How deep is the rivers and lakes, how can the offline children's paradise swim to the other side?
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How deep is the rivers and lakes, how can the offline children's paradise swim to the other side?

Part1 There are four typical children's playground players in the parent-child industry.

From the perspective of the development of children's paradise, the whole is divided into four categories: franchise, transfer, capital and professional.

The franchise type is the most shackled, and many of them have broken the rules of the industry.

The transfer type is also chaotic, but it is much better than the franchise type. Their gameplay is to open the store, recover the cost in a few months, and then transfer it immediately, earning a transfer fee and not having to undertake the follow-up. Members and fees, of course, this kind of game test is also a lot of things, such as the signing contract, relationship network, shop opening ability. Taking the purchase of some stores in Youyoutang as a case of honey buds, from the perspective of the overall situation, commercial layout, time and efficiency, the honey buds must have done a good preliminary work. However, from the perspective of the industry characteristics of children's parks, there are two parts to be dealt with. The dominant ones are the definition of rights and responsibilities, various operations, fees, terms, etc.; implicitly includes the quality of the partners, third parties and parties. Terms of cooperation, etc. After that, the shop closed and the member refunds that were exposed by Youyoutang were actually caused by hidden problems. Although the law can define who is responsible, it is another difficulty to implement. It is another One thing.

The capital type is similar to the early education and kindergarten play, not for the amusement park itself. Therefore, even though the children's play industry already has some companies that have opened hundreds of stores and joined in, they have not yet established their own industry norms.

Professional, in the true sense, there is no benchmarking company so far, and the industry lacks leaders who have the guiding and influence. Take the 7-11 convenience store as an example. It may affect not only the convenience store industry, but also the entire retail industry and other industries. Another example is Shangchao, including Wal-Mart, Carrefour, RT-Mart, etc., which have set a benchmark for the industry and also provide consumers with a relatively fair consumption choice.

Part2 Children's Paradise, the problem of the industry needs to be innovated

So, what are the problems that have been difficult to solve in the entire children's playground industry?

01  Children's Park has long faced the problems of single profit structure, homogenization, aesthetic fatigue, difficulty in standardization and scale. In recent years, many businesses are looking for breakthroughs, some to do goods, some to do theme IP, some involved in early education, popular science and other related projects, and some started to do community, however, these did not solve the children's paradise The fundamental problem.

In addition, there are more and more investment in indoor children's playground equipment. In the overall income structure of most children's parks, tickets and retail income are still the main source of income, especially the proportion of members with large income is pre-charged. The park will use the member's income as income, but in essence, this is a liability . Only when the service is completed can it be completely converted into income, which is why so many parks will directly close the door, because the refund is an endless pit, maybe a paradise. I can’t figure it out. Therefore, it is still very difficult for children's parks to change their profit structure. For example, it is difficult to keep ticket sales under 50% while maintaining revenue growth.

One of the problems facing children's parks is the periodic update. For children's parks, projects and equipment need to be upgraded to avoid customer fatigue. Because most of the children's parks have a large footprint, the equipment involves a lot of parts disassembly, decoration and labor costs. Many park operators are reluctant to update their equipment, resulting in the majority of children's paradise being constant throughout the year and lacking new ideas. And customers are increasingly demanding new products. In the information age, children can access a variety of fresh and interesting things in the network, and old paradise products and games cannot be favored. Therefore, small updates and major updates are needed. Not updating and waiting to die, this is something that many people who have not been involved in the industry have not considered. At the same time, the paradise format still has problems such as different equipments and different cooperation contracts, so the offline children's play is an industry where outsiders look at the excitement and really get involved in the water and mine.

02  heavy position or heavy operation balance, difficult to control

How deep is the rivers and lakes, how can the offline children's paradise swim to the other side?

Through the children's business to promote household consumption, it has become the starting point for businesses to add children's business format, more and more people want to share a share in the parent-child park. In the actual management process, there are two different voices about the issue of “the key to the success or failure of the offline children’s paradise: location or operation”:

One voice is that indoor children's parks place more emphasis on location than other retail industry physical stores, and location is a decisive factor. When it comes to location, you have to talk about rent, but the children's playground is also an industry with poor rent resistance. The good location is high rent, and the rent is too high. Children's playgrounds can't do it. At the earliest time, many shopping malls and shopping malls were very popular in order to attract popularity. But now the children's business in the mall is fiercely competitive, and the terms are coming up, slowly entering a vicious circle. In addition, the rent in the early stage of the children's park and the annual operating costs account for a relatively large proportion, the more branches opened, the lower the profit margin. If the location of the mall is not good and the popularity is not good, it will close down quickly.

Take Wanda as an example. Children's paradise and early education are all Wanda's projects. It is expected that the action will not be small this year. No matter the number of stores or the scale of development, the goal is very determined. Wanda's biggest advantage is that it can get the venues and conditions that competitors can't get. The location and rent have great advantages in this industry. Although Wanda's operation is not reproducible, it can be a good thing for the industry if it can build its industry standards with its own advantages. At the same time, it is not negligible that many small and medium-sized players in the region are still very practical and lively.

Another voice believes that the "location" as the core of the business model is a dead end. Refined operations determine the long-term healthy development of the business, which in turn involves the lack of talent. At present, the children's industry is basically divided into two major blocks, one is online education with Internet thinking and business model, and the other is other traditional models. Among them, children's paradise is a typical representative, in addition to art training, dance training, etc. However, capital and talents are crowded into the former. The application of Internet thinking and Internet tools is a big topic and a blind spot for the bosses of traditional models.

Part3 Industry vision and transformation

As the most influential representative brand in the industry, Youyoutang has been shackled by the closure of the store and the default of loans. The insiders have mentioned the industry's forward-looking layout and some innovations in the game during the eight years of development, and also analyzed some of the reasons for the current situation.

In the early development process, the talent and vision of the founder Chen Xiaofan led the rapid development of Youyoutang. When the earliest investors still couldn't understand the offline paradise mode, the founder of Youyoutang, Chen Xiaofan, successfully persuaded the investors. In 2014-2015, Youyoutang received multiple investments in multi-party capital, and the amount before or after was over 800 million yuan. Offline Park is indeed the traffic entrance. With this traffic, Youyoutang will rely on IP+retail+online games to realize. In the park company, Youyoutang is the only company that has established two teams of goods and IP introduction very early. It is very far-sighted to choose the strategy of opening the store at the same time as the retail store, and decided to open dozens of stores. In cooperation with IP, the first to introduce Korea's PORORO Paradise is to hope to increase retail and online profits based on IP.

With the rapid advancement of Youyoutang, it is already on a branch road. On the other hand, it is to transfer resources from the front end to the back office to build IT systems, human resources, financial management, commodity logistics, etc., while continuing to increase resources at the front end. The investment to build a larger and more luxurious children's playground. Youyoutang chose the latter. It is reported that when the game hall opened to 200 stores, various front-end management problems were frequent, the profit was extremely poor, and the back-end online products were not made. Even after the opening of the Yuyoutang, the light asset path, but because the back-end resources invested late, and did not develop a strong system that can help franchisees to make money, there is no good goods and online games, join The service is not enough, and even some franchisees have abandoned the Youyoutang brand. At the same time, the efficiency and quality of the internal operation and management of the team also declined due to the rapid expansion of the store.

Looking back at the history of the whole development of Youyoutang, we can see the rationality of the development of Chinese-style enterprises, "the world is not fast, not breaking." A company is not big or weak in China. In the human market, there are too many challenges to be encountered. If the crazy expansion is accidentally, people will be turned over. Therefore, the balance between bigger and stronger needs to be carefully grasped.

How deep is the rivers and lakes, how can the offline children's paradise swim to the other side?

There are also practitioners who have analyzed the roads and stepped pits of the children's playground players, and believe that there are two experiences worth learning:

01 The high cost of realizing the flow of the park is determined by the initial positioning. In the subconscious of the customer, the playground cannot provide high quality education and commodities unless the product itself is also entertaining, such as toys and online games. In addition, even if the park launches a similar early education service, the customer will not think that the value is excellent. It can be said that it is difficult for the offline children's park to have a high customer price. It is extremely difficult to borrow the flow of the playground.

For traditional parks, in the realization of traffic, we can cooperate with many industries, such as catering, medical services, etc., as well as joint IP, turning the park into a platform to display IP services and products, and entertaining services and products. Effective integration. It should be noted here that the most important thing for all cross-border is a principle that the experience should be done around the transaction, not the experience. Whether it's more luxurious decoration, more advanced equipment, more complicated human flow line design, or more versatile on-site service, how can these experiences enable customers to generate consumption and improve the efficiency? The focus of the card period.

02 Based on the setting of “consumer is a child rather than a parent” in the traditional paradise, it is easy to have problems with the lack of scenes, and naturally ignore the many needs of parents. On the contrary, the new parent-child restaurants in the market, such as Nairberg, Yaotong, etc., take into account the role of the paradise consumers, especially in the community store, the closed paradise is only a part, the child is taken care of, Parents can also enjoy a meal with friends and friends. In this way, whether it is from the decoration design, menu design or service design of the restaurant, it is to meet the social needs of parents. At this time, the price of the high customer is justified, and the customer arrives at the store. The frequency can also be increased.

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