From the function of the children's paradise, look at the value of the offline parent-child playground
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2019-04-26 17:12:22
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A while ago, the maternal and child industry observation released an article called "Yuyoutang scenery no longer, offline children's paradise is really a false proposition?" The article has sparked a lot of discussion among children's paradise practitioners. Some people say that they are directly attacking the heart; others think that the prospect of the offline parent-child amusement market is very good. This is purely nonsense; others are willing to eat melons. Holding a wait-and-see attitude is watching the bustle. Regardless of people's attitudes, this article has indeed succeeded in inspiring people to think more about the value of the current offline children's playground.

From the function of the children's paradise, look at the value of the offline parent-child playground

Is the offline children's paradise really a false proposition? Not necessarily, as more and more online traffic is moving offline, more and more offline family parent-child entertainment venues are beginning to emerge. So, how is the value of offline children's parent-child entertainment venues, especially children's playgrounds? Next, this article will discuss with you.

1. Meet the family's entertainment needs: the offline parent-child playground can meet the entertainment needs of different family members.

(1) Children: Play is the nature of the child

Play is the nature of the child and the right of the child. With more and more parents in the 90s, how can we keep the children’s innocent and beautiful childhood for the new generation of parents who have been devastated by the idea of “can’t let the children lose on the starting line”? They now need to think and pay attention to the most. Looking around the major commercial complexes, we can easily find that almost every shopping center is equipped with corresponding parent-child entertainment venues, diverse types, rich themes, and a variety of children's playgrounds.

(2) Parents: parents also need to relax

Compared with the nature of children's play, they need to be released. Parents return to their homes after busy work, and spend time and energy to take care of their children. Parents who have been in such a tight life for a long time need to have a relax. A place of mind and body. The offline parent-child playground has solved this problem well. In particular, the parent-child playgrounds with parental entertainment projects have become a place where parents take their children frequently.

From the function of the children's paradise, look at the value of the offline parent-child playground

2, to meet the communication needs: the important function of the communication between the offline parent-child playground

(1) Communication between parents and children

Someone once asked some children, what is their greatest wish? Some children said that their greatest wish is to hope that Mom and Dad will put down their mobile phones and talk to them. When I heard this answer, many parents were silent. Many parents usually say that they are busy at work and don't have time to spend with their children. However, when they really have time, what are they doing? It’s not to brush the circle of friends, it’s just brushing the sounds, and even to accompany the children to write homework, it’s also absent-minded to pick up the phone from time to time. There is not much time for communication between parents and children, and parents who are inseparable from mobile phones have less time left for their children. The existence of the offline parent-child playground not only attracts the attention of parents, let them put down their mobile phones, but also communicates with them through a certain task, thus enhancing the relationship between parents and children.

(2) Communication between parents

Most of today's people are inseparable from mobile phones. Many parents have no time to accompany their children because of their mobile phones, let alone time to strangers who they don't know. Some parents would rather spend a lot of time and energy searching for various parenting tutorials on their mobile phones. They are not willing to jump out of their mobile phones, communicate face-to-face with parents who live in the door, and listen to them sharing some practical problems encountered during parenting. Solution. We always say that today's high-rise buildings let people who live in them know who they are, but in fact, when everyone is not overly dependent on mobile phones, no matter where they live, they can get along very well. In the end, in fact, Willing to take the initiative to communicate. Communication is actually very simple, but most people are not willing to take the initiative to communicate. However, in the children's paradise under the online, parents are affected by the atmosphere of the paradise in the process of accompanying the children. They will unconsciously put down their defenses, take the initiative to approach some peers, and manage the members of the park. The parents who went there also got more opportunities to communicate.

(3) Communication between children

In psychology, when it comes to the importance of the peer group to the individual, in the process of growing up, the child needs not only the support from the parents, but also the support from the peers. And this requires children to constantly contact more children, build their own circle of friends, and the offline children's playground can provide children with an opportunity to communicate with others.

From the function of the children's paradise, look at the value of the offline parent-child playground

3. Meeting the educational needs of children: the important function of education in the offline parent-child playground

(1) Enhancement of interpersonal skills

From the emergence of various social problems of only children in the past few years, it is not difficult to find that most of the only children have such a problem. Because of their long-term love, they have formed a self-centered situation. In the process of getting along with others in the future, I will not stand in the perspective of others and think for others. Of course, it is not the only one-children. It is easy to tell that children who are looking forward to being at home and not in contact with others have more opportunities to get along with others when there are more people who often appear in children’s parks. There is a clear difference between the children. Children who often get along with other people have significantly stronger interpersonal skills. They know how to care for others and think about others. Such children are naturally more friends.

(2) Learning subject knowledge in play

Different from the traditional way of education in the past, education and entertainment have become the theme of the current education. It is not only the school, but today’s parents are also freed from the traditional concepts of the past, allowing children to learn various subject knowledge in their play. . As a result, a variety of theme children's parks carrying educational functions have sprung up. Through the way of teaching and learning, not only can children learn knowledge while playing, but parents can also save a lot of troubles. The operators of children's playgrounds can also benefit from it.

(3) The development of good behavior habits

Some behavioral habits of children can't be cultivated at home. For example, what are the basic courtesy in public? In public, what individuals need to pay attention to, these are usually not available at home. In the children's paradise, children can learn by observing the behavior of imitating others' behaviors. Secondly, for those bad behavior habits that have not appeared in the family, parents can correct and guide them in time to help the children. Develop good behavior habits.

From the function of the children's paradise, look at the value of the offline parent-child playground

4, to meet the needs of physical function training: offline parent-child playground is an important place for children's physical function training

Childhood is the most important part of the child's growth and development. Therefore, in childhood, the physical exercise of the child has become the most concerned issue for parents. It is obviously impossible to bring a child to a gym that is aimed at adults. What can I do? The offline children's paradise is a good place to exercise. Children's hands-on ability, brain-braining ability, reaction ability, balance ability, etc., can be trained in different levels in children's paradise. Most importantly, the amusement equipment of children's paradise is designed according to the age of the child, and the safety problem. Don't worry about it. The safety of the park has always been strictly controlled. Such a playground that allows children to exercise and does not have much safety risks is difficult to become the preferred place for parents.

5, emotional needs: offline parent-child playground is an important part of childhood memory

Parent-child playgrounds can only be visited by parents and children? No, for the 90s and 00s after the consumption power has become the main force of consumption, in the era of relatively scarce material, under the influence of the traditional concept of parents, some after 90, 95, and 00, there is really no A complete childhood. Therefore, the lack of childhood in this piece, now, they can find it through their own efforts, and the children's paradise has become the first choice of these people. Therefore, there are scenes where many young people are often seen in children's paradise. I believe that in the next ten or twenty years, today's offline children's paradise will become an important part of the children's memory. section.

In summary, we can be quite sure that the offline children's paradise is not a false proposition, and it has an important role that cannot be ignored in the growth of children. However, the current offline children's parks do have certain chaos, hidden dangers and pain points. Just like quality, single business, and talent supply are still the predicaments that most offline children's parks are currently facing. However, due to the long-standing nature of the needs of the parent-child entertainment market, it is believed that in the near future, the offline children's park will renew its unique charm with its above advantages.

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