Can an indoor naughty castle be located at a high level?
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2019-04-29 15:36:18
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Nowadays, the indoor naughty castle industry has always emphasized that the business model is a guarantee of success. In fact, the choice of the location of the indoor naughty franchise stores must have a certain plan, and the popular places will bring many profit opportunities for the franchisees. Can an indoor naughty castle be located at a high level? For such a question, every investor who wants to join a children's park will want to know the answer. Whether in the hot summer or the cold winter, the indoor naughty castle is a very popular project, plus Naughty Fort is a very comprehensive play area and a multi-purpose activity center. Now Naughty Fort has launched a lot of designs, not only in the room, but also inflated naughty castles and indoor electric naughty castle design has gradually been praised by parents. Compared to the naughty castle in the room, the outdoor naughty castle is a bit unsafe and lacks certain protection. If it is carried out under the care of parents, the safety should be higher.

Can an indoor naughty castle be located at a high level?

Parents can view the indoor naughty castle at a high level

For children's playgrounds, there should be no more than 3 floors or 4 or more floors or basements. Many parents think that this rule is necessary. "Children's safety issues are considered as good as possible." But some parents do not agree. "The high-rise environment of the shopping mall is relatively quiet. As long as the escape route is complete and the first-aid facilities are complete, there should be no problem." Mr. Liu said.

Can an indoor naughty castle be located at a high level?

According to a person in the mall, shopping malls tend to consider some random consumption items such as luxury goods, gold and silver jewellery, cosmetics, etc. on the lower floors, and target destinations such as gyms, cinemas, and children's playgrounds. , bookstores, restaurants, etc. are located at the top or top floor.

Naughty Fort cannot be installed at the upper level

The design code for high-rise buildings clearly stipulates that children's playgrounds can only be located in the first, second and third floors, and are prohibited from being located in underground shopping malls or on floors above four floors. There should be no fewer than two safe exits for the Naughty Fort site. It is best to have an independent entrance and exit. When the mall is a high-rise building, an independent entrance and exit must be set up, that is, there must be an independent safe passage. 

Can an indoor naughty castle be located at a high level?

It is understood that the "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design" prohibits nursery schools, kindergarten children's rooms and children's play halls from being placed on higher floors. It is mainly considered that in the event of a fire or other danger, children who lack the ability to escape can be evacuated immediately. Due to the uncertainty of the fire and the rapid spread of the fire, it is easy to pose a life threat to children. If the children's gathering place is set on a higher floor, in the event of a fire, the child's ability to survive is weak, and the consequences will be unimaginable.

Therefore, many managers who manage indoor naughty castles should be cautious in the selection of the site, and equipment selection should be careful to ensure the safety of the children's playground. In addition to site selection, it should be noted that all materials used must be non-combustible, non-combustible materials or flammable materials after flame retardant treatment to prevent the generation of toxic gases in the event of fire; electrical circuit laying must meet the requirements of the specification, the pipe is in place, the use is large When the power appliance is used, it should be kept at a sufficient distance from the combustible materials; it should be equipped with fire-fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire emergency lights and evacuation signs. Investors who manage indoor naughty castles must take more precautions. They must also pay attention to selecting equipment. They should purchase products through regular channels and choose the right location to install. Through the above answers, I think everyone has a deeper understanding.

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