How to operate a playground more efficiently, and the operation must first be “stratified”
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2019-07-01 17:29:37
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Internationally, amusement parks and theme parks are called "Location Based Entertainment", which means that this format is based on the space of the venue to provide customers with corresponding entertainment services, characterized by non-standard mixed industry, the scale is not economical. Since the Location Based Entertainment is based on the space of the venue to provide customers with corresponding entertainment services, the “space” and “time” (“time” means that the customer maintains a “new sense” of the rides and products. Time) There are variables that directly lead to a low degree of standardization of the playground and a high degree of mixedness.

The characteristics of the playground "non-standard mixed industry" will eventually lead to the "uneconomical scale" of the playground operation. Generally speaking, the more stores open, the less profitable it may be.

Because it is difficult for operators to completely copy the successful business experience of one store to another store. Moreover, as the stores open more and more, they need to invest more manpower, material resources and energy to develop new equipment products, new business combinations and new management rules to adapt to the characteristics of different non-standard mixed stores.

How to operate a playground more efficiently, and the operation must first be “stratified”

Operation needs to distinguish between "front office, middle office and back office"

Due to the “non-standard mixed industry”, the operation of the amusement park is very complicated. Although many store operators have spent their time doing store operation, they often encounter such troubles: the investment of the final operation> the benefits brought by the operational improvement. Enterprise management costs are very high.

The reason for this problem is "low operational efficiency." For example, when your store format develops to a certain level of complexity, more work and data will need to be processed. Similar to the communication and coordination of shopping malls, fire protection, equipment, IP authorization, etc., will involve You are very energetic, you may need to have multiple roles, so it is very difficult to "do everything" with real investment in operations.

Over time, the operation of the store has become a "downhill", and the final result is self-evident.

So to solve this problem, the first task is to "layer" the complex operations and improve efficiency. In this regard, Tongqu Technology will divide the operation of the store into three layers – the front desk operation of the store, the operation of the regional central Taiwan, and the back-end operation of the platform. These three-tier operations have different meanings for the operation of the playground.

The focus of the “front-end operation of the store” is to adapt to local conditions and adapt to the situation. Its role is to help the store to break the management bottleneck brought by “non-standard mixed industry” and make the operation of the store more flexible and more efficient. The focus of “regional mid-stage operation” is to use the advantages of regional scale to revolutionize the cost of various operations, publicity and promotion of stores. The "platform back-office operation" is based on the advantages of online scale, helping stores to tap their own resources to amplify revenue while achieving diversified profits.

The importance of “operational stratification” for indoor playgrounds is reflected in the improvement of the operation and operation efficiency of the playground on the one hand and the reduction of operating costs on the other hand. Taking into account the above two items, it also helps the playground to discover and expand new profit points to amplify the benefits. The “Trinity” promotes the playground to develop better and faster.

How to operate a playground more efficiently, and the operation must first be “stratified”

Front office operations require "authorization under system specifications"

Today we will focus on the "front store operation". Why does it need to be tailored to local conditions and have some flexibility? For example, if the pricing, discount selection, staff scheduling, customer complaint handling, mall relationship maintenance, etc. of similar ticket products in the store are all decided and handled by the company headquarters, the efficiency and results may not be able to be Do your best. The reason does not have to be repeated, or because of the "non-standard mixed industry" characteristics that the playground itself cannot escape.

The store manager or the operator owner is more familiar with the situation of the local parties, so they are more familiar with the business decision-making or problem solving and mediation. Therefore, for the playground, the front-end operation has a core--for the store manager. Authorization.

However, the scope of authorization, the way of authorization, and the right to grant are actually a very complicated management system. If the balance is not well grasped, the store manager has no motivation, or the store begins to “fly away from the self” and leave the operator’s control.

How can we make "authorization" more scientific and reasonable? This requires comprehensive system of financial data (sales flow, cost, profit commission data, etc.) and timely and accurate analysis, to provide the basis for the "authorization" details, and through the establishment of the previous rules, to protect the long-term interests of the store and short-term Consistency of interests.

It sounds a bit abstract. For example, we all know that the longer the lifetime of the playground card, the higher the enthusiasm of customers to buy, and the greater the risks and responsibilities that the corresponding stores need to bear. If the store staff wants to increase sales performance and make "over-commitment" to the customer, for example, the card that was originally valid for one year, the promise is valid for three years. Then, after the customer purchases the card for one year, if the salesperson who sold the card at the time leaves the job, the ticket card expires and cannot be used. If the customer finds the store theory, who will bear the risk and negative impact?

Conversely, since the underlying rules of the product have been set, there is an “invisible criterion”, and when the store is authorized and employee incentives, the unnecessary risks are reduced.

How to operate a playground more efficiently, and the operation must first be “stratified”

In addition, it is a "pricing discount" that is operated by the front desk. Usually, the incentives given by the casino store operator to the clerk are calculated based on the actual written-off data. In the playground system, the actual write-off data of the store is clearly visible, so the store manager will not blindly pursue the pre-sale income brought by the low discount when determining the discount of the ticket, because only the actual write-off data is high, the commission is only Will be high. Therefore, the ticket discount determined in this context will be more rational and reasonable.

In addition, what can be done to give the store manager sufficient authority to allow him to operate the store according to the actual situation in the local area, and to allow the actual owner of the store to not lose control of the store?

Or take the "pricing discount" as an example. After analyzing the actual operating data of the store, under the premise of following the store fare system, formulate various discount promotion schemes, such as the "old belt new" discount in a fixed period of time, Discounts, discounts on single items, etc.

What the store manager needs to do is to flexibly adjust these promotional programs in the system by means of “sitting off the shelf” according to the actual situation of the operation. In this way, the store manager has more rights to conduct flexible operations and improve efficiency. The actual owner of the store does not have to worry about the destruction of the fare system, and the long-term interests of the store are also guaranteed.

in conclusion

For the “front store operation”, authorizing the store manager is an important key to flexible operation and efficiency improvement. The perfect playground store system has become a strong playground because of the scientific and reasonable rules for the operation of the store. A strong risk protection barrier.

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