How can children's parks multiply the benefits of holiday marketing?
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After two days, it is Children's Day, and then there are Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day... All walks of life are trying to find out how to give consumers a holiday. During the holiday period, the target group of the consumer group is concentrated, highly targeted, and the conversion rate is high. For the operators of the children's park, this is undoubtedly a “golden period” for making money. How can the children's park use the holiday marketing to achieve double the income? A holiday marketing guide is for you.

How can children's parks multiply the benefits of holiday marketing?



  First of all, clear the brand concept, theme characteristics of the park itself, what is the theme of this holiday? Fully explore the cultural connotation of the festival itself, and combine with the brand culture to strive to resonate with consumers and at the same time improve consumers' awareness of the brand of the park. the goal of.

  1 Does this event conform to its own brand and market positioning, and compare with the same period, can good planning in previous years continue to be used? Still innovating on this basis?

  2 holiday activities want to highlight the atmosphere, it is best to hold the theme activities based on family, the effect of parent-child interaction is more conducive to the profitable consumption of the park.

  3 For the newly opened children's park, if you don't know how to do festival activities, peers and competitors are your best reference and reference.

How can children's parks multiply the benefits of holiday marketing?


Precise promotion

  Promotion before the holiday is the key to achieving high conversion of holiday marketing. According to the above, after you have determined your brand concept, theme and holiday promotion theme, you can accurately locate your customer base, whether it is a preschool child or Children 0-14 years old? Is it an old customer or a new customer? Then you can accurately target these target audiences and reduce the waste of resources on non-target audiences.

  If you want to develop new customers, you can choose the most special projects in the park to offer discounts, free experience activities for some projects, etc., to lay the foundation for fission, late drainage or old customers.

  If the purpose of the event is to maintain the old customers, you can pick out special items that are only open to members, and inform the members through SMS and WeChat to highlight the importance and care of the children's park.


Ring art decoration

  The rendering of the festive atmosphere can stimulate the consumption of the crowd. The decoration of the paradise of the paradise is the first impression of every consumer on this paradise, which is equivalent to the human face. The decoration of the children's paradise must be in line with the concept of the paradise brand, and it must be consistent with the atmosphere of the holiday. The theme of the festival is closely linked to create a unique marketing campaign to activate the whole atmosphere. It is also important to match the environment inside and outside the children's playground, so that consumers can feel the strong festive atmosphere, and it is very likely that passers-by will be attracted.


Diversified consumption

  For children's parks, the income from holidays is not only the profit of membership cards, but the high proportion of tickets and membership cards is a common problem in domestic parks. In Europe and America, Japan and other countries, catering, IP derivatives and other secondary consumer income is their paradise revenue main parts. This is partly related to the consumption habits of Chinese tourists, but it also reflects the lack of attractiveness of the secondary consumption projects in domestic parks According to relevant reports, from the perspective of the consumer profit structure of the children's market, tickets account for about 50%, and other consumer profits also account for about 50%. Grasping the holidays to make merchandise or tickets, it can also promote the consumption of goods other than tickets. .


for the purpose of profit

  Any activity that does not aim at making money is a rogue. Before the event, the park operator should estimate the maximum passenger flow that he can afford. What is the budget for this activity? After all, the purpose of the activity is to increase sales. , not just to do activities for activities. If you want customers to think that the price is cheap and affordable, you can use some marketing strategies.

How can children's parks multiply the benefits of holiday marketing?


Differentiated Services

  Differentiating services for different customer groups will attract them to the children's playground.

  For the young customer base, add the activity and fun of the game play process, the participation is more random, the participation threshold is lower, and the customer's interest should be fully generated;

  For the family customer group, the child-centered, child-friendly, favorite, and parent-oriented aspects of the child's growth will create sales that will make the child happy and the parents willing.


Use festival culture to promote marketing

  For example, for the National Day, which has a long time, the Children's Paradise can firmly grasp the "small holiday, enjoy the joy", which is closely related to most of the groups, and play a big emotional card in the way of propaganda. Favorite warmth story: During the National Day, no matter who you are, where you are, what you are doing, you all have the same feeling: a small holiday, finally have a little time to relax, even if only one hour, one day Yeah. I believe that this theme will certainly resonate with many people, especially among young people. (Emotion + culture is not unique?)

  In combination with your own playground to launch the theme activities during the small holiday period, and do the corresponding marketing strategies, such as: the parent-child activities held in the children's park, there are corresponding rewards.

  During the event, if the consumer spends a lot of money in the store, they will get a membership card, and exchange the exquisite gift with the card at the front desk, or recharge the card for 200 yuan for 50 yuan, etc. Give a gift of 100 yuan; all customers who come to play can get a beautiful gift and so on.

  During the event, online and offline interactive rewards, such as: during the event, interact with the children's playground, and consumers in the circle of friends and groups can get a certain amount of coins or a certain number of coupons, membership cards. Go to the major offline stores.

  Activities that use cultural factors and emotional factors not only have story and theme, but also deepen consumers' memories of relevant festival knowledge and deepen their impression of children's paradise. Specific event planning needs to be planned according to actual conditions.

How can children's parks multiply the benefits of holiday marketing?

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