How to build a lean children's park management team?
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2019-04-27 14:32:30
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Any successful venue is inseparable from a successful management model, and a successful management model relies heavily on a lean management team. A good operation management model is never lacking. However, a good management team needs to be tempered continuously. A good store manager must continue to polish to lead the team to success and achieve store profitability. But how to temper? How to accumulate? This is also tricky.

How to build a lean children's park management team?

First, train a good store manager

To cultivate a good store manager, the investor must be a good store manager. Don't recruit a manager directly from the outside, but cultivate it yourself. During the training of the store manager, you should be the manager. You can grasp the changes in the passenger flow and performance fluctuations in the park. You can understand the cashier process in detail, find the cash register loophole in advance, and adjust it in time. Process evasion; can establish direct contact with old customers, easy to form a comprehensive monitoring system after the park is handed over to the store manager; can have a deep understanding of the quality of each employee, forming a training echelon.

A good store manager, first of all, has good quality, integrity, diligence, fairness, and no selfishness. This can't be cultivated, only to find people with such good quality potential, and then to be deaf. Secondly, it requires execution. Paradise is a commercial place. Only action can make good results appear. Finally, creativity must be created. Of course, this creativity can be cultivated. If a store manager has the first two qualities, then as long as he leads and guides the store manager after each action, he pays attention to the passenger flow and sales changes before and after the event, thinks more, summarizes more, and allows the manager to make mistakes in innovation. A good manager with a strong innovation will appear.

How to build a lean children's park management team?

Second, do a good job of performance incentives

Everyone comes out to make money, so let employees see the hope that if they are good and can make more money, the store owner should also have the kindness to share the benefits with the employees, so that employees can be willing to work in the park for a long time, and there is a basic stability. A good performance incentive is to set clear goals, the whole store, individual, the whole store to complete the team reward, personal completion and personal promotion channel. Performance incentives are to have a clear system of rewards and punishments. In front of a clear system, humanization is the soil for emotional investment.

Third, attach importance to team building

The park staff team is a group, regular team activities, and the completion of the big dinner has become an opportunity for everyone to communicate and eliminate barriers. Of course, team building can not only take advantage of the opportunity to eat dinner, early meeting, handover meeting is also a very good opportunity, especially early morning, because the general opening time of the park is 10 points, there is full time to use the morning meeting opportunities to communicate. However, when paying attention to the morning meeting, when summing up yesterday's work, pay attention to the accumulation of experience, try not to directly criticize, and avoid affecting the employees' work mood for one day. In the morning meeting, not only can you communicate information, but you can also intersperse some employees to expand communication activities, break the ice for one day's work, and increase the interaction and interaction of the staff's home.

How to build a lean children's park management team?

Fourth, pay attention to one-on-one communication

One-to-one communication between employees is that the store manager has communicated with each employee at least once a month. When communicating, the store manager should be good at creating a harmonious and relaxed communication atmosphere, let the employees speak their minds, find the deficiencies in the operation, find opportunities for business growth, and at the same time grasp the mentality of each employee, relieve bad emotions, and adjust the employee's mentality.

Fifth, appropriate competition

Competition is a very good measure to motivate employees to work and work, and through competition can find new models or new ways of performance growth. The design of the competition rules should be attractive, not to become drizzle, but also to calculate the reward mechanism. It is necessary to avoid the loss of the paradise after the start of the competition. The individual is too profitable, and the competition is changed. This may also be a very good competition. Forms can no longer be implemented in the park.

Sixth, words must be done, otherwise you should not promise easily

Some park managers are very willing to make a verbal commitment. It seems that the effect is very good at the time, but maybe it is more forgotten. Maybe it feels "inappropriate", there is no such thing as it is. This is very unfavorable for employees' enthusiasm. If you can't do it, don't make it easy. Don't give hope to others. In the end, it will make people feel disappointed. In the long run, the trust of employees will be greatly reduced. All in all, the store manager is the role model, the store manager is honest, the staff can be honest, the store manager is fair, the staff can be fair, the store manager is diligent, and the staff can be diligent.

As a venue operator, it is necessary to be a role model when managing your own team. Whether it is at work attitude, work enthusiasm or dealing with others, you have done a good job yourself, and employees are not afraid to go anywhere!

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