Play new retail, from breaking the border to fully empowering
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2019-05-10 15:39:49
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What is the new retail? How to empower the amusement industry? Listen to SQV together and come.

What is new retail

In the past two years, many industries have moved to new retail. But what exactly is new retail? Different people have different understandings. The most famous is the new retail that Jack Ma first proposed in 2016; the unbounded retail proposed by Jingdong Liu Qiangdong; the smart retail proposed by Suning Zhang Jindong.

The new retail that SQV understands is that relying on Internet technology and advanced concepts, merchants can better meet the needs of consumers by transforming themselves or reconstructing the value chain of upstream and downstream enterprises to enhance the efficiency of enterprises. Unmanned retail is a typical form of new retail. Relying on Internet technology, you can realize the automatic sale of goods without manual maintenance.

Why do you want to propose new retail?

1. Industry: E-commerce development encounters the ceiling, shifts attention to the line, and seeks a broader development market;

2. Technology: The popularity of smart terminals and mobile payment at the customer end. Enterprise-side cloud services, big data, and the application of artificial intelligence technologies lay the foundation for the development of new retail;

3, users: "post-80s" and "post-90s" have gradually become the main consumer groups, with higher requirements for quality of life. It is the source of power for the wave of consumption upgrades;

The above shares the relevant views of the new retail. But everyone should pay more attention to how to seize the new retail market and take advantage of the trend to usher in better development. Here you may wish to compare the entertainment industry with new retail and traditional retail.

Play new retail, from breaking the border to fully empowering

The intersection of roaming art and new retail

1. Facing the group: Facing the same new youth group, it has higher requirements for product and service quality. The consumer appeal and psychological characteristics of the group are the same;

2, consumer experience: in essence, also meet the needs of users, bringing a better consumer experience.

The difference between roaming art and traditional retail

1. Demand focus: the former is biased towards spiritual consumption, and the latter is functional consumption;

2. Consumption scene: Compared with the specific places of roaming art products, the traditional retail consumption scene will be more universal;

3, the frequency of consumption: dynamic roaming art will be more popular on holidays, the traditional retail consumption curve is relatively stable;

4. Price sensitivity: The entertainment consumer group is relatively less sensitive to price.

Three characteristics of new retail

1. Online and offline integration

To the offline: If the Internet brand Xiaomi, three squirrels, start to open the store online, users can go to the store to experience the product.

Online: As many physical formats begin to extend upwards, relying on the development of mobile Internet, offline product services can be extended on mobile phones, and users can obtain product services through mobile phones anytime and anywhere.

2. Data operation

The integration of online and offline will produce more valuable data. By collecting data on user attributes, consumption behaviors, scenarios, etc., it is possible to better optimize the operation direction and dig out more business opportunities.

3, the ultimate user experience

Let's take the example of Alibaba's fresh life. The promised fresh food does not sell overnight products, which can effectively guarantee the quality of goods. In addition, consumers shop through their apps and promise to deliver them for free within 30 minutes. Even if you only buy a small item on the app, the delivery staff can quickly and freely send it to your doorstep. These extreme examples of user experience are also worth learning.

Play new retail, from breaking the border to fully empowering

How can new retailing empower the roaming industry? How to play entertainment new retail

In 2018, the lipstick machine injects some vitality into the industry, and the bag machine is also reflected in the consumer's vision. Although the craze for lipstick machines and blessing bags has faded, it has brought some inspiration to the industry. We have summarized it into the following keywords.

Keywords: female economy, short video, user experience, entertainment retail.

1. Female economy: According to the calculation of Guotai Junan, it is expected to reach 4.5 trillion yuan in 2019, and it still has great potential in the next ten years, and it is expected to become the mainstream of the market;

2, short video: With the rise of domestic short video, its short and fast dissemination characteristics, bring more explosive power to the market, can quickly catalyze products to become a network red explosion;

3, user experience: new look and shape, can quickly attract consumers' attention. Combining market trends and constantly innovating new innovative gameplay is the core of dynamic roaming art products;

4, entertainment retail: in recent years, there are many online red products, such as net red milk tea, net red bread, etc., all of which indicate that any product has the potential to create net red products through the "package + flow" method. Entertainment has increased the consumption experience, and retail has extended the scene of entertainment. The two complement each other and promote each other. When building products, grasping the scale of both can bring more vitality to the industry.

New retail is empowering all walks of life, whether it is a terminal consumer group or a business oriented enterprise. How can we really catch the pace of new retail? What is needed is that everyone slowly explores the way forward. This article mainly shares some ideas of new retail, I hope to help everyone.

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