What are the latest projects for indoor children's parks?
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2019-05-18 17:06:21
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Nowadays children are becoming the core of a family. The indoor children's paradise has become the "fragrant" in the eyes of everyone, and has been popular among many investors. For those who want to open a children's playground, in addition to the classic traditional amusement equipment, it is also essential to choose new and popular projects. So, what are the latest projects for indoor children's parks?

First, children's simulation driving school

The children's simulation driving school is produced in response to market demand in recent years. The staff members guide the children to understand the traffic rules in all directions, let the children experience various traffic situations, cross the road, drive and direct traffic. This project will unify education and entertainment, strengthen children's behavior intervention education while playing, popularize road safety promotion in school areas, educate children on correct traffic behaviors, and cultivate their safety traffic awareness, in line with the most popular trend.

What are the latest projects for indoor children's parks?

Second, the mirror maze

The mirror maze is a fascinating puzzle game composed of many plane mirrors. During the game, the figure of the visitor passes through the mirror and the tempered glass numerous times, that is, reflection and refraction. This project combines the characteristics of experience, science and education, and is suitable for family and children to participate in, and is very popular in the market.

What are the latest projects for indoor children's parks?

Third, Ma Liang painting aquarium

Ma Liang's painting aquarium is integrated with traditional Chinese mythology, and combines high-tech such as imaging technology, animation technology, and sensing technology. The children's paintings are displayed on the wall through the scanner, and they can also play. These painted animals and plants tell stories to children and are very popular among children. It is one of the most popular projects.

What are the latest projects for indoor children's parks?

Fourth, manual DIY

Handmade DIY is a child-do-it-yourself project that includes ceramic color molding, hand baking, and paper sketching. Each DIY work has its own rich and colorful side, which is created in the world with unique things, giving children a free space to create their children's imagination.

What are the latest projects for indoor children's parks?

Five, live CS

This is a high-tech entertainment activity that combines sports and games. Children can wear military uniforms in their dreams and participate in battles like heroic warriors. This project is conducive to cultivating children's team awareness and positive optimism, and can also comprehensively enhance children's observation, analytical, learning, and innovative thinking skills.

What are the latest projects for indoor children's parks?

In addition to the five mentioned above, the latest projects in the indoor children's park, as well as interactive projection slides, 7D theaters, children's professional experience halls, track racing and other projects are very popular. In short, in the collocation, we should try to integrate education, fitness, experience and other factors to achieve the role of brain and brain, and strengthen the body.

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