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Kids club's cross-industry cooperation: the road is long and Rules are approaching!
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2019-07-02 17:22:51
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Paradise's cross-industry cooperation: the road is long and Rules are approaching!

When it comes to paradise cooperation in paradise, some people may dismiss them. For many years, for business districts, shopping centers and even communities, those who have the possibility of cooperation have already known their hearts. Why do they need to talk more? " Ten thousand readers have 10,000 Hamlet." In the course of the operation of the park, there are always things that you can't see, hear, or think. That being the case, we may wish to calm down, brainstorm and gather together to seek more possibilities for the development of the park.

On May 9th, 2019, at the 5th China Paradise Summit Theory Conference held at the Panhai Kelly Hotel in Guangzhou, Ms. Liu He, the general manager of Hangzhou Qianshen Brand Operation Management Co., Ltd., In the sharing of the "Guide to Raiders", I also mentioned the relevant content of the park's cross-industry cooperation. She also listed specific examples of the cross-industry cooperation of several parks, such as:

1. Cooperation with supermarkets: Supermarket shopping with a total of 88 yuan to send a park card to 10 yuan worth of coupons or 5 game currency vouchers, etc., to increase passenger flow;

2, cooperation with the cinema: buy movie tickets to send 5 game currency vouchers to attract adult consumer groups;

3, kindergarten talk group buy tickets: naughty castle experience 3 hours, 10 yuan one, to receive group customers; 4, cooperation with children's businesses: alliance cooperation, with some merchants membership card, for members to enjoy special 8.8 fold discount;

5, cooperation with training institutions: dance, taekwondo, eloquence classes and other children's interests, art training institutions, program collection and so on.

For most of the park operators, these are the common targets of cross-industry cooperation, and they have also brought good results to the development of the park. However, with the continuous development of the park, the cooperation within the mall alone can no longer satisfy the paradise, especially the long-term development of the chain brand park itself. In this context, more and more paradisees are beginning to seek related resources outside the mall complex, hoping to integrate the park into more different fields and provide more possibilities for the future development of the park. So, what did the park get after joining these fields? What value can they bring to the development of the park? This article will mainly elaborate on several aspects such as catering, hotel, public welfare and education.

Paradise + Catering: Creating a Real "Third Living Space"

The abundance of material conditions has changed the attitude of people to three meals a day. From the past, "Where are the three meals a day?" to the current "three meals a day," the problem of food and clothing is the most basic. Demand, and in the operation process of the park, the customer’s “satisfaction” problem also needs the attention of the park. It is impossible for people to disregard the basic material needs in order to satisfy the spiritual entertainment needs. After all, they have the strength to play when they are full. The health of the child is always the concern of the parents at all times. In the paradise of shopping malls and shopping malls, most of the surrounding areas have corresponding catering businesses. However, in order to retain customers, some parks have begun to set foot in catering, opening catering areas in their own parks, and opening up the compound business model of the park. Family eating, drinking and fun can be done here, turning the paradise into a real “third living space” for the family. In addition, there are many parks that choose to work with nearby restaurants to achieve the same effect of shared passengers.

Paradise + Hotel: Make the scene of the park more diverse

Although the demand for the children's market has always existed, in the past two years, with the family's emphasis on parent-child entertainment, the number of parks has increased. In order to attract and retain parent-child customers, the park has almost become a store or a complex. But it is precisely because of this that the domestic paradise is beginning to become saturated. In this case, how should the paradise develop in the future? It has become a problem that many practitioners are actively thinking about. At this time, looking for other scenarios that may be expanded may become a new way out. Hotel, especially children-themed hotels, in order to meet the family's entertainment needs, most of them are equipped with corresponding children's play equipment, but the surgery has a specialization, the hotel's management and children's parks are different, so in the park's management level Naturally, it is not comparable to those who specialize in children's playgrounds. If the Children's Park can cooperate with the hotel, let the hotel transfer the management rights of the children's park to the operators of the professional children's park, so that not only the hotel's children's park is professionally managed, but also the hotel's many in this respect. Extra work; in addition, the relatively fixed traffic of the hotel can also bring certain benefits to the park operators, whether it is the hotel side, the park operator, and the children customers who come to consume, can be said to be one-stop More than it is.

Paradise's cross-industry cooperation: the road is long and Rules are approaching!

Children's playground in the hotel

Paradise + Public Welfare: The Specific Presentation of the Social Value of Paradise

Taking Pig Man Paradise as an example, on July 31, 2017, Pigs and Pigs Paradise launched the “Anime, Love and Public Welfare Dream” activity in the Panyu District Social Welfare Institute of Guangzhou, which was attended by expert consultants, volunteer service teams and other teaching staff. The teaching service designated agencies carry out various forms of assistance activities, which not only attract social attention with the image of love animation, but also enhance the image and popularity of the park, and also win more opportunities for the development of the park itself. On November 3, 2018, the theme of "Pig Pig Man Helps You Achieve Aspirations" was held in Guangzhou Children's Palace. It is a wish for the poor left-behind children of Lishuping Primary School in Yunnan to "want to have an extracurricular book" and continue the love. To interact with children in a healthy and positive attitude, and get widespread recognition from parents and the society, let more people know that paradise is not only a place to use all kinds of means to attract children to play, let parents pay for it, or one can For the public welfare of the society, there is a certain social value.

Paradise + Education: The embodiment of the paradise education function

On May 11, 2019, Guangzhou Cuihua Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen City Childlike Original Education Technology Co., Ltd. jointly held the paradise light early education project conference, which introduced the first paradise course in the country. Early education combined with traditional paradise, transplanting the concept of Internet education to offline parks, providing children with a fun and knowledgeable early education + paradise venue, with innovative "child early education + paradise format", bringing parents a refreshing feeling It has been widely accepted by parents, and it has achieved good results in the practice of landing to the park. At the end of the press conference, many park operators who were interested in cooperating with the site immediately signed a contract and reached a cooperation with them. Paradise + education has always been an important direction for the development of paradise, because parents attach importance to children's education, making the paradise with educational functions more acceptable to parents. The development of "park + early education" once again verified this fact. 

Paradise's cross-industry cooperation: the road is long and Rules are approaching!

Children's Vocational Experience Hall

In recent years, with the development of paradise gradually maturing, more and more paradise has begun to assume more social responsibilities, and its social value has been more and more fully reflected. The development of the paradise should not be limited to a single field, but it will be self-styled and halted. It will eventually lead to decline, break through the thinking, break the limitations of the past, and revitalize the past to achieve long-term development. In the future, the development of the park will continue to expand on multiple fields, seek more resources, and improve itself, bringing more social value.

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