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Cloud computing and 5G will make AR and VR customer experience truly viable
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2019-04-19 10:32:07
shikewei    2019-04-19 10:33:28

Although we are still some distance away from the immersive virtual world like "The Number One Player", hybrid and virtual reality will gradually become mainstream.

Cloud computing and 5G will make AR and VR customer experience truly viable

You don't need expensive head-up or room-level technology to experience VR and AR, they are collectively called XR. Consumers can also access immersive real-world experiences through a web browser. This technology has become an important part of many sectors, especially for industrial and construction purposes. The immersive experience has a clear need. 50% of companies that do not currently use the technology will start using the technology in the next 2-3 years, and 82% of the adopters say their benefits meet or exceed expectations. 

The immersive experience will be the next driving force for the customer experience. When consumers try to buy a home, they can enjoy VR tours or see AR views of different furniture in space. Fashion retailers have already provided customers with AR predictions for the appearance of clothing. Products will become more real to consumers, and the concept of “trying and buying” will have a new meaning.

The future large-scale XR customer experience will be supported by high-capacity cloud native applications. These are applications developed for the cloud that take full advantage of their flexibility and functionality. Applications, data and memory can be stored in the cloud and streamed to customers on demand through future 5G networks.

Cloud computing allows enterprises to scale infinitely as demand, and as XR applications become more popular, companies will need more storage space to store applications and share valuable data. In a physical environment, you need to keep buying more physical infrastructure to stay in sync, but in the cloud, it's as simple as buying another virtual instance.

Cloud native technology enables companies to deploy innovation and service updates with uninterrupted continuous cycles and ultra-large capacity. For more complex immersive services, such as VR games, this is critical. Users want to keep updating to stay engaged, and companies need to constantly add new features to ensure that XR applications reflect their changing business. Cloud native applications provide users with a fresh, friction-free, low-latency experience that is critical to XR applications.

The immersive XR experience will arrive faster than you expect. Technological change is rapidly accelerating and 2019 will be an important year to achieve this goal. This technology already exists, and the task now is to commercialize it. The cloud-native concept and 5G will make the AR and VR customer experience truly viable. Cloud computing is the key to enabling companies to afford XR and meet customer needs.

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