Standing on the former vent, how to catch the doll online to achieve a perfect counterattack
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2019-05-31 17:32:37
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Many people don't like the word "his new and tired", especially in the feelings, "the new and tired of the old" people are the most unpleasant. But sometimes, using it to describe human nature is the most suitable. For example, consumers, in the game entertainment industry, we call them "players" or "users." Looking back at the offline development of the game entertainment industry in the past two years, from the past mini KTV, scissors machine, doll machine, last year's lipstick machine and blessing machine, to this year's gashapon machine, we can easily find this fact. In fact, not only offline, but also online, the 2017 online catching dolls have almost swept the entire social network, and the few remaining ones that are still in operation continue to operate. In the eyes of many people, the online catching of the doll has long since passed away. However, is this really the case?

Not always, existence is reasonable, and the emergence of any thing has its own truth. Online catching dolls is no exception. It is not only the maturity of domestic webcast push-pull flow technology, but also the product of e-commerce development to a certain stage. The doll industry has accumulated to a certain extent in the country, from offline to online. So, why does such a project that seems to have taken advantage of it, and in a short period of time, it has begun to disappear? What are the barriers to the development of online dolls today? Those online game operators who are still insisting on how to make breakthroughs in the face of the current environmental challenges? And in what direction will the future of online dolls be developed? These should be what many people want to know now. Today, we will reorganize the development of online catching dolls. In the following, the author will mainly elaborate on the rise of online catching dolls, the barriers to face, the advantages and breakthroughs, and the future development direction.

First, the online catching dolls came into being

1. Mature technology

Online catching dolls is a combination of offline dolls and network technology. In order to make users enjoy the joyful game experience, in addition to ensuring the stability of the network environment, it also has certain video capture and transmission technology to ensure users are in the process of operating the game. There will be no stagnation, delay, etc., here is the application of push-pull flow technology. Push flow refers to the process of transmitting the content of the packet at the acquisition stage to the server, that is, the process of transmitting the video signal of the scene to the network; and pulling the stream means that the user pulls the voice and video stream from the server to The process of client playback. The same is true for online capture of dolls. It is necessary to first push the collection of live video streams to the server, and then the user downloads the video from the cloud server on the mobile terminal. Therefore, the maturity of the push-pull stream technology is closely related to the development of the webcast. The domestic webcasting wave started from 2015, when the YY live broadcast, the content is mainly concentrated in the game. Later, with the live broadcast platform such as Yingke, Fasthand, and Pepper, even Sina and Tencent began to join the tide of webcasting. Numerous live broadcast platforms began to spring up. In 2016, it was hailed as the “Chinese Online Live Year”. The live broadcast platform has become the hottest Internet product. This also means that China's webcasting technology is beginning to mature, and it can effectively solve the delay problem in the live broadcast process, and this has laid an important foreshadowing for the emergence of online catching dolls.

Standing on the former vent, how to catch the doll online to achieve a perfect counterattack

Standardized management of music shakes the corner of the online catching doll storage

2. Popularization of mobile payment

The generation of mobile payment is complementary to the development of mobile Internet. The development of mobile Internet has added many application scenarios for mobile payment. The generation of mobile payment allows the business model under these application scenarios to be formed. With the development of mobile Internet, mobile payment not only solves the problem of time and space for payment, but also improves the convenience of payment. Moreover, the digitization of money in the mobile online payment process reduces the sensitivity of consumers to prices and brings greater benefits to the development of business. According to statistics from the big data company Starway, the total sales of the Double 11 network in 2017 reached 253.97 billion yuan, resulting in 1.38 billion packages. At the end of the 2017 Double 11 Carnival, Tmall's final trading rating was 168.2 billion, a record high. The Jingdong Global Good Food Festival has accumulated a total of 127.1 billion yuan from November 1st to November 11th at 24 o'clock. The online catching doll project on the mobile payment express has not only officially erupted in 2017, but also as an entertainment method that is free from time and space and can be operated anytime and anywhere. Accepted, at the same time, due to the digitization of the currency, the user's insensitivity to consumer prices has also made many online doll platforms earn a lot of money.

3. Sound development of the industrial chain

The process of catching a doll online seems to be simple. The user operates the doll on the mobile phone side, and the doll platform that is caught will be delivered to the home according to the address provided by the user. However, the links involved are not only these, the purchase, display and replenishment of gifts; the purchase and assembly of doll machine parts, the placement of the camera position of the doll body; the application of push-pull flow technology, the management and analysis of background data; The user encounters problems in the process of experiencing the game in time; after the user catches the doll, the warehouse distributes the delivery speed, the logistics speed, and the protection measures for the doll during the transportation; the professional training and follow-up of the B-side merchant joining platform As well as services, etc., these links have formed an industry chain. Taking warehousing and logistics as an example, in recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce has opened up a new market for China's logistics industry. Under the development of e-commerce, the development of the logistics industry has become more mature, not only with global positioning system, Electronic ordering systems, geographic information systems, etc., and the skilled use of bar code technology, electronic data exchange technology, Internet technology, etc., also provide strong logistics support for the development of commercial businesses such as online catching dolls.

4. Accumulation after the growth of the doll machine industry

Like this year's gashapon machine, the doll machine of 2015 has had a climax of development. After that, all the streets and alleys can see the figure of the doll machine. Since then, the doll machine has penetrated into most people. Among them, it has become the best choice for many people to entertain. After the development of the online doll machine became more mature, the industry began to think about the extension of the development of the doll. In 2017, the stranger community software software team created, the self-proclaimed "China's first online doll platform", the daily catching doll, after a month of testing, officially launched on the App Store on August 12, 2017; 2017 On September 13th, YY launched the Happy Captured Doll game on the App Store on the 7.0.0 version. Since then, many platforms have entered the online game to catch the doll track, which has opened up the development process of catching the doll online.

Second, online to grab the doll project lying to make money? not that simple

Online catching dolls seems to have many advantages. It is not limited by time and space. You can grab mobile phones anytime, anywhere, without the cost of site rent and electricity bills, saving costs, users' sensitivity to coin-operating, and operating income increase. and many more. However, this is not the case.

1. The market size of online dolls is not as big as people think.

Although with the increasing demand for entertainment consumption in recent years, China's entertainment consumption has improved, but in the Chinese entertainment consumer market, the game entertainment market is just the tip of the iceberg, let alone Online catching dolls is only a small part of the game entertainment market. Its audience is not limited, and the market size is not as large as people think.

2, the cost of obtaining customers continues to increase

With the end of the mobile Internet's dividend period, online traffic has become valuable, and the cost of online users has become higher and higher. “This is the core issue facing the entire online doll project. In order to retain customers, in addition to a lot of investment in the drainage activities, many online doll platforms have chosen to reduce the gross profit margin, so that players can spend less. Money catches the doll to gain users and increase the retention rate of the user. However, due to the high cost of the customer, the input and output are not positive. This is the main reason why many online doll platforms cannot continue to operate. The reason.” Le Shengwei, director of the project, said in an interview with the game.

3, the user experience is difficult to maintain

The user experience includes the gaming experience and the feelings of the entire experience. The game experience includes the application of push-pull streaming technology. Is the network smooth? Is there a stuck or delayed time during the game? Is the lighting control of the picture reasonable? Is the style of the doll attractive enough? Is it reasonable to place? Whether the user can really catch the doll and so on. In addition, in the process of experiencing the online catching of dolls, there are a series of factors that may affect the feelings of their experience, including whether the doll style captured by the user is an exclusive original IP? What is the quality of the doll? After the user catches the doll, is the logistics delivery timely? Is there a damage during the delivery process? Whether the customer complaints can be dealt with in a timely manner. These problems, if not a mature operating system, the average small business, it is difficult to support the long-term operation of this entire system.

Catch doll gifts online, not just dolls

4, homogenization problems are widespread, user retention rate is reduced

Regarding the homogenization of the online game of catching dolls, the director said: "The homogenization of online game of dolls is objective." What the user wants to experience is the process of catching the doll. Therefore, in terms of games, almost all online catching dolls are similar. Not only that, some dolls that catch the dolls on the Internet also have homogenization phenomenon. Many dolls that catch the doll platform online are exactly the same. There is no new idea, and the gift is not updated in time. All of them are the same dolls, and naturally they lose interest in catching dolls online. The user is the core part of the entire online capture doll project. Without the source and accumulation of users, the project is difficult to sustain, but it is a problem sooner or later.

5, many online doll platforms, but it is difficult to scale

When online dolls are just emerging, many online dolls are springing up, and these apps want to stand out in many homogenous online dolls, and they can only enhance their competitiveness through gifts. If the platform does not have a certain scale, it will be much higher than the others in the purchase cost of gifts. This does not include the labor costs, transportation costs, inventory costs, long-term rental costs of the project, and the cost of the loss of the scrapped machine. The project is really operational and we will find out Many other cost outputs, which are not affordable for small businesses in general.

6, the quality of gifts is open to question

Whether it is grabbing a doll offline or catching a doll online, it can affect the user experience, not only the game experience in the process of catching a doll, but also the quality of the doll that the user grabs and the service in the whole process. Especially in the game entertainment industry, it is not difficult to find out through the emergence and disappearance of a series of explosive products. However, in the face of fierce market competition, some people are always difficult to maintain their rationality and try to obtain market share by lowering prices. It has led to a vicious competition in the entire market, which in turn undermined the order of the entire industry. Online catching dolls can't be spared. When various online crawling doll platforms emerge, some platforms, in order to improve competitiveness, gain advantages by lowering the price of playing games, and the doll price is determined by the purchase cost. Reducing the price will inevitably lead to an increase in procurement costs, but the platform will naturally not be so stupid. Therefore, the only way is to reduce the procurement cost and reduce the cost of purchasing the doll. The quality is not known.

It is not easy for users to catch the dolls, but some dolls with different quality are available. As a result, it is conceivable how disappointing, not only the credibility of the platform is lost, but also the image of the entire industry is greatly reduced.

Third, what is the online capture doll platform that can stand out in the fierce market competition?

1. Rich industry accumulation

"If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools." If you want to succeed, you must pay something, and this effort can't be without direction. As a part of the game entertainment industry, the doll machine is simple in its gameplay process, “coin, control the direction of the claws, lower jaws...”, but if you want to fully understand the principles, you must go deep into the whole industry. When the online dolls broke out in 2017, many people saw this vent, and everyone wanted to get a piece of it. As a result, there have been dozens of online catching doll apps, but in the end, only a few of them have learned about the doll machine industry, and they are familiar with several platforms operated by the doll machine. Shake is one of them. As early as August 2016, before entering the gift machine, Le Shake has been deeply immersed in the game entertainment industry for many years. It is also because of the rich experience of the industry. After catching the fascination in the field of dolls online, in 2017, the project was formally established, which opened up its pioneering path in the field of online dolls.

2, strong technical support

In the era of mobile Internet, a strong technical management team can not only bring great development space for the development of enterprises, but also the core of the company's own competitiveness. In catching dolls, there are many factors that can affect the user experience, such as jog, rocker, buttons, etc. Even if it is a small part, its R&D and production process needs to have certain professional skills to complete. Not to mention the online capture of the dolls involved in the push-streaming technology application of the live webcast process. In order to express the viewpoint of this article more intuitively, the author also tried several different online catching dolls APP. Even after the online catching doll has been developed for several years, I found some delays in the online catching doll APP, Caton. The phenomenon is still very serious. It can be seen that the technology of catching dolls in the field is not available on every platform. These online crawling doll platforms without strong technical support will inevitably face market elimination because they cannot meet the user's experience needs.

3. Refined operations and services

Whether it is offline or online, mature and refined operations are the key to success. "In essence, online catching dolls is also a service industry. In the operation of this project, we not only want to promote customers, but also to serve customers." Regarding the service of catching dolls online, I always say this. It's not hard to find that the bigger the brands, the better their services are. Because when a brand or a project has a certain scale, it not only has a certain popularity, but also has a certain customer base. At this time, if the brand does not well maintain the customer through a series of refined service areas, Then, it is very likely to cause customer loss and decline in brand credibility.

4, grasp the opportunity

In the face of the market, enterprises not only need to have a keen observation ability, but also be able to quickly seize the opportunity and seize the opportunity. Taking music shake as an example, the music-shaking online grabbing doll project was officially established in 2017. It is not the first online crawling doll platform to enter the field of online dolls, but it is the most suitable in this field. Competitive platform. The reason is that in addition to long-term industry accumulation, strong technical support and refined operation management, the most important thing is that they can detect when the webcast push-pull stream technology, mobile payment, and e-commerce industry chain mature. And seize this opportunity in time.

5. Cooperation mode of mutual assistance and mutual assistance

I want to run the online capture doll project separately, unless the platform itself has a certain scale. It is understood that the break-even point of the online catching doll project is 3 million yuan / month of revenue, if you do less than 3 million, it must be a loss. In addition, we must consider whether we have sufficient funds, resources, and strong technical and operational teams. Therefore, cooperation with the platform is an ideal way. Taking music shake as an example, they not only have professional follow-up and training teams, refined operational positions, can handle various customer complaints and game failures in a timely manner, provide various activity programs, marketing strategies, and user maintenance strategies. And their cooperation model "B2B2C", in the process of cooperation, Le shake is mainly to play the advantages of its capital, technology and scale, complete the initial investment, build the platform, help B-side businesses to find the potential of customers, B The end-users mainly take advantage of their ability to mine users and maintain customer service. The two combine to complement each other and form a complementary cooperative relationship. Not only can the B-end merchants gain profits, but the platform can also be developed. The reason why the commercial project of catching a doll can be bigger and stronger is that the rational design of the business model is very important.

Of course, due to the large amount of costs invested in the previous period, the threshold for music to shake the dolls online will be relatively high, which is the initial fee we said. Each customer who has joined the music shake will get a dedicated management background, a dedicated QR code and a dedicated promotion link. All users who enter the online crawling doll platform through this QR code or link will be classified as the user of the customer. If these users consume in the platform, the back office will calculate the income for the joining customer. In terms of income, according to the author's understanding, the profit of the online crawling doll project is far more than 3 million. In the summer vacation, it can generally be 800, 9 million a month, and usually about 6 million a month.

4. In what direction can the online dolls be developed?

1. Entertainment e-commerce is the direction

Why do some people obviously buy a doll they want at a lower price, but have to use twice the price to get it by grabbing the doll? Of course, it is to experience the fun of this process of catching a doll. For those who are constantly improving their entertainment needs, they are more willing to get it through entertainment than to buy a certain product directly, even if they need to spend several times more. What's more, today's catching doll industry has developed to a relatively mature stage. No one knows more than the operator of the doll machine. The price paid by the user and the value of the gift obtained are equal, which is important for user management, whether it is the line. Next or online. Therefore, for the user, under the same price conditions, there are two ways to obtain the same item, one is to buy directly, and the other is to enter the entertainment way by catching the doll. Under the conditions of time, presumably most users are willing to choose the way of entertainment. After all, if you spend the same price, you can get the entertainment experience. Why not?

2, gift categories

If you grab the doll online, can you really catch the doll? Not necessarily, whether it is grabbing a doll offline or catching a doll online, if you are a doll lover, you will find that the doll machine is now powerful enough to catch almost anything. What the user can catch is not just a doll. Wallets, mobile phones, charging treasures, charging lines, bedding, daily necessities, nail clippers, masks, sun protection umbrellas, etc., the gifts of doll machines are increasingly moving towards comprehensive categories to meet the diversification of users at all levels. demand.

V. Conclusion

It is not a profiteering industry to catch dolls online. Anyone who has the idea of making quick money is not only suitable for entering the industry, but also unpopular in this industry. In any industry, the only thing that can survive and develop in the fierce competition must be those companies that have long-term goals from the beginning and can calm down, down-to-earth, and do things one step at a time. Online catching a doll is not without a threshold. On the contrary, its threshold is higher than that of a doll machine under the line. Although it does not have the limitations of offline time and space, there are no complicated links such as site selection, rent negotiation and decoration. However, there are more difficult links such as transportation, online operation, maintenance, and data analysis, and the requirements for management personnel are also higher. However, this does not become the reason for investors to stop the project of catching dolls online. From a long-term perspective, when we judge the quality of a project, the first thing to consider is whether it can continue to invest. Bringing long-term value to the company is the right standard for judging a project.

After reading this article, do you still think that the online catching doll is the one you thought you would be able to make money while lying down?

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