Want to open a venue in a township? You must know these questions
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2019-04-25 17:19:24
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Nowadays, the development of urban and rural economy has already made the investment of indoor children's parks into a white-hot stage. The indoor children's park has gradually entered the township operation. As the most popular investment project in the current investment market, the indoor children's park is in the urban market or township. The market has great prospects and can be operated better.

Relative to the city, the population of the town has a small population base, usually tens of thousands to tens of thousands of people. We can estimate the population base needed to open a small children's playground. The small children's playground is generally 100-300 square meters in size, and a small 100-flat children's playground can accommodate about 30 to 50 children at the same time. According to the 2/8 principle, two of the ten children can be converted into customers, so 150 children can support a small children's playground of about 100 square feet. It is not too big to open a children's playground in towns and villages. The decoration should not be luxurious, the investment cost is low, the funds are returned quickly, and the market can be quickly occupied. Open popularity, but also need to pay attention to the following questions!

Want to open a venue in a township? You must know these questions

First, not subjective

Site selection is vital to any park. Many entrepreneurs will choose to open indoor children's parks in their hometowns, because they feel that they have grown up here, are very familiar with the environment and market in their hometown, and will not seriously examine the market.

So "I think" and "I think" and other concepts have appeared in the minds of entrepreneurs, and they decided to take a shot. This subjective idea ignores the objective factors such as the market and the flow of people. The final result is that the park has closed the month and the investment money has also been squandered.

Want to open a venue in a township? You must know these questions

Second, clear customer groups

Since I decided to open a store, I wouldn’t worry about the time of site selection. In the township indoor children's park site selection, we must first grasp the target population. Generally, people in shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. are large, but this person flow is divided into fixed flow and mobile flow.

Generally speaking, the foothold of indoor children's parks is the fixed flow of people living in shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. They are the main profitable customers of children's parks. As long as this fixed repeater is guaranteed, the park can be operated and the mobile population will be developed. customer.

Third, the reasonable advice of store activity marketing

First of all, because you are in a remote area, you can't blindly follow the marketing methods of mainstream cities. Some even join some brands of stores. You can't follow the activities recommended by the brand. Your region and people flow are limited. The activities recommended for you are not suitable for your store, so the friends should not blindly follow the thoughts of others. Here are a few suggestions for recommending you:

Want to open a venue in a township? You must know these questions

1. Merchants should increase their efforts to promote and promote, at least let all the surrounding people know what promotions your store is doing;

2. You can get some lucky draws to attract people, and the prizes can be set up as coupons and other prizes;

3. In your daily activities, you should understand the daily needs of your customers. For example, some popular equipments should be promoted and publicized during their consumption to achieve the goal of attracting people at the most.

4. For children's park operators, holidays are not only a good day to open, but also a good opportunity to increase the visibility of the park and increase the number of member customers. Holiday activities must be able to attract people. This is the main purpose. During the event, we must understand the customer's heart, seize the opportunity to use the right place and the three factors, in order to do a holiday marketing campaign;

In the operation of indoor children's parks, event marketing is very important, which has a significant effect on the promotion, popularity and loyalty of indoor children's parks. A successful indoor children's park event should be a win-win result for both the park and the consumer.

Fourth, quality service management

The service level of service personnel directly affects consumers' impressions and attitudes towards the venue. Active and passive, fast and procrastinating, every detail will leave the evaluation in the hearts of consumers.

Service requirements are reflected in:

1. Quality of service: reliable, effective, credible, and practical;

2. Service attitude: proactive, enthusiastic, patient, thoughtful and civilized;

3. Service speed: Quickly solve problems, including timely, punctual and time-saving.

V. Understanding the adjacent business

Finally, the selection of township indoor children's parks can also be considered in the vicinity of children's business, maternal and child toy stores, children's training, children's catering and other adjacent businesses. I would rather spend more time and energy on the site selection of the park. Don't rush to choose a location in order to get started. Only the right place will have a multiplier effect on the ongoing operation of the indoor children's park.

Want to open a venue in a township? You must know these questions

Children's paradise must grasp a core is to open in a place where people are more, where children often go to play, this is the core of the indoor children's playground! Nowadays, the places where you can play indoor playgrounds are more reliable. For those who are familiar in the towns and villages, there are certain places of popularity that are attractive enough. The second is the dressing aspect, which is in line with the children's nature, so that they can feel happy, so opening an indoor children's amusement park in the township has a good development prospect!

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