Love the "membership system" alone? What should I do if my membership is poor?
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2019-04-30 16:03:31
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First, let's talk about the "membership system" in the operation chain.

As we all know, in the fast-moving industry, "skin care", "beauty brand", "member card mechanism" is extremely popular.

Love the "membership system" alone? What should I do if my membership is poor?

The “membership system” is a product of full competitiveness in a market economy derived from individualized needs, and is an important way for merchants to collect consumer data.

It is also to use the collected data to analyze consumer consumption behavior, continuously subdivide and subdivide consumer groups, and achieve high precision, and invest in the marketing methods of researching and developing products and perfecting services.

The traditional way to handle membership card mobile phone information:

1, manually record the consumer mobile phone number

2. Entry form

3. Mining member information through third-party tools

With the rapid development of the economy and the development of technology, consumers are more aware of the prevention of privacy information disclosure, and the accuracy of traditional collection methods is extremely low.

Today's prevailing CRM system is not only a tool to facilitate the efficient collection of information, but also an important tool for affiliate marketing.

When a consumer joins a member club and needs to verify the code in the process of perfecting the information, the mobile phone number provided must be correct in order to become a member. However, this kind of operation requires a high degree of consumer initiative.

So, how to improve the initiative of members, and thus improve the stickiness and activity of members?

Enter the theme of today.

1. New member benefits

For the venue, the mainstream of the current CRM system grafting is mainly the "WeChat public number."

There are three main ways to graft the WeChat public account:

1. Guide the consumer to scan the code to follow the public number through the shopping guide;

2, through the welcome language directly when you see and receive coupons or gifts in kind;

3. Receive benefits through the Menu Bar Member Center.

2. Continuous incentives

If the player receives the "newcomer", the repurchase rate and the frequency of consumption are still relatively low, probably because joining the member may be due to the demand, the player accidentally enters the store for entertainment.

At this time, the public number is required to continuously push “site-related information” to improve members' understanding of the venue, from cognition to interest, and then to purchasing power, becoming a loyal member of the venue.

In the process of transforming from “cognition” to “interest”, content support is required. Only by improving the interest of the content and improving the quality of the content can we achieve grass-roots effects and promote brand activities.

Many venues have a well-established membership system, and the public membership center has clear membership rules.

The point system is the most important part. The general form of points is the amount of consumption and points, the 1:1 system.

Some venues will feel that "1:1" is too bad, adjust to 5:1 or 10:1, in fact, this is technical.

"1:1" is definitely more tempting than "5:1" and "10:1". If it is in the form of "5:1" and "10:1", it can improve the sense of value of the points in other aspects.

However, it should be noted that the generation of light has no integral, which is useless for consumers.

The most used form of points is the redemption of points. The points accumulated by the players can be redeemed for products or coupons. This is a great way to drive players back.

Players use points to redeem products, which is a profit-making phenomenon that can be obtained without spending money. Therefore, when the product does not find a differentiated product in the market, the player will choose a venue to accumulate points to enjoy the benefits.

However, the form of point redemption is generally a single member, and members are easily trapped.

At this time, it is necessary to have a variety of forms, interesting and cost-effective forms to increase the membership activity, resulting in stickiness.

So if you have encountered this kind of problem:

“Some public numbers push articles are all active articles. I feel that the venue is supported by activities and has doubts about the quality of the venue.”

Then Xiaobian tells you that in fact, the venue public number will generally divide the channel number and service number.

The channel number is the culture of the promotion site, and the service number is for the consumer, so the content will be based on activities.

Of course, the best venue service number is the type of “new product new”, “product grass” and “member activity”.

Different for the group, the content is different, both have their meaning.

3. Creative activities

“Creativity” is the hardest thing for operations, but it is also the most basic requirement of the operating industry.

Here are three points to share, how to plan creative activities.

First, consume points

In the “point redemption gift” link, in addition to the “daily period”, there is also a “flow period”.

For example, workdays, weekends, large festivals, membership weeks, birthday months, etc., you can use points discount or limited time spike.

Points can be exchanged for products that cross-border cooperation

For example: movie tickets, milk tea, etc.

These are the partners who need to find a willingness to cooperate with the venue, the target group and the target group of the venue, and reflect the value of the points, but also get exposure.

Points can be discounted

For example: redeem coupons

Use low scores to participate in turntables, sweepstakes, and win high-value explosive products

Points apply for product experience, etc.

Second, earn points

When there are too many points consumed, members will also have a "points for the points" period, so there is a need to have corresponding points earning activities.

Including the store experience products, daily check-in, low-integral lottery draw high points, award questionnaires, traffic period, member day product consumption doubled and other ways to generate points.

The discounts, check-ins, sweepstakes, and questionnaires mentioned in the above two methods can only be implemented if the CRM system has these tools.

Love the "membership system" alone? What should I do if my membership is poor?

Third, fun game interaction

Activity operation planning is a position that requires cost. The superior is of course a low-cost, high-conversion rate activity. Without too much budget support, we can only make full use of existing resources or find resources to create more. More likely.

Xiao Bian has paid attention to all kinds of public accounts, including activities that focus on his peers. It is also a popular offer to send and receive. However, the mentality has been discovered from the past, and how is the current people? Marketing.

Most of the activities are changing the soup and changing the medicine.

For example: Alipay Spring Festival's collection of Wufu activities, in fact, we carefully study, set the five blessings like a lottery.

Now young people don't like to set up Flag?

Flag is also a million species, legs are one meter eight, beautiful Pan An, every test must pass, overnight rich, Wang Taohua and so on.

For example, a venue, using the sweepstakes tool to plan the collection of Flag activities, a total of 8 wishes, 3 free draw opportunities every day, for 10 consecutive days, rewards a few gradients, the more the number of different wishes, the more prizes.

In order to receive gifts, members will actively participate. Finally, the average daily hit rate of the event is 5,000, and about 1,000 members are recruited.

Because of the lottery activities, the threshold is set: registered members can participate, so as long as there are friends to share, the venue will reach the goal of “pull new”.

This kind of activity that is easy to resonate and interesting will greatly enhance the enthusiasm of members to actively share and achieve the goal of touching and pulling new ones.

Fourth, content packaging

This is an era when a person is full of flying. The person who is personalized is because of the unique label, so the content theme caters to the target group. With the current popular label, the store rate will not be very low.

Whether it is content operations or activity operations, improving member stickiness and activity is a hard indicator.

In a physical store, quality and safety are the basis of user trust. If the brand is not aging, it will help attract new users in the target group.

Finally, in the era of big data, data analysis is crucial, and I wish every operation has something to gain.

What do you think of the membership system?

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