akihabara. It is home to many anime lovers and Cosplay that can be seen everywhere. It is a paradise for anime fans. In May 2017, the majority of anime fans in China can “grab the love and dreams” and experience the Japanese anime atmosphere in China. AKIBA Akihabara Animation Center was officially established. AKIBA Akihabara is a U-owned brand that focuses on the creation of a second-dimensional culture, the sale of genuinely licensed IP derivatives, and the special services of pure Japanese genes. To promote the "hot blood" and "positive energy" attitude of life, the slogan "Catch the love and dreams" encourages young people to bravely pursue and be proactive. Akihabara currently has three stores: Changning Raffles, Kintetsu City Plaza, and Changtai Plaza.

This time, our store's Akihabara storefront is located at B1, Rendezvous Plaza, Changning, Shanghai. With a lift, Akihabara's Japanese-style decoration style captures our eyes.

Full of Japanese style store decoration

Japanese-style storefront decoration

Extremely restored Japanese atmosphere

How to restore the experience of Japanese doll machine shop in the overall atmosphere of the store? The store manager summarized the following five characteristics for us:

1. There is a signboard of memory points. In addition to the brand name, Akihabara's signature, the slogan "Catch the love and dreams" suddenly tells the voice of the doll machine enthusiasts. Akihabara as the "pilgrimage place" of anime fans, just the brand The name can attract the attention of many players;

2, music, as soon as you enter the store, we can notice that the store uses Japanese anime songs, use music to bring the player back to Japan in one second, bring up the memory of related anime stories, create an atmosphere, and resonate;

3, Japanese shop decoration, look in the store, we can find a lot of well-known anime IP elements such as Gundam, Hatsune Miku and Japanese slogans, squid pennants, Kumamoto bear statues and other Japanese elements decoration details to attract players attention To give players a feeling of being in Japan;

4, the staff's uniforms, there are two kinds of staff in the store, respectively, black and red Japanese kimono style uniforms, the details are not sloppy;

5, with a variety of domestic and foreign IP cooperation authorized gifts and gifts, open up a new derivative system of genuine products. All the gifts in the store are guaranteed to be genuine. The genuine gifts are very good in touch and the shape is very flat. For the anime IP fans, the animation IP is more of a feeling, the genuine is their pursuit, preferring to spend twice as much. Money, you must also have genuine gifts.

Japanese kimono staff uniform.jpg

Japanese kimono staff uniform

"There must be interaction with the player within 10 seconds"

There is an unwritten work requirement in Akihabara that means “requiring employees to interact with players within 10 seconds”. Increasing the interaction between the clerk and the player can increase the player's memory point for the storefront, and increase the player's stickiness to the store. In addition to offline interaction, online interaction is also rich and varied. For example, the RANKING leaderboard will be announced every week. The top ten players who are ranked in the top ten will give the first player an unexpected gift. For example, LoveLive concert tickets.

Winning the weekly championship of the concert tickets.jpg

Weekly champion to win concert tickets

The scores of the RANKING leaderboard are: the number of visits per week; the number of items captured, the number and type of dolls. This not only brings glory to the loyal players, but also enhances the sociality between the stores and enhances the player's stickiness to the store. At the same time, if there are any new gifts and scenery products, they will be synchronized on the public number for the first time, so that players can know the latest situation of the store in the first time, and can increase the flow of the store.

Innovative gameplay.jpg

Innovative gameplay

Genuine IP, creative gameplay

In the store, we can find that in addition to the inside of the doll machine, a variety of genuine IP scenes are placed in different areas of the store. For example, in the middle of the store aisle, there are various genuine hand-made boxes and hand-made dolls for the players to look at; the doll machine will have a small screen to play anime clips; each limited hand will also leave one for the door. On the right hand side of the display cabinet for people to watch, the genuine hand-made market price is worth more than a hundred dollars, by playing with the doll machine, you may still earn it. Not only can you experience the joy of entertainment, but you can also get the gift you dreamed of, which greatly satisfied the second dream of anime fans.

A valuable hand-made gift.jpg

A valuable hand-made gift

In addition to gifts, Akihabara doll machine gameplay upgrade, play a variety of ways, no longer rely on a single way to grab gifts to attract players, not only can be caught, but also can be stamped, squeezed, dialed and other new ways to capture. In the store, we found a variety of gameplays such as “cutting paper”, “picking” and “throwing”. In addition to attracting players’ interest and attracting players to try, some games also need to find clerk assistance, which can increase the players and store managers. interactive.

Akihabara has made anime fans who love anime return to Japan in a second. It is an "an holy place" for anime fans. They are also crazy about the limited edition IP products. Want to experience the Japanese doll machine culture? It’s enough to come to Akihabara.

Various genuine IP products in the doll machine.jpg

Various genuine IP products in the doll machine

The wind is reviving - the "best catch" doll shop in Shanghai

People's Square is located in the bustling area of downtown Shanghai. It is surrounded by urban landmarks such as the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, the Shanghai Museum, the Shanghai Grand Theatre and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, giving this area an innate aura. However, few people know that there is a small world on the back of the bustling people's square. The resurgence of Shanghai People’s Square Store is located on the B1 floor of Dimei Shopping Center. The rumor is “the best city in Shanghai”. Why? Let Xiaobian take everyone to find out.

The wind revives Shanghai People's Square store.jpg

Rising back to Shanghai People's Square Store

Fully loaded atmosphere

The resurgence of the shopping mall where Shanghai People's Square Store is located is relatively deserted. It can be said that the most popular place in the underground shopping mall is the resurgence of the storefront. It is not too late at 8 o'clock in the evening, but there are not many people. There are two entrances to the People’s Square store, one of which is in the People’s Park and the other is the entrance to the mall. Although the People’s Park is a park, there are no people flowing, and there are not many lights. But when the elevator came to the B1 floor where the store was re-starting, the popularity of the scene was so shocking to our group. Compared with the coldness of the ground, the lively atmosphere of the underground re-opening store is in stark contrast.

Fengyun re-started the People's Square store gift machine area to gather a large grab machine, small grab machine, mini grab machine different models of machines and a variety of dolls. The most spectacular is a row of neat yellow dolls with a renewed logo, while the players are surrounded by a gift machine, some observe the doll inside the doll machine to see which one is the most favorite; Some are already challenging; they have couples; some are friends; some are single, but they do not hinder the happiness of getting gifts. Because there are no gifts that can't be caught here. Everyone has a bag of all kinds of "trophies" that have just been caught. Players can buy their own bags at the store to install the dolls they have captured. Players who experience the doll machine will be “full of rewards”. The atmosphere of the dolls is “very adequate” and the crowds are eager to try.

Cheerful and relaxing in-store decoration.jpg

Cheerful and relaxed interior decoration

"Can't let customers return empty-handed"

“Every customer who enters the store can't return empty-handed.” The clerk told Xiaobian that they had to ensure that every customer who came to the store experience took at least one gift. "Good grasp" and "high success rate" are the reasons for the high popularity of the doll machine. The dolls in the store are relatively easy to place, so that consumers should not return empty-handed as much as possible. Grab the doll master only need to choose the position, angle and claw force, you can get your favorite gift.

The gift looks cute, very good catch.jpg

The gift looks cute, very good

Players carrying

Players carrying "trophy" everywhere

Minimal cost to get the most happiness

Compared to Akihabara's 3 yuan or 9 yuan to play once, the cost of resurrecting the doll machine is relatively low. There are two packages in the store: 86 yuan and 100 yuan and 239 yuan and 300 yuan. When the doll machine casts two coins at a time, it can be played once more than one piece. Of course, the same value, the value of the gift inside the storm is lower than that of Akihabara. Xiaobian experienced it, and I can get the gift I want almost two or three times. The grip of the paw is also very good. Even if it fails, the doll will almost fall to the hole, instead of giving a feeling of looseness. It will make players think that it is their own technical problem, just play it again.

The flow of the doll machine is not reduced.jpg

The flow of the doll machine is not reduced

In the storm, we can see the full smile, almost everyone can get the gift in the storm. The players are carrying the dolls they have caught and "showing off" everywhere, satisfying the simplest happiness in the hearts of the players. The target audience of the resurgence has always been positioned as a young urbanite with certain spending power. On the new media platform (WeChat public number, vibrato, Weibo, etc.), which is popular, it is full of topics popular among young people. And the resurgence of the exclusive IP - an interesting story of the Qiqi family. In addition, the resurgence is also actively working with "China Good Voice", Nanjing Forest Music Festival and many local new media KOL to launch more activities of interest to young people, in order to attract more and more young people's attention. . It is also because the doll machine can relieve the real pressure for young people, and provide simple and direct happiness for their busy and busy working life, which has become the main reason why young people love it.


Do you like to play with a doll machine?

Some people may not love, but I believe no one can refuse the doll machine. People can find happiness in the doll machine, find their dreams, get friendship through the doll machine, warm love and close the family. These memories are never forgotten. Whether it is to restore the second dream of anime fans like Akihabara, or the "charging station" that gives young people a life, the purpose of the doll machine shop is to protect people's simple and beautiful happiness. If people can't find happiness in the store, will they go again?

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