How to properly manage the employees of different venues
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2019-04-24 16:24:24
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Just like students who have problems in the school, there will be some problematic employees in the park, and sometimes the park managers will have a headache. Just like seeing a doctor, the right medicine is the key. Different types of problem employees need to adopt different treatment skills.

How to properly manage the employees of different venues

First, the arrogant employees

The fascination of the arrogant personality of the employees of the arrogant personality is easy to bring regret to his personality. That is to exaggerate delusions, just want to not do it, and be out of touch with reality. They often know why they want to do this, and they know why they can't do that, but how to do it, how to do the pragmatic problems is not the scope of their research. Although they have a wealth of theoretical knowledge, they often lack basic skills.

So, what should the park managers do to make those who are arrogant to become excellent employees?

1. Let them learn to reflect on themselves

Paradise administrators can ask them to ask themselves: “Is this my performance? Do I like this? Can I do better?” This will also help employees who are arrogant about personality to become more and more aware of themselves. Clearly, it will also look at the problem from the actual situation.

2. Help them build a correct view of work

Park managers can give them some simple jobs and then ask them to show the level they deserve. Because the language ability of the arrogant personality is usually good, it will not be said. Therefore, action is the most important thing for him. Let them learn to accumulate their contributions for a long time, do not look at the work with a short-sighted attitude, the results are to work hard and wait patiently.

3. Ask them to learn not to blame others

Let them know that the work you are doing now is to train him. You have not deliberately suppressed him. You cannot blame the cause of failure on the environment, but always introspect and ask others for advice. The park manager also wants him to see his lack of ability and lack of mentality.

4. Let them establish a point of view that there is no small matter at work.

The park manager should let the employees who talk about the personality in the actual work understand that it is not enough to have only ideals. If there is no action, they will only stay at the starting point forever, although sometimes the action does not necessarily bring the desired result, don’t let the so-called The ideals bind their hands and feet, and everything in the work, regardless of size, deserves to be done seriously, especially for those small things.

How to properly manage the employees of different venues

Second, the reckless impulsive employees

Reckless and impulsive personality is decisive and powerful. They always like to express their strong side and regard all kinds of resistance to nothing. Even in the face of difficulties, they can make powerful decisions and treat the problem as a challenge to themselves. fun of. The external performance of the reckless impulsive type personality is self-confident, strong in action, energetic, courageous, and brave in taking responsibility. 

Internally, the reckless impulsive personality of the employees is a headache for the park managers. Sometimes they may not tolerate being ordered by people and always like to sneak into the park managers. Of course, sometimes, this kind of collision is just another way of expressing suggestions, but more often, their collision is completely unreasonable. Therefore, the "stabbing heads" in many paradise are all people who are reckless impulsive personality.

For reckless impulsive employees, park managers can guide them correctly in the following ways:

1. Develop a pragmatic spirit

Reckless and impulsive employees are motivated and competitive. However, just having enthusiasm is not enough. Therefore, park managers must cultivate their pragmatic spirit in practical work.

2. Let them fully realize their strength

Park managers may wish to compare them with other employees in front of the reckless impulsive employees and use them as a basis to give them a fair evaluation. In the comparison, the park managers should comprehensively and reasonably compare their knowledge, skills, abilities, and mentality, and analyze their strengths and weaknesses frankly.

3. Guide them in terms of details 

Most of the reckless impulsive employees can grasp the overall situation, but they are very weak in terms of details. Park managers should remind them in detail to enable them to consider issues in a thoughtful and meticulous manner.

In short, when the reckless impulsive employees experienced the tempering of life, they believed that their personality would become less sharp, able to accept some situations contrary to their lifestyle, and be able to understand some ways of life.

How to properly manage the employees of different venues

Third, the passive passive problem employees

People with passive passive personality are kind and amiable, and it is easy to see the merits of others and recognize the opinions and feelings of others. The popularity is very good. They are strong and inclusive, they basically do not directly reject other people's requirements, and rarely lose their temper. They will not argue with others because they insist on their own opinions. If the other party's position is very firm, they would rather compromise to accommodate each other. However, people with passive passive personality can't properly handle conflicts. They usually choose to close one eye and pretend not to see it.

A successful park manager should not only eliminate the negative impact of passive passive employees on the organization, but also help them become negative and positive, change passive to take the initiative, and achieve self-improvement.

Park managers can guide them correctly in the following ways:

1. Provide them with a chance to succeed

Passive passive people tend to take an indifferent numb attitude to everything. If park managers can provide them with a chance to succeed and get them to succeed quickly, it can obviously stimulate their nerves, make them emotional and enthusiastic.

2. Help them build confidence in their success

Park managers can give passive passives more confidence and confidence in their success, allowing them to fully enjoy the joy of success. This is not difficult for park managers, because you always have a lot of tasks from easy to difficult. In this way, you can hand over some simple, near-successful tasks to passive passives. Although some people are born with negative and pessimistic, active and optimistic can be cultivated, and you should not lose confidence in them.

3. Tell them your judgment

When the passive passive personality thinks that they are in an unfavorable situation, the park managers should clearly tell them what you think according to their own judgment. If the park managers think that their work is going very well, let them know that they are doing a good job. Otherwise, the park managers should also tell them directly: "You are wrong."

On the other hand, if the disadvantages they are in are justifiable, the park managers can also point them out and try their best to identify the problems and analyze the problems in detail.

All in all, park managers must guide passive passives to make better emotional responses, rather than their instinctive reactions, and use optimistic methods to eliminate their pessimism.

How to properly manage the employees of different venues

Fourth, the character of the problematic employees

An unsociable employee is a group of people with unique charm. They are full of fantasy, rich in creativity and very sensitive to the surrounding environment. They are stubborn about creativity and personal preferences and never compromise easily.

Manage the character of the lonely type, the park manager should pay attention to certain skill:

1. Criticism should pay attention to skill

Under normal circumstances, when the park managers criticize their faults, they should use simple, clear and easy-to-understand words, which can actually mean profound and intriguing language, so that employees who have made mistakes can think and get criticism. Quickly wake up, accept criticism, correct mistakes, learn lessons, and keep moving forward.

Because the unsociable employees are agile and self-respecting, the park managers should adopt the criticism method of silent reprimand or point-to-point so that they can receive good results.

2. Give full recognition to their achievements

Characters and lofty employees value others, especially the park managers' evaluation of themselves. As a park manager, if they can give them positive affirmation, they will be able to encourage them to cope with difficulties.

3. To warm them

At all times, don't show the indifference to the unsociable employees of the character, treat them like other employees. As a forward-looking paradise manager, tolerance and patience are must-have qualities. When you put these employees who turn a blind eye to your employees' activities because of your own vanity or your own face, and the work results are erased from your heart, other employees will re-scoring you in your heart.

4. Don't have preconceived ideas, think they are difficult to get along with.

Characters and lofty employees are mostly self-personal, and they are very reluctant to the inner world of their own thoughts. Therefore, they are easy to distract. They have a rich inner world and are very sensitive to people. They can clearly identify hypocrisy and sincerity, so as long as you are honest with them, they will not refuse to be thousands of miles away. Of course, once the park managers put down their ideological burdens, they will be able to interact with them with a relaxed mood and a sincere attitude.

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