How to choose a doll shop "manned" and "unattended"?
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2019-05-22 16:50:49
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The rise of unmanned self-service equipment in 2017 made the unattended doll machine hot again. After the concept of "new retail" was fired, the traditional doll machine was pushed onto the air.

Since 2017, the entrances to major shopping malls, theaters, etc., which are suitable for launching unattended doll machines, have been basically placed by first-timers. Some operators began to open independent shops in the prosperous areas, and put all kinds of exquisite gifts, beauty products and other items that are popular with young people into the doll machine to let customers catch. The trafficking process has become entertaining.

The market for doll machines is large, but the head does not appear. The way to make a good brand and make a difference is to combine the entertainment experience of the doll machine with the IP.

However, in the face of a variety of various doll machine business models, for a newcomer who has no experience in operating a newcomer, it is as difficult to choose as a difficult problem. So how do you choose?

How to choose a doll shop "manned" and "unattended"?

About someone on duty and unattended

In choosing someone to be on duty and unattended, in fact, two different management modes are considered. So in which way to choose, the first thing to consider is the actual situation of your own site. It is not that the things that are applicable to other venues will be applied to the venue. So when choosing to be on duty or unattended, the first thing to do is to weigh the pros and cons of these two modes and make a choice.

The “man-held” management method is in place, the customer's willingness to consume is relatively strong, and the valued personnel can also ensure that the machine faults are found and resolved in time, and the customer opinions can be expressed in time, and usually cooperate with some store activities, such as 5 small The doll is exchanged for a big doll and so on. This type of operation can maximize the benefits of a single store.

Most of the unmanned choices are some of the doll machines that are placed in the aisles of the mall and next to the cinema. The reason for choosing unattended, a large part is because unattended can save labor costs.

At the same time, unattended management also has great drawbacks. If the machine fails, no one can repair it in time, which will greatly affect the site's revenue. There are also security risks. The news I have seen: a four- or five-year-old child got into the doll machine. If no one finds it in time, the after-effects caused by it can be imagined. It is obvious that the unmanned defects are obvious.

How to choose a doll shop "manned" and "unattended"?

The fact that someone is on duty is more labor-intensive than unattended, but for operators who specialize in doll machines and open doll shops, the value that someone is observing is obvious. When the player catches the doll, the clerk can interact with the player at the side. Through the interaction between the clerk and the player, the opportunity to implant the story of the brand into the content of the conversation, so that the player has a better understanding and understanding of the brand. This brings the brand and the player closer.

It can be seen that some people are more conducive to the output of the brand concept. For the operators of the chain doll shop, the brand concept is a vital part of the chain of dolls, and it is also the basic that can expand the chain of dolls in all parts of the country. .

How to choose a doll shop "manned" and "unattended"?

In addition, employees can teach the player to clip the doll's cheats when interacting with the player, or change the position of the doll to make the doll look better, so as to increase the player's trust in the store, so that occasionally come to play Cheng Changlai doll machine shop experience. Moreover, in this exchange, it is also the best time to obtain "intelligence". Operators can use employees to directly understand the player's preferences.

The player's preference for the doll also changes with the trend, and the close communication with the player is the most direct way to get the player's true preferences.

With the prevalence of doll machine stores, someone will be the mainstream choice

In 2018, we can find that more and more people choose to operate the doll machine shop, and the doll machine is no longer the same as before, just the supporting role of the video game city.

How to choose a doll shop "manned" and "unattended"?

Compared with unattended, someone is more suitable for the operation of the doll shop. The location of the gift is not good, it is not convenient for the player to catch, the clerk can change the position immediately; if the machine is faulty, it can be repaired immediately, and the player's stickiness is getting stronger and stronger. The store's brand marketing, brand appreciation, clerk can help the output subtly.

The future work is more about replacing labor by machines. This is an irreplaceable trend. But we also have to consider a question, what is something that the machine can't replace? How to interact with the player, and only the interaction between people is more direct, and someone will be on duty, which will become the mainstream choice for future doll machine operators.

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