Children's paradise only handles cards? Do you have other marketing methods?
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2019-06-28 16:58:29
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The competition between children's paradise is becoming more and more fierce and the consumption pattern is constantly changing. The membership card system has become an indispensable marketing tool for indoor children's parks. In addition to the card, is there no other marketing means? We will talk about it in three parts!

Children's paradise only handles cards? Do you have other marketing methods?

Since the membership card system is the mainstream, let's talk about how to attract parents to do the card?

In order to let parents feel the advantages of the card, and different sales methods should be adopted for different customers, the common ways to attract customers to do the card are as follows:

First, the integral mode

First of all, indoor children's parks must make consumption plans according to their local consumption levels. Commonly used are secondary cards, monthly cards, seasonal cards, and annual cards. One of the most effective ways to sell a membership card is to send a card to send points, points to gifts, this way of doing cards is relatively more attractive.

Second, free experience mode

For children who want to play or don't dare to play, they won't play, and parents are hesitant to do the card. The park can carry out a free experience mode. The staff will bring the children to the park to experience various rides and let the children experience the project. Bringing the fun, the parents can patiently explain the benefits that the project brings to the children, and let the parents “seeing is believing” that the children’s paradise really brings good exercise and puzzle effect to the children, and thus willingly handle the card.

Third, the matching gift mode

Matching gift mode, such as 10 cards, that is, the current free consumption or membership card recharge 300 to 100 and other preferential models. This kind of "buy and send" preferential policies are often particularly easy to grasp the customer's "great and cheap" mentality, thus attracting their card consumption.

Note: When the indoor children's park sells the membership card, the attitude of the park staff should be warm and generous. It is not mandatory for the customer to do the card, keep a smile, explain the card discount with a calm and friendly attitude, and have full confidence in the park. Let customers feel the strength and advantages of the park, and not be humble, so that parents can feel free to do the card and recognize the children's playground from the heart.

Promotional means to generate revenue

1. Leaflets and brochures are issued

Printed leaflets, brochures and other printed materials will be distributed in schools, kindergartens, and neighborhoods. They will be distributed in shopping malls, community sites, and near playgrounds on weekends.

2, billboards, leaflets

An activity billboard is placed at the door, and the X frame of the event promotion content is placed at the front desk or in a conspicuous place. Considering that the playground is underneath, you must make a large billboard on the ground and it is best to make a guide sign on the ground and on the ground.

3. Exchange of advertisements

Negotiate with various kindergartens, children's toy stores, and children's photography stores to conduct advertising replacement cooperation. Put the partner's promotional materials on our checkout counter. When the customer checks out, give her a look at the information; put our information on the checkout counter at our partner merchants, and naturally know the customers when they are spending there. Program Reference : In the store to buy (consumption) full xx yuan, free to xx playground to play xx hours / project.

4, group texting, public number marketing

"Short group sending" or use the local well-known life information public number to send monthly theme activities and recent promotional offers to mobile phone customers. These customers may not come to participate, but may recommend his relatives and friends to come. The cost of text messaging is low, and with mass-marketing, the cost is very low, much more economical than flyers and newspaper ads. (Method: Send a text message to indicate the time of the event, indicate the subject and content of the event, and what items to give. If you send a database, you can check it)

5, redemption coupons

Talk with the mall operation: customers spend xx yuan, add 2 yuan to redeem the children's playground worth 20 yuan to play one hour to send one hour coupon or 20 yuan to play half an hour to send half an hour video coupon One, a limited number, after the change. (Note: The more partners, the better, cinemas, restaurants, children's clothing stores, children's toy stores, children's training institutions, etc.)

6, group purchase coupons

Free coupons to the group purchase network, group buy network to sell at 2, 3 yuan price, negotiate group purchase price, quantity, time, payment method, etc.

7. Additional project income

The water bar offers a variety of beverage snacks; special commemorative photo services; sale of toys, children's books, coloring books and other educational items at lower prices

cultivate parental loyalty

First, parent-child activities

After the playground has been opened for a period of time, it is necessary to stimulate the enthusiasm of children and parents through certain activities. Some puzzles or parent-child activities can be held on weekends or on the "June 1" festival. One is to let parents change the concept of "coming to the playground is to play" and eliminate the parents' resentment; secondly, they can enhance the feelings of parents and children. The playground becomes a place for parents to enjoy family fun.

Second, birthday party

For children who are mainly interested in children's theme parks, they can use the park stage free of charge on the birthday of their birthday, and issue a certain amount of free admission tickets and game tokens to members to invite friends to participate in birthday parties. You can also customize your special event according to your parents' needs, and provide extra charges such as taking photos and video clips.

Children's paradise only handles cards? Do you have other marketing methods?

Children's paradise only handles cards? Do you have other marketing methods?

Third, the hosting service

Modern parents work busy on Saturdays and Sundays to care for children. Full-time mothers sometimes want to go shopping, there are some smart children's parks to provide them with weekend or short-term hosting services. The children are supervised by teachers and carry children to play in the park. Learning activities, there are scientific experiments, hand-made, picture books. Mom and Dad can safely hold hands to watch movies, go shopping... enjoy the world of two people.

Children's paradise only handles cards? Do you have other marketing methods?

Children's paradise only handles cards? Do you have other marketing methods?

Fourth, warm heart service

At the end of the game, send a bottle of drink, or an ice cream, balloons, small toys, etc., to help build the loyalty of children and parents.

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