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The "three three four four" management of the children's playground store, the excellent store manager has done this!
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2019-05-22 16:54:29
shikewei    2019-05-22 16:54:42

When you mention the word of the manager, the boss and the employee seem to have a bright look, because that is the person they need most.

The head of the children's park is the executor of the boss's thoughts, and the manager of the staff. It is also the largest waiter, directly facing the customers and stores; it is not only the brand spokesperson of the store, but also the symbols and flags of the store.

In the face of the peak of the children's paradise, how should a good store manager manage the store? I will share with you a set of management methods for the successful three-four-four-four management of the children's park manager I hope to help your store management.


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01 three key

1. Key positions are checked by key personnel; 
2. Key personnel must be present at key moments; 
3. Key things are handled by key people.

In many cases, when the boss handles things, the boss does not want to come out personally. He has to avoid risks. As a store manager, after the matter comes out, let the department heads handle it. This is the method of work. It is almost processed and basically can negotiate a result. Let the CEOs come forward.

02 three-way theory

Passion, ventilation and notification:

1. "Emotional" means that every choice and decision made by the manager must be reasonable, such as asking for leave from the employee, or whether the customer can say that the fraction of the change can be erased;

2, "ventilation" means that the store manager should learn to ventilate the staff before doing anything regardless of the size, especially the things that can cause the staff to guess, must open up and tell everyone, let the employees have a stable attitude, so the service can naturally Go up

3. "Notice" generally refers to the fact that after the incident occurs, the so-called ventilation beforehand, after the event, can be printed in writing to reward the notification or criticism, or a summary of one thing.

03 four whatever

1, the service, all the staff to see customers, must be warm and friendly, the service must grasp two degrees, attitude and speed; 
2, the environment, all local customers to see, must be clean and beautiful; 
3 In terms of hardware facilities, all the amusement equipment used by customers must be complete and effective. 
4. In terms of safety, all free trials and free tasting provided by the park must be safe and not harmful to the health of customers.

04 four understandings

1. Fully understand customer needs. For example, some customers in the summer like the air conditioner as cold as possible. Some customers only let the air conditioner be at 26 degrees.... For the customer's request, we must do our best to satisfy it;

2. Fully understand the fault of the customer. When customers are wrong, most of them will not admit that the duty of store staff in Children's Paradise is to guide customers and educate customers;

3. Fully understand customer complaints. Empathy, if we are customers, wait an hour and haven’t had time for us to play, maybe we will complain more when we encounter such a situation;

4. Fully understand customer complaints. The same is to change the thinking, give understanding, do not think that the customer is targeting an employee, or to "pick up and find fault", to study the customer psychology from the customer's point of view, and finally give the complaint result.

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