How to find new business opportunities? ——The latest performance profitable move of the chain park
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2019-05-11 17:04:03
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In 2019, what new profit model is there in the operation of the Children's Park? Below, We brings you the latest three kinds of ventures and recruits, I hope to help everyone, let's take a look.

Chain Park Performance Profit Motivation 1: Business Dealer

In the blink of an eye, 2019 has passed a quarter. In addition to the natural flow and benefits brought about by the May Day and Dragon Boat Festival holidays, we will only be able to wait for the rest of the business opportunities. Of course, we can also try to change from the passive way of waiting for business opportunities to the active way of walking business opportunities. This is the performance of the chain park.

In the following, we will share the practice cases from the way of opening the store, how to transform the park from “sit-business” to “traveler”, and constantly seek actions that can promote market space, and maximize the diffusion of park influence from IP. Force, thus enhancing the visibility and reputation of the park, and achieving the monetization of the flow of liquidity performance.

How to find new business opportunities? ——The latest performance profitable move of the chain park

Example 1: [Pig Pig Public Welfare] Pig Man Helps Public Welfare Care for Orphans and Children

On July 31, 2017, the “Anime, Love, and Public Welfare Dream” activity was held in the Social Welfare Institute of Panyu District, Guangzhou. The expert advisory team and the volunteer service team went to the teaching service designated institutions to carry out various forms of assistance activities. The love animation image has aroused social attention.

Example 2: [Pig Pig Love Passing] "Pig Pig Man Helps You Achieve Aspirations" Theme Activity

On November 3, 2018, Pig Man in the Guangzhou Children's Palace incarnation dream ambassador, encourage children to make a New Year's wish, for the poor left-behind children of Lishuping Primary School in Yunnan, want the help of an extracurricular book, continue the love, to A healthy and positive attitude interacts with children and is widely recognized by parents.

Example 3: [Pig Pig Interactive Promotion] Pig Pigman IP and Fan Meng Interaction

In November 2018, Pig's new film "Pig Pig Dinosaur Diary" held a close audience and interacted with IP anime characters, letting the children and accompanying mom and dad feel the joyful parent-child atmosphere brought by Pigman. Drive more fans to pay attention to Pig Man, and promote the promotion of offline parks.

Example 4: [Pig Pig Community Promotion] Pigs and Pigs appear in the community promotion park

In October 2018, the Pig Man and the Jinshahui Community jointly interacted with the dolls to promote the opening of the new store to the society, and the friendly interaction with the pigs and fans, and received wide attention.

From passive to active thinking, I believe that everyone has been inspired by the example above. However, here, we need to give you a clear idea of the market. We all know that the formula for sales performance is this:

Sales performance = number of visitors × customer unit price

Take the composition of 10,000 yuan turnover as an example. If the number of visitors entering the store is 150, the turnover rate is 26%, and the number of visitors is 39. Their unit price is equal to 256 yuan. If the number of people entering the store is 300, and the turnover rate and the unit price are the same, the turnover is 20,000 yuan. This is only the effect of the number of people entering the store. If the customer's recognition and reliability are improved? Then, whether the transaction rate will increase accordingly, then the number of people entering the store is also 300, but the turnover rate is 50%. When the customer price is unchanged, the turnover is 38,400 yuan, which is 1.92 times! Therefore, from the composition of sales performance, what we need first is the flow, then the recognition and reliability of the customer, and focus on how to increase the number of people entering the store and increase the transaction rate, so as to increase the sales of the store. Performance.

The key four elements of the first step in the performance of chain park performance:


From business to business to transform our thinking, and then from promotion to diffusion to implement our plans to drive performance. Focusing on the four elements of performance profitability, and adjusting the strategy to shorten the distance of profitability, this is just the basis for action that begins to focus on performance issues. After familiarizing yourself with the relative market dynamics of local parks, it is necessary to focus on how to integrate the various projects of the park with this market in order to effectively promote the achievement of performance.

Chain Park Performance Profit Motivation 2: Project and Market Combination

In the children's amusement management where the market competition is getting bigger and bigger, when the park is not easy to welcome the passenger flow, as the operator, of course, we try to let the parents consume, and the open way operators of the transaction often only consider the promotion, package bundle, consumption. Gifts, etc., many times you may overlook the real needs of customers. If you ignore your customers and ignore what parents and children really want, then you should reflect on why the park has made a big wave of discounts and promotions. , publicity, or failed to achieve performance targets?

How to find new business opportunities? ——The latest performance profitable move of the chain park

The above talks about changing our thinking from business to business, and then implementing our plan from promotion to diffusion to drive performance. This is the first step in performance profitability. However, after learning about the local park market, we have to make the second step in performance profitability, which is the customer demand survey from the market.

Combine the paradise project with the market, we can also try to do this:

Analyze project structure - identify project advantages

Investigate market demand – use market integration

Below are some examples of how to integrate projects with the market as a reference:

Example 1: [Members' Benefits] Pigs and Pigs Paradise will be rewarded with a limited time promotion and a gift.

During the period of July-August 2017, Pig City will use the accumulated consumption of 300 RMB or more for each membership card to receive the gift as an activity guide, which will increase the stickiness of the members and at the same time consume the customer's pre-existing generation. currency.

Example 2: [People's Cooperation] Pig and Pigland Paradise cooperates with Jingdong to hold a 100-meter parent-child scrolling event.

On June 18, 2017, Father's Day, Pig Family Park invites family members to come to the park, hold a parent-child scrolling coloring competition, and compete for the prizes to win the prizes, so as to promote the early education program and attract people to attract people. Performance.

Example 3: [Chain Promotion] Pig and Pigland Paradise Double 11 joint promotion, kill four major project activities.

In November 2018, two of the stores in the Guangzhou area of Pigs and Pigs Park carried out a double-store linkage, and together with Alipay's word-of-mouth APP, held a limited flash event during the double 11 period to drive the performance of the lower revenue project.

As the method in the above example reference: we can set up a paradise from the media, membership, additional membership benefits, cross-industry alliances, and also consider cross-industry cooperation to expand customer groups and enrich marketing models, which are feasible to combine projects and markets. The law.

Then, maybe some small partners will start thinking about which one is the right plan for their own paradise? Here, the first thing to consider is your own resources, to make a resource inventory of each project of the park, list the demand points of different projects, and then find the right strategy implementation according to the needs of customers in the local market. Don't numbly copy other people's practices, those that are only suitable for others. Finding the business opportunities of the project can promote performance improvement.

Chain Park Performance Profits 3: Service System Creation

The above has explained to everyone how to transform the trade from the business, and then combine the various projects of the park with the market, in order to open the store's performance compliance path. Although we have already mastered the path of performance, we need the most important link to make the performance. This link is not only the original intention of the children's paradise, but also the end point, which is the service system of the park.

Paradise service system

Nowadays, the major children's parks are all about the importance of universal service, but does the park operator really understand the significance of doing a good job? And what aspects of the park's services should be done? How should we carry out the service work correctly? With these questions mentioned above, today we continue to explain the system of the paradise for everyone:

1. Why do the services of the park need to be valued?

Imagine, if you are a parent, take your child to the park to spend time, you want to experience the support of the parent-child counseling, guide guide, consulting and answering service to give you a home away from home, so that you and your child have a good time? Or just after buying a ticket, I will slowly explore how to play with my own child? Or when you need help or ask, no one will take care of you, and finally you can only let the children end in the noise of crying and crying? If it is such a paradise, even if the park is doing more promotion and promotion, and then doing it beautifully and then cheap, but there is no intimacy, no sense of atmosphere, no feeling of joy at all, you are willing to take your child to spend next time. ? Therefore, we do a good job in the paradise service in order to strive for more customer satisfaction and stickiness to form a good reputation, promote the secondary consumption of customers, and form a good cycle of consumption experience.

2. What are the aspects of the service of the park?

If we want to build a service system, we can't blindly follow the other people's practices. We need to understand the integration of our paradise projects and the market, and then find out the highlights of the park's projects. Then we will start from the highlights of these projects and combine the three services of the park. System framework: professional services, family services, and convenience services. The three service system frameworks are the main tonality, and the project extension is extended to create a service with paradise features.

For example: 1 establish customer information; 2 grasp customer needs; 3 meet in time; 4 regularly promote emotional exchanges with customers through community activities.

3. How should the service of the park be carried out correctly?

There are many ways to implement the Paradise Satisfaction Service:

For example: through the mobile phone platform, in the public comments, word of mouth customer ratings and review data, through the public number of the background message for service reviews, from the customer side of the service evaluation; also through the on-site supervision service hotline to implement the park satisfaction service monitoring Finally, through the comprehensive evaluation of the above review data, set the paradise's monthly "Service Star" model example, and provide the basis for the effective reward and punishment supervision of the service personnel of the park.

Finally, Xiao Bian puts forward a point here: Throughout the children's industry, the performance of children's paradise is up to standard, performance and profitability, etc., the improvement of service level is particularly important. Because the product of a paradise, the birth of a paradise project is hard-won, it has to go through research-analysis-research-manufacturing this long and complicated life cycle, doing a lot of work in the early stage, and finally landed in the paradise. In front of the customer, it may be because the service staff lacks service awareness, unprofessional words, an inadvertent action, or an expression that allows the customer to directly deny the product, directly denying the ride, and finally denying your paradise. Let the previous work be abandoned. Therefore, building a paradise service system is the most important part of the paradise performance. This link is not only the original intention but also the end point of the children's paradise.

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