Vending machine to promote the gift to attract popularity !
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2019-04-18 16:02:37
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Looking back on the game entertainment industry in recent years, it can quickly attract the attention of players, can immediately "fire up", and a large number of equipment types laid in the commercial center, it can be said that most of them are some gift-like amusement equipment. Such as: doll machine, lipstick machine, blessing machine, and the gashapon machine that has recently been pushed to the cusp. No matter how the amusement market changes, there will always be a place for gift machines. Regardless of how the gift machine's gameplay and appearance change, its core: the status of the gift is still unshakable.

The Japanese doll captain is prosperous. On the one hand, the animation culture plays a role, on the one hand, because Japanese merchants are well-managed. Japanese doll machine enthusiasts are very keen on the collection of dolls and animated cards, so that they continue to coin for them. It is obvious that the attraction of gifts is important to gift-lovers. So, how to grasp the key point of gifts ? This article will start with a gift promotion to explore the details of the site revenue.

Vending machine to promote the gift to attract popularity !

Gift: It can be called a gift, it must be the player's favorite.

In addition to the previous single and traditional gift machine business forms and models, the current way of operating gift machines has become more diverse as demand and market become more diverse. For example, a lipstick machine with lipstick as the main gift, a blessing machine with a blind box as a gift, and a gashapon machine with a small hand as a gift; or a gift machine that has changed other gameplays, such as a gift, a button touch If you hit a gift bar, you will have a gift, a claw machine, a two-claw machine, or even a multi-claw machine. In any case, the player is aiming at the gift. As a result, the gift is the driving force for the player to experience the gift machine.

The word "gift" consists of two words. "Rite" means rituals, rituals, and moral concepts such as loyalty and filial piety; "goods" means material things. It is worth noting that, from the etymology, it carries the rules of culture (courtesy). Therefore, rude things are just objects, not gifts. Therefore, in the selection of gifts, the player must be satisfied to make the player love the gift machine.

But how to ensure that gifts are a favorite of players?

As the saying goes: "The turnip greens have their own love", although everyone's favorite gifts are different, but the quality assurance is always the basis of gift selection. Most people will like “beautiful”, “meng”, “hot” and “unexpected” gifts; consumers of different ages prefer different gifts, children like cute gifts; girls may prefer cosmetics. , skin care products; men may prefer electronic products; people with families will like practical gifts and so on. As the IP concept of China's digital culture market continues to be hot, the national awareness of IP is getting higher and higher, and the fan traffic behind IP is not negligible. IP-type gifts are built-in traffic, which can attract the attention of the players at once, thus driving the players to experience consumption. Some popular IPs such as: "Marvel series", "Transformers", "Little pigs", etc., players It is clear that gifts with IP attributes are slightly higher than general gifts, and tend to choose gifts with IP attributes.

Gift promotion: let the player see the favorite gift at a glance

Why do you need a gift promotion? When the player passes the playground, if the promotion of the gift is done, and seeing the gift that he likes, it will naturally be easily attracted to the playground. On the other hand, if you are not sure whether your site's gifts can be loved by the players, try to spend more time on the gift promotion, perhaps you can win the player's heart~ So, how can the gift be advertised? Don't worry, Xiaobian will give you a trick.

Vending machine to promote the gift to attract popularity !

1. Gift wall

"The farthest distance in the world is the distance between the dolls in the window." This is a lot of jokes that many gift machine players often make. Gifts are the driving force for many players to experience the gift machine. They are also the things that many players dream of. If you can let the doll machine players get close contact with all kinds of dolls, you can not only touch but also take pictures. Said to be "paradise." The gift wall is not only like an "advertising board", but it can attract a lot of people's attention immediately after standing in the venue. The gift wall is also a silent and vocal gift display wall. The player takes pictures in front of the gift wall and looks at which one. Gifts can be picked up at the store right away.

2, making gift posters, promotional slogans to hot spots 

In the general video game city, we can all see posters of various discount activities posted in the video game city to attract players to buy cards and purchase coins, but rarely see the posters showing the prizes and gifts for the players. . Gifts are a great tool to attract players to the experience of purchasing coins. If you want to make full use of the appeal of the gifts, you must not let go of any promotion methods. Careful operators will use the blank walls of the venue to creatively design promotional posters for popular gifts or popular IP products and slogans that borrow hot topics, such as this year's buzzword: “Take him!” “It is impossible to work. "Working hard!" "hardcore" and so on, not only can be closer to the social habits of young people, so that young players feel intimate; can also give their venue gifts to give people a bright feeling, prompting players to like this gift.

3, the staff's guiding action

"Good wine is also afraid of the deep alley", this reason also makes sense in the operation of the playground. Good guidance and personnel services can play a very important role in the gift machine revenue. In terms of personnel guidance, the Taiwan region and Japan have different modes of operation in this respect.

The personnel in Taiwan are guided to attract tourists. There will be young girls with sweet looks and sweet voices. They will wear beautiful short skirts or COSPLAY costumes, and hold wheat to call Mai marketing. Interact with tourists in the shouting of Mai, to attract tourists to play. Compared with Japanese operations, the service staff will check the color. If the guests have an intention to play, they will take the initiative to ask and guide the players to play. Some stores offer customized bags. When the player gets the gift, the hands are served with the bag, so that the player feels the whole service is meticulous. Before the player of the gift machine chooses the device that he wants to experience, he will first observe what gifts are on the gift machine, and sometimes he will leave if he does not like it. At this time, the clerk can take the initiative to explain and introduce the value of gifts, gifts, etc., to promote the player's desire to get gifts.

4. Short video with the theme of the gift

The popular short video is also a good way to promote gifts. With the advent of the 5G era, video will become a new type of information carrier for innovative text images. To make consumers truly have a product experience, video is the most direct way to communicate. Nowadays, young people will have the habit of watching short videos, no matter what short video software they are watching. Short videos have also become a major way for people to enjoy everyday entertainment, and consumers can get new things and anecdotes from short video software. How to let your target customers know what equipment and gifts are in your venue, short videos will be the most vivid and direct way to display.

Vending machine to promote the gift to attract popularity !

In terms of gifts, especially those gifts that have their own specific IP stories, there are many places where IP content can be tapped. Such as the origin of IP, what is the IP story, what is the meaning of IP, etc., can be used as one of the short video shooting materials. Using short video promotional gifts, the target customers can better understand what gifts are available on the venue, and can also use interesting videos to give consumers the idea of wanting to own gifts. It is worth noting that when posting short videos, you can mark the video distribution through tags and positioning, which allows players near the business circle to quickly find the location of the video content and find your venue.

5, gift IP "education"

Although the gift of IP attribute comes with traffic, if you want to manage an IP product, you need to hold a "lasting war" mentality. “Super IP content is just a representation, and personalization is the core.” IP is not only a way of image exhibition, but also a business thinking model – based on “fan economy”, through continuous “production” of quality content, and consumption. Reaching spiritual resonance and value resonance. The first thing you need is to personalize your IP content, make IP a flesh-and-blood image, and then let your IP expression be personalized, and its presentation needs to be scened. What these processes need is the process of “education”. How to let players know IP, understand IP, and like IP is the operator's step by step "education", which can be achieved by holding IP activities, plot performances, and staff presentations. Secondly, it is also possible to use the gift to properly soften the device, which is more beautiful, and can be more conducive to the creation of the IP atmosphere theme.

Although gift promotion is only part of the marketing of the playground, learning to use these details can also let the players appreciate the care of the operators. At present, the gift machine market is moving steadily. To find a breakthrough in a stable market, it is necessary for every operator to carefully study and study. Let's start with the promotion of gifts.

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