Reshaping the System——Event Marketing of Chain Entertainment Places (I)
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2019-06-05 14:09:02
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Nowadays, many video games have some misunderstandings in event marketing, which has led to a lot of effort to do the activities but did not receive the expected results. After more than 20 years of establishment, Fengyun has accumulated rich and practical activity marketing experience. Therefore, I would like to share with you some successful cases and experiences in event marketing to help you to the event marketing system of the video game city. Carry out system remodeling.

When it comes to reshaping the system, it can be divided into two lines: the first line is the activity marketing plan of the company itself, and the second line is various marketing activities that cooperate with external brands.

I. Activity marketing planning

1. Store daily activities

The daily activities of the store can be said to be the basis of all the activities of the video game city. A good daily store activity can make the players enjoy the good game experience, and also enhance the player's recognition of the video game city.

All the stores have designed a stage, and every week, the store will rely on the stage to do some entertaining game activities, such as cosplay performance, WeChat shake and grab red envelopes, etc., and bring more diversity to players with colorful activities. Entertainment experience. In addition, the new machine's experience activities and small competition activities are also done very frequently, which is mainly to encourage everyone to try new machines or increase the player's viscosity of the old machine. Sometimes, if conditions permit, you will even put the activity directly at the door of the store to gain more attention.

Reshaping the System——Event Marketing of Chain Entertainment Places (I)

During the holiday season, there will be corresponding theme activities, such as Labor Day, Mother's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, and the corresponding festival carnival activities will be launched in the store. In general, such a theme-themed event has been planned two months before the start of the event. It will involve the next set of linkage operations on the online and offline, including: theme determination, activity details, animation and graphic design, online media promotion, Execution offline, each link embodies the tremendous efforts of colleagues in the company's various positions. For example, animation and graphic design, it is not the designer who can just type the event information, but need to determine the design style according to the theme of the program. Then the original artist creates the cartoon image according to the theme and design style, and the graphic designer performs the design. Secondary processing and integration to form a complete master picture. Finally, the animator conceives a small scene based on the main screen, turning the static picture into dynamic, all of which must conform to the VI specification. In general, the holiday-themed posters must reflect the content information related to the holiday activities, and ensure that the brand elements of the resurgence are consistent and outstanding. So in terms of design work, it is already a very difficult job.

From the recent resurgence of the holiday posters, you can see that all the pictures contain the theme color and exclusive IP of the resurgence - the Qiqi family, it can be said that even if the logo in the picture is blocked, the player first Seeing such a poster, I can also know that this is a resurgence of activities.

In addition, online media is also a very important part of event marketing. The main media behind the storm are WeChat, Weibo, and Vibrato. In fact, the online media workflow is similar to the holiday-themed poster production process. After the new media operators get the event planning plan, they also need to formulate corresponding new media publishing strategies according to the event planning plan. For example, how many days in advance need to post a tweet on the WeChat public account, how many days in advance need to initiate a video imitation shooting activity in the vibrato, how many days in advance need to create a topic on Weibo, carry out some forwarding lottery activities, etc. .

Therefore, it is the daily activities of the store, but it is actually a relatively large system, and each link can cooperate to achieve the greatest influence.

In addition, there is another exclusive festival every year, the Qiqi Family Open Day. The Qiqi family is the exclusive IP of the resurgence, and the Qiqi Family Open Day is held every June. This event is an exclusive event that lasts for a long time and lasts from early June to June 19th. The welfare is large, and the number and value of prizes during the event can be said to be the largest of all activities throughout the year; the Qiqi family is open. On the day of the day, players who have birthdays can also get exclusive birthday packages and gifts, and enjoy a variety of privileged services.

2. City Red Man Program

The “City Red Man Plan” was a new project launched at the end of last year and was a long-term event.

This plan is to condense a group of highly popular players who are very passionate about video games in every city that has a new store. These people can be masters of a game that are good at a certain amusement machine. They can also be people who play well but can sing and dance, and have talents for performance. As long as you have some specialties, or just look beautiful, there are a lot of online fans. You can apply to participate in the City Red Man Program. In the daily store operations, these recruited urban reds have maintained a mutually beneficial relationship with the resurgence.

The specific operation method of the city red man plan is like this: when there are new store openings, holiday activities, and large-scale events, the official red media will also pass the official event information. Your own social platform communicates the event information to fans, and they will go to the store to participate in the competition, live webcast, intimate interaction with fans and so on. The resurgence will also provide them with more privileges, such as the priority to participate in the competition, help them shoot promotional videos, posters, promote them on the official new media platform, etc., in order to achieve mutual benefit.

The “City Red Man Plan” has been in operation for more than half a year. From the operational results of more than half a year, this plan has brought a good publicity effect to the store. For example, the resurgence of the Wuxi Suning Plaza store was held in the early days of the opening of the “City Red Man Activity”, and invited the famous “E-Fame racing first person” in Wuxi to participate in the store. Racing competition. Wokai has a certain popularity in the local video game circle in Wuxi. It can be assembled into many local video game fans and fans. Plus, his personality is more lively, and he can sizzle the scene with the host. The “City Red Man Plan” of Wuxi Suning Plaza Store not only links the distance between the resurgence and Wuxi players, but also attracts the attention of a group of E-fame players. The event scene is more popular, and the actual participation in the event is interactive. The number of people far exceeds the number of applicants at the beginning. Coupled with the online platform pre-heating and promotion in the early stage of the event, the entire event, whether it is the store's revenue and reputation, or the data of each new media platform, has greatly improved, and Wokai himself has also gained more fans. . I believe that the next storm will bring more and deeper cooperation opportunities to these cities.

Second, external brand cooperation

1. Good voice in China

"China's Good Voice" is definitely no stranger to this program. The players of this Zhejiang Satellite TV music show are very powerful. There are many players who sign up for "Good Voices of China" every year. They don't go directly to the TV program to record, but first through the selection of the various sea-selection zones in the country, in order to enter the final TV program recording. Therefore, each time the sea election has a high degree of visibility and attention in the local area.

This year, the resurgence of cooperation with "China Good Voice" for the first time, in the Nanjing area of its headquarters, deeply participated in the offline selection of this program. The offline competition system is also more complicated, divided into preliminary, rematch, resurrection, semi-final and final. In every game in the first half of this year, there will be brand implants in the future.

First of all, the situation has re-emerged as a team. Whenever this team appears on the stage, there will be a resurrection of the brand. Secondly, the resurgence sponsored event souvenirs for the sea elections, such as the official plush toys and coupons, etc. This plush toy is an exclusive custom-made Kiki family doll. The people around you see this cute doll. I know that it is the beginning of the storm. The third point is that in the middle of the game, the judges will play games with the Qiqi family dolls. For example, the judges and the Qiqi family are good at GavinK who is good at basketball, and then who can play in the specified time. Invest in more basketball. It can not only activate the atmosphere of the scene, but also increase the brand exposure of the resurgence with the help of game interaction. Finally, with the host of the population broadcast, the Qiqi family IP fully embedded in the game, and so on, so that fans and viewers who pay attention to this program can fully understand the brand.

Because most of the players participating in this program are young people, the fans of these people are basically after 95s and 00s, which coincides with the target audience of the resurgence. Therefore, cooperation with "China Good Voice" can quickly increase the popularity of the resurgence in this part of the population.

2. Nanjing Forest Music Festival

The target audience for the resurgence of the storm is urban fashion young people after 95s and 00s, so when choosing a cross-industry cooperation, they will generally choose young people's favorite projects. For example, when the National Day holiday last October, the resurgence of cooperation with the organizers of the Nanjing Forest Music Festival.

During the festival, the resurgence of the selection of the doll machine, basketball machine, dance machine, King of Fighters 97, the four most popular machines on the scene, and invited two guests of the music festival, a small local famous in Nanjing Musicians - Zhu Xiaolei, Liu Lie to the resurgence of the booth, interactive games with fans on the scene, as well as album signing activities. You may not be familiar with these two artists, but Zhu Xiaolei and Wang Lihong's "Nanjing Nanjing", many people should have heard. Liu Les is a creative singer. His single "Floating Life" has a net play volume of 500 million, which is very popular after the 95s and 00s. These two singers are famous in their respective music circles.

Reshaping the System——Event Marketing of Chain Entertainment Places (I)

The event on the day of the festival was full of fans. When the host said that they could interact with the artists, the fans queued up to compete with the artists they like to shoot and catch the dolls. The whole booth was surrounded by fans on the third floor and the third floor. It is the most popular brand partner booth at the festival.

In addition, the event is still on the Weibo, WeChat public number to send music festival tickets, draw small gifts and other activities. During the pre-heating and progress period of the music festival, the fans of Weibo and WeChat public accounted at a particularly high level, and the data such as fan growth, daily activity, and interaction rate were greatly improved.

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