In the management of the park, how to implement the system management process
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In the past 10 years, the children's play industry has been deeply loved by the "boss". The whole country has mushroomed and risen everywhere, ushered in the golden period of development.

Looking back at the children's paradise industry before 2010, a simple n100 m2 naughty castle, or with a few swing cars, can hold up the storefront and open the door. At that time, the children's park had less investment, small area, fewer employees, and faster return. Since 2011, with the frenzied development of commercial real estate and the strong impact of the traditional department store industry on online shopping, the amusement industry has been valued as an experience format, ushered in an explosive development opportunity. We can see that in the newly opened children's paradise in recent years, the area is getting bigger and bigger, the 2000m2 paradise can be seen everywhere, and even the paradise of over 10,000m2 is not new.

In the management of the park, how to implement the system management process

The bigger the park, the bigger the investment, and the more naturally the employees. It turns out that 3-4 employees in a park are already operating enough. Now, the number of employees in a park is 20 or even more than 30, which has become the norm in the industry. There are few staff members, and it is natural to manage them. If there are more people in the team, there will be more things, and there will be more "right and wrong"! After communicating with many bosses who have exceeded 1000m2, I found that the most problematic thing for everyone is the management.

Since 2016, the author has visited more than 30 cities across the country, more than 400 parks, and has contacted hundreds of park owners. In the process, they have often been consulted for management difficulties and questions. The following list is to summarize, the top few, that is, the boss's most headaches:

Question 1: The employees are getting lazy and always playing mobile phones. What should I do?

Question 2: The health is dirty and the chaos is criticized many times, and it does not help. What should I do?

Question 3: The employee pushes the card is not active, the big card does not move, what is going on?

Question 4: The manager always asks for processing capital, and if he does not agree to leave, what should I do?


It can be seen that many of these are "old talks" and the problems that each paradise will face more or less, but if the problem recurs in your paradise and it is repeated, the consequences will be very serious. Dear bosses, the managers of the park, we have to figure out where the crux is.

   The author believes that these are all superficial phenomena, and the essence behind them is human problems!

The problem of human beings is the management problem!

When it comes to management, the simple and rude statement in conventional thinking is to manage people. When it comes to managing people, many managers have changed their faces. They say: "The most difficult thing for people to manage, the most headache." This is true. As the saying goes, "There are many people, and there are people who have trouble." But then again, there are many companies with more than 100,000 employees worldwide. How many employees do they manage?

In the management of the park, how to implement the system management process

To figure this out, you have to go back to "management" itself. Management, management, in the end management of "what", is it a management, or what?

In terms of the literal understanding of modern Chinese, we take it apart and look at it as a verb-verbal structure. What? The management is "reason", not human, this definition must be carefully used to understand! If this definition is wrong, and that management is a management person, then there is no solution. There is a saying that "people are in charge, people are mad."

What is the "rational" of management?

Reason is belief, it is system, it is process, it is form. 

To clarify the true meaning of "management", we will go back and analyze the following issues that have caused the boss a headache:

Discussion 1: How to solve: employees are getting lazy, always playing with mobile phones, and the hygiene is dirty. 

Wrong way: Some managers think that employees have problems when they play mobile phones, and they feel that employees are lazy when they see that they are dirty. Then began to criticize the employees, angry and angry, and some bosses even think that the nature of the employees is not good, followed by layoffs, but found that people have changed one batch after another, these problems still exist. 

The boss is very puzzled: What is going on? 

Solution: Once this happens, don't look for people, first look at the problem from the system. 

Once there are so many management problems in the team, first check first, if the company has a corresponding system, don't blame the employees. Remember: When the problem arises, let the system manage people, and the leadership is only the implementation and implementation of the supervision system. After the corresponding system has been formulated, the training will be carried out first, and then the implementation will be supervised. Whoever violates the system will be managed by the system. 

For example, the first thing after a new employee joins the job is that the manager wants the TA to know every bonus and penalty rule in the park so that everyone knows the existence of the system. There is a problem, let the system speak, not what the manager wants to do according to his mood, and use the system to manage people, not rely on people.

Through this example, a brief summary:

First, if one thing is not done well, first check if there is a problem with the system;

Second, what can be changed is the system, and what cannot be changed is humanity;

Third, a bad system can make good people worse, and a good system can make bad people better.

Discussion 2: How to solve: the employee push card is not active, the card is not power 

When the employee does not actively push the card, there is only one reason, that is, the number of cards is not related to the employee's interests or has little relationship! Employees come out to make money, just to support their families. It is natural for employees to make more money and get more wages and commissions.

I remember that at the end of 2017, the author visited a 1000m2 paradise in Jiangxi, and the boss told me about this “confusion” – the employee has a commission, and why the employee is not active. The reason the boss is confused is that the boss thinks the employee is too lazy and the employee has a problem. In order to understand the nature of the problem, I did not communicate with the boss too much, but directly to the front line to communicate with the staff. It took 5 minutes, and the author found the answer. The staff told the author that everyone didn't want to make money, but they really didn't want to push the card, because they didn't get much money when they pushed the card hard. One of the employees said that in October 2017, the amount of the card was over 20,000 yuan, but the commission was only 90 yuan. The author asked her if she knew the reason, whether she knew the commissioning algorithm, the staff quickly shook his head, and said that the formula formulated by the boss, no one can understand, how much the boss said when calculating the salary every month.

Having said that, the crux of the problem is obvious. It is not that employees do not sell cards and do not push cards, but the problem of system design. Therefore, it is still the above sentence: once the management problem arises, do not look for reasons for people, first look at the problem from the system.

Regarding this case, the correct solution and ideas are:

1. Develop an easy-to-understand interest mechanism that allows employees to see benefits. Let the employees know very clearly: How much money I can get for selling a 1000 membership card today, unambiguous, not complicated, let employees understand the algorithm themselves;

2. Develop an attractive card-making mechanism. For example, in the park, a 1000-card card is issued for 50 yuan instead of 0.5 yuan, because the return of 0.5 yuan is not proportional to the weight of a 1000 card. Formulate a mechanism for employees to be willing to act. There must be a brave man under the reward. No one can go through the money.

3. Develop a sales PK mechanism. The first thing to sell a card is to reward. The countdown must be punished. Let all employees feel that they don’t push the card, or push the 100 yuan or 200 yuan card every day. I am embarrassed to create a pk atmosphere and mechanism. important.

Discussion 3: How to solve: The store manager/manager frequently proposes processing capital

Management cadres and store managers go to work to maintain their lives and take money to go home. Therefore, wages are always a very sensitive issue, and our bosses and managers must actively face this problem. So when your store manager frequently asks for processing capital, what should you do? How to solve it?

At this time, the first time should think of the above sentence: once the management problem arises, do not look for reasons for people, first look at the problem from the system.

In this case, the correct solution is:

1. Does the company have a compensation management system? Let the store manager and management cadres know under what circumstances they will process the capital, form rules and regulations, and the information should be symmetrical. In which cases, the wages will change, the income will increase, and the rules and regulations will be written;

2. It is necessary to establish a wage secrecy system. For example, Zhang San and Li Si two department managers, Zhang San took 6000, Li Si took 7000, Zhang Sanxin wants to work in the previous company A only 5000, here is now 6000, very satisfied. Once I know Li Si’s salary one day, I’m not balanced with Li Siyi: Why is it similar to Li Si’s academic qualifications, and I’m more experienced than Li Si, he can be 1000 more than me? Often after this, Zhang San will raise the issue of processing capital. Because there is no comparison, there is no harm. This problem must be solved. At the beginning, a wage secrecy system should be formed. It is strictly forbidden to ask each other about wages;

3. There must be a talent reserve mechanism. When the management cadre feels that this position is not enough to leave, the probability of processing the capital is greater: you don't give me the processing capital, I am gone, you are not available, you can't play. To solve this problem, the boss must "prepare for the rainy day, prepare early" and have a "prepared tire." If you train and reserve talents in peacetime, you will not be "capable".

As can be seen from the solution to the above case, the first task of the manager is to formulate relevant rules and regulations, and then follow the rules. Through these cases, we need to revisit these words:

First, what is management? In management, what is the person? What is the tube? Principles, systems, processes, rules, plans, goals;

Second, once management problems arise, do not look for reasons for people, first look at the problem from the system;

Third, the system manages people, processes management, the team fights the world, manages the country!

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