In the peak season, the event plan for the soaring revenue of the park
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2019-05-29 17:13:08
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Come here, the 2019 paradise industry hits the season, are you ready to fight? In the next six months, there are three big festivals: June 1st Children's Day, June 7th Dragon Boat Festival, June 16th Father's Day, in order to let the bosses show a seal-like applause posture, shop Are you ready for the elders? It’s better to take a look at the holiday planning arrangements that Xiaobian has prepared for you!

 [Children's Day] event planning read from here

Theme: "Family Mini Games"

In the peak season, the event plan for the soaring revenue of the park

In the peak season, the event plan for the soaring revenue of the park

In the peak season, the event plan for the soaring revenue of the park

Activity goal

1. Experience the joy of sports and the joy of competition.

2. Develop a sense of rules and a spirit of collaboration.

3. Develop the movement skills of young children in the game with parents to enhance parent-child relationships.

4. Through the parent-child mini sports meeting, strengthen the customer's sticky interaction to drive revenue.

Activity preparation

1. Activity schedule.

2. Prepare a variety of sports small balls, whistle, small cloth bags, etc., to arrange the venue.

3. Activity prizes.

activity plan

1. The moderator announced the start of the event.

2. Demonstration guidance before the event, attention to safety activities, and explanation of activity rules.

3. Organize grouped parent-child families to participate in the timing competition.

4. Award winning small gifts.

1 game: big feet and small feet

Material preparation: 2 unit cylinders and 2 sets of gym mats.

Game method: 1 parent and 1 child in each group participate, each group stands at the beginning of the unit tube. Parents and children take off their shoes. The children's feet stand on the parents' feet and stand face to face. The parents hold the children's arms. At the beginning of the game, the parents took the children's arms and walked quickly with their feet. The children should stand on the parents' feet and move forward with the parents' actions. After reaching the end point, the second group can start and proceed in turn. Which group will go all the way to the end to win.

2 games: grab the position

Material preparation: 8 physical rings, music.

Game method: Parents and children hand in hand, prepare on the big circle, after listening to the music, walk along the big circle, hear the music stop, the parents pick up the baby to find the physical ring in the middle. Those who have not grabbed the physical ring will be eliminated, and those who grab the position will continue to play, and the last three pairs will be winners. In the process of the game, parents and young children should be hand in hand; at the beginning, they must walk outside the big circle, and the music can stop to find the physical ring; parents must hold the child to find the physical ring.

3 games: Drilling a cave

Material preparation: 2 drilled cylinders, 2 unit cylinders, 2 physical energy rings, 1 shooting device, 1 set of gymnastics mats.

Game method: The children in turn pass through the caves consisting of a climbing cylinder, a physical ring and a unit cylinder, and the parents hold their bodies and feet to climb the gymnasium, climb over the gym mat, and finally play in the shooting machine. The game can be repeated. It is also possible to time the game to see which child first arrives at the shooter.

4 games: parent-child pass

Material preparation: 60 rubber and plastic balls, 2 sets of gymnastics mats and 4 large turtles.

Game method: Before the game starts, the children and the parents sit face to face on the gymnastic mats. The distance between them is 2 meters. 10 balls are stored in the back of each turtle next to each child, and a big turtle is placed next to each parent. At the beginning of the game, the child pushes the ball to the parents, and the family receiving the most votes wins within the specified time.

5 games: Wallabies

Material preparation: 2 sets of gym mats.

Game method: Parents hold up the child, gently support the child's buttocks with both hands, the child hooks the parent's neck with both hands, the legs sandwich the parent's waist, the parents learn the kangaroo to jump forward, from the beginning to the end. The game can be repeated. It is also possible to time the game to see which family has the least time from the start to the end. (Attached children's song: The kangaroo mother has a bag, and the bag has a sputum inside, and the mother and her mother are in love.)

6 games: catching small fish

Material preparation: 1 set of collaborative evangelism.

Game method: 1 parent and 1 child in each group, and play in three groups at the same time. Before the game began, the parents circled the sermon and pulled the edge of the evangelistic evangelism. At the beginning of the game, the parents jog in the clockwise or counterclockwise direction while the children are jogging. The young children are free to learn the small fish swims and swim under the concerted sermons. When the children say "Hurry and catch", the parents stop, 蹲At the same time, the escort will be pulled down to the ground, and the young child will need to run outside the escort as soon as possible, not to be buckled underneath, otherwise it is the small fish caught. The game can be repeated. 
(Attached children's songs: Many small fish swim, swim, swim, and many small fish swim, catch them quickly.)

[Dragon Boat Festival] event planning read from here

Activity 1: "The Story of the Dragon Boat Festival Qu Yuan"

Learning Qu Yuan's ancient poems

Activity goal

1. Appreciate the story of Qu Yuan in the legend of the Dragon Boat Festival, knowing that Qu Yuan was a patriotic poet in ancient China.

2. Promote the national spirit, pass on the positive energy and educational knowledge of the park, and create a brand-name paradise with connotation.

3. Organize children's DIY production "Qu Yuan Gu Shi" paste painting, parental assistance.

Activity preparation

An animated cartoon or picture of Qu Yuan's Story.

activity procedure

1. Watch the cartoons, listen to the parent-child teacher and tell the story of Qu Yuan, and learn about the origins of the Dragon Boat Festival.

★Guide: Do you know why you want to eat dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival?

2. Understand the content of the story and stimulate the admiration of the patriotic poet Qu Yuan.


1 Why do people have to go through the Dragon Boat Festival? Why commemorate Qu Yuan?

2 What methods do people use to commemorate Qu Yuan?

3 If you are Qu Yuan, the monarch does not accept advice, what do you do?

(Educating young children cherish life and solve problems in a positive way.)

3. Expanding communication: What are the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival?

4. Organize children to make paste paintings of Qu Yuan Ancient Poems.

Activity 2: "Dragon Boat Festival"

Scorpion parent-child production

Activity goal

1. A preliminary understanding of the legends of the Dragon Boat Festival and the customs of people in the festival.

2. Know the raw materials and methods of the dumplings.

3. Inspire young children's interest in national traditional culture.

4. Organize the parent-child family group to participate in the dice competition to drive revenue.

Activity preparation

Videos and pictures about the origin of the dice

The material of the dumplings, one each of glutinous rice, duck eggs, medlar leaves and medlar.

activity procedure

1. Present the scorpion and lead the legend of the Dragon Boat Festival.

★Question: What is this? Have you ever eaten the scorpion? What flavors have you ever eaten?

Parent-child families are free to discuss and talk about the fact that during this time, everyone often sees adults squatting and eating scorpions. What is this for?

Introduction: The legend of the Dragon Boat Festival.

2. Organize children to watch the dragon boat video and pictures to understand the customs of the Dragon Boat Festival.


1 What activities do people do during the Dragon Boat Festival?

2 What is the dragon boat like?

3 How do people draw dragon boats? What do you do when you draw a dragon boat?

4 Why are they doing this?

What is inside the 5 green dice?

What materials do you need for 6 packs of dice? How do you pack them out?

7 Have you ever eaten a scorpion?

8 What kind of dice have you eaten?

3. The parent-child teacher introduces other related customs and habits of the Dragon Boat Festival and demonstrates the process of wrapping the dumplings.

4. Parent-child family package dice game, taste the scorpion to feel the atmosphere of the festival.

Activity 3: Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Festival

Dragon boat production

Activity goal

1. Guide the children to simulate the construction of a dragon boat, learn the basic characteristics of structural objects and the construction of some subtle parts.

2. Guide young children to appreciate and evaluate their own and others' works, and share the joy of success with their peers.

3. Inspire young children's interest in national traditional culture.

4. Enhance the thinking ability of children's hands-on production, and drive activities with gain activities.

Activity preparation

Video and pictures of the dragon boat.

Prepare a dragon boat model.

A memorial to the park.

activity procedure

1. Combine the Dragon Boat Festival in the Dragon Boat Festival to guide the children to tell their own characteristics and tell the basic characteristics of the dragon boat.

2. Guide the children to create a colorful dragon boat. The parent-child teacher focuses on guiding the child to fill the bow of the dragon boat and the shape of the dragon, especially the construction of the dragon.

3. Organize children and parents to play the parent-child color dragon boat DIY filling contest to inspire the fun of the event.

4. Inspire children to boldly design different dragon boats and decorate the shape of the dragon boat.

5. Conduct a centralized evaluation and exchange of each event, and select one of the most distinctive and innovative color dragon boats to receive a park souvenir.

[Father's Day] Event planning reads from here

Activity goal

1. Parent-child interaction to create a father's day theme small hand, to enhance parent-child feelings.

2. Actively entertain the festive atmosphere through a circular event organization.

3. Enrich the creative production of the park activities and drive the income of the activities.

Father's Day Activity 1: Dad's Love Tie

Father's Day Activity 2: Dad's Excellent Medal

Father's Day Activity 3: Dad's cute smile

No matter what kind of activities you choose, the purpose must be to increase the reputation of the park, to promote the image, to increase the benefits brought by the festival's increased activities, to quickly plan the festival activities, and to activate your paradise!

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