Indoor children's playground equipment functional design 5 directions
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2019-05-20 17:27:33
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Value for money

According to the popular explanation, the more the number of devices at the same price, the more the number of players can be played at the same time, the higher the price/performance ratio. Regardless of whether the merchant purchases the product or the manufacturer develops the product, the cost-effective product should be considered. The cost-effective product can bring a more heated atmosphere to the indoor children's playground, and can also become a high life cycle product for the children's playground equipment manufacturers. For example, naughty fort, this product has been enduring for a long time, it can be said that it is a must for children's paradise. The key is that this product has always been ahead of other similar products in terms of technology maturity and cost performance.

Indoor children's playground equipment functional design 5 directions

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Parent-child competition

This concept is rarely mentioned at present. At the moment, the situation of “children playing paradise, parents playing mobile phones” has become a common phenomenon. Despite the “parent-child paradise” and “parental equipment”, there is no real parent-child effect. As a result, the demand for parent-child competitive products has emerged. Such products need to be completed by manufacturers and franchisees.

First, manufacturers need to provide play equipment that parents and children can use at the same time. Be sure to have a competitive element so that the merchant can use the equipment to organize the competition. Secondly, franchisees should design relevant game activities, let parents and children, play interactive games between family and family, and provide certain prize gifts. This kind of competition can make the merchants get the popularity of the hotspot and increase the customer's viscosity, because the children and parents get more happiness in the game, the prizes won by the children through the competition, even if the value is not high, but with the parents The happiness you get together will be the most precious memories. At the same time, parents can experience the growth of children when they play with children, and learn about children in the interaction to help their children grow. This is the form that a true parent-child paradise should have. We believe that through the efforts of the whole industry, various types of competitive software products will appear in the future.

Indoor children's playground equipment functional design 5 directions


Children are always the main consumers of animation products. In the future, there will be more anime and film elements infiltrating into the children's paradise. Children can see the familiar objects in the cartoons become real, seeing, touching, and even moving and playing. Let the child walk into the cartoon scene. At present, in the children's playground industry, the pirate ship of One Piece, the pineapple house of SpongeBob, and even the time and space drawer of the robot cat have a distinctive representative image, which has been made into a children's paradise. I believe that there will be more cartoon elements in the future to enter the indoor children's playground equipment.

Indoor children's playground equipment functional design 5 directions


With the development of technology, there will be more Internet devices in the future children's playground, that is, networking communication between devices and devices, which will greatly improve the playability. In addition, indoor children's playground equipment can interact with personal wearable devices to generate data. For example, the frequency of children playing a certain device, calories burned, health data, etc., can also achieve interactive games with the device. And this information can be added to the member points system, or the achievement system of the children's games. There are already some prototypes, such as the virtual currency system in some professional experience halls, the online marketing platform of WeChat, and the membership system that will be opened online and offline. In the future, such systems will be more and more, and will be combined with the functions of the device, so that players become more sticky to the device.

Indoor children's playground equipment functional design 5 directions



As the name implies, it is a device that can organize team play. This type of equipment, interspersed in children's paradise, is usually set up in a larger venue, set up team-like equipment, or organize team games, designed to cultivate children's understanding of primary social relationships in a mixed-age environment such as children's paradise. Team games are very helpful for training children's personality, cultivating emotional intelligence and promoting children's growth.

Indoor children's playground equipment functional design 5 directions

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