How to make the kids club both features and services ?
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2018-11-20 17:03:55
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With the rapid growth of children's amusement park, the domestic indoor children's amusement park has more or less the problem of high repetition rate. In this environment, we want to create a gold amusement park that not only has its own features and services, but also has competitiveness. How to do it? This is the problem facing most children's parks. Today, lets takes everyone to see how others do it.

How to make the kids club both features and services ?

01 understand the needs of children

It is important to understand children and their needs. Children have the right to play games, see pleasant colors in the game, experience the joy of the game and gain knowledge and happiness from it. Children have no clear purpose in playing games, just because of an instinct. Their game is a reflection of the adult world and is becoming a complete person in their own way.

02 division age grouping

Who is your target age group? Consider the needs of each age group? First determine which age groups children's parks will serve children? Planning a children's playground for this is a crucial process. Because to build a fully functional children's playground, we must fully consider the different needs of children of different ages and the stage of development they are in.

If children's parks also need to accommodate children with disabilities, their special needs must also be fully considered. Children of different ages have different requirements for the way they play. In order to provide suitable recreation space for children of all ages, it is necessary to fully understand the needs of children of each age, even if they are children of the same age, their preferences and needs are different.

How to make the kids club both features and services ?

03 objective conditions of the venue

Define the area and boundaries of the children's playground. Pay particular attention to the objective factors that affect the placement of rides, such as waterways, obstacles, lampposts, etc.

 04 entrance and exit of the venue 

The location of the children's park must consider the surrounding traffic conditions, such as whether it is convenient for customers to park? Is it convenient to carry a stroller or wheelchair?

05 equipment placement and maintenance

Lights, shadow and other factors must be considered. Another important factor is the color of the venue. The effect of color on children is obvious, and bright and cheerful colors will bring happy emotions to children.

(1) Use a clean soft cloth to regularly wipe the appearance of the paint during normal maintenance. Do not let children's play equipment touch acid, alkaline chemicals and oil.

(2) Burning marks on amusement equipment. If the paint is baked, you can put a fine-grained hard cloth on the matchstick or toothpick, wipe the traces quietly, and then apply a thin layer of wax to make the scorch marks fade.

(3) Water stains can be covered with a damp cloth on the mark, and then carefully press the wet cloth several times with an electric iron, and the mark can be faded.

(4) Scratch of the amusement equipment. If some children's play equipment is scratched on the surface of the paint, and the wood is not touched, the crayon or pigment of the same color as the furniture can be used to change the surface of the child's play equipment to cover the exposed ground color, and then coated with transparent nail polish. One layer can be.

Of course, I want your park to form a unique gold amusement park in today's fierce market competition. It can also start from basic services and value-added services.

First of all, it is the basic service. The cleanliness of the kids club is not difficult. It is difficult to fear that you do not have a persevering heart, set the system, and grasp hygiene every day. Only such a children's playground can make children play safely and parents can rest assured. In addition, the amusement equipment in the children's playground is constantly running every day, and occasionally there is a time to "strike", but in order to ensure the safety of children, standardized management and maintenance is essential, this is a Items can't be lazy work.

Second, it is value-added services. Mainly reflected in the improvement of the comprehensive ability of employees. Employees must be aware of the children's business on the surface of the children's amusement park. In fact, the real consumers behind the scenes are parents. It is enough to grasp the details of the parents.

Therefore, in addition to doing the above work, there is also a need for the staff of the children's playground, because a children's playground with a good management team is likely to become a children's playground that attracts people and increases revenue.

How to make the kids club both features and services ?

01 grooming elegant, customers come to

Usually, the first impressions of parents taking children to the children's playground are mostly from the grooming, manners and speech of the employees. The image of the children's paradise left to the parents is mostly made up of the image of the employees. The image of a good children's playground will surely attract customers to visit again. Therefore, the staff of the park should try their best to make the instrument clean, temperamental, talkative and pretty.

02 each of their duties, sales profit

Each division means that the director of the children's park should do a good job assignment and management, the front desk reception work is warm and courteous, the cashier's rigor and clarity, the guide's intimacy and due diligence, and so on.

For example, the children's park guide, understand the role of the guide, that is, from the point of view of the franchise store is to do terminal sales, maintain the safety and atmosphere of the children's playground. After all, only when the customer is satisfied, the sales performance can be gratifying.

03 with friends, business is hot

As a staff member of the Children's Park, it is important to understand that the customer is a friend, because the customer is the source of the hot sales performance of the franchise store. In particular, children's park staff should know how to compare their hearts when treating their parents. Because children are the heart of parents, they are the unique treasures of every family.

Therefore, the most effective way to establish a good relationship with parents is to care for all the children who come to play in the children's playground. It is not an exaggeration. In addition, you can also exchange some parenting knowledge with your parents. I believe that there will be a lot of conversations between you.

04 is flexible, top performance

Children's Paradise clerk should know how to grasp the nature of children's love of play, guide them properly, give full play to the advantages of the project, let the children play with interest, create memories for them, and get the opportunity to visit again.

In addition, the clerk should be flexible in handling things, calmly thinking, carefully understanding the psychology of parents and children, and safeguarding the interests of customers, so as to ensure the reputation of the children's paradise and avoid infrequent loss to create better performance.

How to make the kids club both features and services ?

05 methodical, good reputation

Do a good job in the management of children's paradise items, keep the site clean, hygienic and beautiful, remind customers to keep their own items and take care of customers' items. If the customer items are placed in the storage box, the items are placed in the order that the customer items are not soiled, in the order: the shoes are underneath, the clothes are on top, and the like. In the details of the service, the customer feels the care of the children's playground and gains a good reputation.

People pay attention to the "first impression" in the interaction, and the first impression of the children's park to the customer is equally important. The high-quality and considerate service can enhance the core competitiveness of the children's paradise, create a beautiful experience and memories for the customers, thus effectively increasing the viscosity of the customers, gathering higher popularity for the children's playground, and obtaining higher profits.

Only children's paradise with its own characteristics will be remembered by customers. Only a children's paradise with good service attitude can win frequent reviews of customers. Therefore, it is necessary to become an indoor children's paradise with characteristics and services to enhance the characteristics and service quality. It is the last word!

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